The Park Built by Blockchain & Cryptocurrency - STEEM PARK [DTube Edition]

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Click the image above to view the DTube video.

The Official STEEM Park Film

Last month, we at @sndbox announced our official STEEM Park Film that was produced with The Timelapse Group. The short documentary follows our team through the making of STEEM Park in Brooklyn, NY, the first public design project to be built using blockchain technology.

Today, finally, we’re thrilled to announce that the film is now available in full on DTube.

  • D.Tube is an experimental web application built on top of the STEEM Blockchain and the IPFS peer-to-peer network. D.Tube aims to become an alternative to YouTube that allows you to watch or upload videos on IPFS and share or comment about it on the immutable STEEM Blockchain, while earning cryptocurrency doing it.

This film was sponsored by Steemit Inc. through a Crowdsourced Marketing Initiative designed to empower community oriented projects and ideas surrounding the Steem blockchain. The physical construction of planters, furniture and installation of the STEEM Park project was funded entirely through cryptocurrency earned on Steemit. You can learn more about the impact and future plans for the project here.

Future DTube Videos and Growing Sndbox Media

To give the Steemit community a sneak peek into something the Sndbox team has been preparing, we’ll soon begin production of a video series that focuses on the impact of blockchain technologies on the creative world. This series will host a variety of video types from interviews and big-picture discussions to short introductions and guides. We’ll be strategically using both DTube (first) and Youtube (second) to reach a broad audience of cryptocurrency adopters and newcomers.

Be sure to follow our Sndbox Youtube Channel for future videos and livestreams.


Want to support Steemit content and workshops like these? Consider joining our curation trail! You can learn more about the @sndbox incubator mission here.

Help us spread the word. Follow our Twitter and YouTube Channel!


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Still one of my favorite things about this community... seeing how we can take this virtual space and create something of lasting value for the greater world. And what better way to present-- as tangible evidence-- that what we're working here is REAL and not just "monopoly money" that can't be used in "real life."


Hi reddragonfly , I hope you are fine
How do you see steem value during 2018 ??


can anyone upvote me plz?


Absolutely, for adoption - and better understanding - using cryptocurrency for physical things is critical! We hope this becomes an example for others to see the physical impact crypto is making in real communities. There's a tremendous amount of strength within Steemit. Let's seek more ways to visualize it!


how to login in to Dtube it is not acssepting steamit password


Yes and it could become a big player (like Facebook or Google) ... Steemit has huge potential ...


but can he win with these giants?


Once more and more people wake up to the fact that those companies are actively censoring and interested solely in controlling us... people are going to leave those services in droves and flock to communities like Steemit, where Free Speech rule of law.


Completely agree with this. Make sure to tell your friends about Steemit.


The news is very useful, very good I was touched to read it.@reddragonfly.


i agree with you buddy and the best part of it is we as audience are taken care of and recieve some good value for our time i.e money+knowedge :)



Hello sndbox, valuable information,I am sure that steem will alienate classic digital currencies in the near term Such as Doge Coin and Ethereum Classic, And in the medium term such as Ethereum and Dash and before the end of 2019 , Will be preceded by Bitcoin Cash, I hope you share the same opinion, to win everyone

I am wondering - are you guys planning on incorporating subtitles in the video? I mean there are numbers of different ethnic communities on Steemit that might want to know about what you are saying in the video.. :)


Yes! Great question @mintvilla :)

The Timelapse Group is currently working on a transcript that we'll use / translate. A great way to spread the word of Steem!


That would be great! @mintvilla: Very nice idea :-)

Nice! I hope dtube becomes a place where people can post there videos and get paid for it fairly :)


Definitely! @dtube is a super disruptive resource built off of Steem. I'm sure we'll see lots of vloggers and content creators migrating from youtube very soon :)


I think that the future belongs to DTube or similar platforms cause YouTube is a sinking ship, a centralized master that dictates how you should even fart as a content creator.


Any kid growing up today will be told about what YouTube was as a history lesson. Crypto-Currency fueled social media is the great equalizing force online. Really stoked to be a part of all this.

Nice video. It is an interesting approach to spreading the word.


Thanks for your support @coldsteem! We think it's just one of many ways to visualize what the Steemit community is capable of :D

This is a quite decent production well made sndbox I really enjoyed waitching it


We had a great production team behind it! Thanks @steeminator3000!

It is good to see that it managed to raise some actual value by creating a physical project especially something green that would be good for the community :) I am still new to the website and also still wonder where the pool of money comes from n how it is all generated. Still learning a lot about it! But so encouraging to see this project and how it manifested from Steem. Keep it up!



Hi there @your.system! While you're getting the lay of the land here on Steemit, take a look at our tutorials / resources (here).

This post in particular might help answer any outstanding questions you have! Let us know :)


Thank @sndbox! this is very helpful :)


Same here

So many exciting things in the future of Crypto, it is a great time to be alive. Even with all the bad things happening, the good still outweighs the bad. Have to stay positive and keep doing great things for humanity.

Schedulked to be shared on my Steemit Facebook & Twitter Group👍 on 19th December. Keep up the good work @sndbox

Wauw, nice video you guys made!

Upvoted and comment on your post , hope do you same

y lo que mas me encanta de este sistema es que aparte de publicar y compartir tus afinaciones con el publico en general es que ganas criptomonedas que ayuda a muchas personas, por ejemplo esta mi persona que soy de Venezuela y la situación esta cada día mas difícil y lugares como este aporta una ayuda importante


Espero que ideas como esta ayuden a paises que lo neccesitan como Venezuela. Yo soy de la republica dominicana y el acceso al interned es un lujo pero en lo que pasa el tiempo se convierte en una parte de la vida que es neccesaria. Con este advance podemos ayudar nuestros paises.

good post brother, please vote my post

Decent post .thanks like it

I love the idea of turning attention into value, making projects like this possible on a new scale.

Great work and thanks for the post!


Thanks for the support @clausewitz!


good information thank you for taking the time to publish it, I am new I would be helpful to see my presentation

Can someone explain to me what to do with my SBDs? I usually convert to Steem and the Power Up, but recently I get so much less to convert to Steem.

i wait for your content..thanks for of luck..✌✌✌


Thanks for watching :D


most welcome my friend.

Nice work dear bro.
Dtube is best for sharing a video.Now i am going to use this and earn more steem dollar.May it progress more than youtube in future.
Can you tell me bro what kind of video we can share in Dtube?
Can we share video of youtube in dtube?
And plz upvote me i shall be thanks ful to you.

interesante la propuesta espero poder ver mas de su contenido suerte

salute this is so amazing

Great initiative @sndbox .An alternate to youtube based on screen block chain would really be great.

tecnología blockchain actualización a la ver de la evolución diaria. Felicitaciones por lo que ofrecen. Sigan avanzando.

Gives me chills! Absolutely amazing work!

one thing isn't good for me.
Why DTube look's like youtube?
I think Dtube should has own brand.
Beeing a poor copy isn't good idea in my opinion

When Dtube will work properly it will see an influx of regular posters that take their youtube channels to Dtube, making actual money for their content.

Nice video. It is an interesting approach to spreading the word.

nice video . Dtube become good platform more than youtube

you made some really great points in this video. we must decentralize the internet. keep making good content like this and you will go far in life!


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This is my favorite things about Steemit... To see how we can make something of lasting value for everyone. And what good way to earn something that we can use in real life unlike using other social media app. Thanks Steemit! More Power to the community and to us, Cheers!

What is this, I see him sometime I will tell someone thanks for sharing

I am new to all this blockchain technology stuff but I AM ALL IN i am excited about the future now more than i have been in a long time. The people involved are amazing. Thanks for your post. JD

No doubt steemit is a great platform, great post.

Nice video

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Amazing Project! Real world applications are the key to mass adoption.
Now if we can just find a place to erect a large LCD screen with the trending blog posts from STEEMIT so everyday people can discover the platform = WINNING!

The place where I live....Even steem runs BIT BY BIT.....I am interested be able to open up ......gonna miss it .👍😪😪😪😪😪

Very inspiring video!


Thanks for watching @dilmendonca!


Awesome idea

Wow, this is so amazing. A community that's allows people to bring ideas on board to help humanity. Thumbs up!!

So glad to be part of this great organization. You guys are doing some incredible work. Fantastic production in the video as well. -Dan

Still one of my most loved things about this group... perceiving how we can consume this virtual room and make something of enduring an incentive for the more prominent world. What's more, what better approach to display - as substantial confirmation - that what we're working here is REAL and not simply "imposing business model cash" that can't be utilized as a part of "genuine living."

Congratulations @sndbox!
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Beautiful project! I have goals to fund my own projects with cryptocurrency. How can I get started on this? How do I find crypto-backers?

Hello team @sndbox
This is beautiful. Blockchain technologies will surely have a lot of impact on that world as this is just the beginning and I love the design of the park.
I look forward to watching your video series. Well-done.


hey good post, very interesting, you have my vote and I follow you to continue reading your publications, go through my profile, maybe you find a publication that you like, I post about the chances of bitcoin falling

Excellent Iniative!!

dtube is a good platform for beginers

This is wonderful @sndbox! What an incredible application of blockchain technology - looking forward to seeing more

thank you for this post .. good (y)



Oh year peer to peer

This is some very innovative thinking, I will be definitely keeping an eye in this project.

Thanks. I have been waiting for this update for a while. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that this would be happening at this pace. To take something out of this virtual space and make something tangible will resonate with more people. The growth and potential for steemit is just encouraging.

Nice post. I'm really impressed
by : md mamun ahmed raj.
Facebook :
Steemit: @mamun-net

Nice post. I'm really impressed
by : md mamun ahmed raj.
Facebook :
Steemit: @mamun-net

great ! follow for follow upvote

Incredible like everything you guys do, I definitely hope to one day be a sndbox member.

I love how real Steemit makes cryptocurrencies, and helping others is one of the most positive acts a person can do. More projects like these will change communities all around the world. This film was enlightening. Keep up the good work.

I think this is great!!!

And I hope we will see more projects like this :)

Way to go!

Nice video. I really enjoy to watch it @sndbox

Nice post
I don’t want to sound pitiful but I’ve not made up to 1$ totalling all my 85 posts
It’s really sad for me
I really try my best I do
How did you make it to here?
I’d appreciate if someone give me tips to blog successfully here
Thank you


Hi there @florae... here are a handful of resources (click here) that will help you gain some footing on Steemit. Take a look at this one in particular to help with organizing your blog post / building an audience :

Excelente post, y muy informativo.



Thank you!

Thanks for the informative post.


I would love to join in the sandbox but I do not understand what I can do. Please enlighten my brother

if i enjoy it will help me right so lets do that all freinds @ steemit by following each others upvotes should be intrsting action steemit me @alhmali

Very useful! Thanks!!!

u will check it out! Thank You!

the post is very useful, thank you friends @sndbox

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This is all because Haters can’t accept the fact that he’s wayy too good 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🙌🏼

The video provides mny informrion about crypto. Nice

Most impressive. The future holds a lot of potential for cryptocurrencies. Cheers.

Wow amazing no words this gives me a similiar thing to union oneness and we are all one all in peace and lots of lifeeee!!!! <3

@petyamour im trying to tag this being anyone knows how to tag if it is even possible hehe

Peace over all of us, very nice post from either the word or the appearance

I am a beginner, I need the support of seniors players long steemit to support my passion in playing this, steemit

I say thank you

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This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. This comment will probably get lost in the thousands of others, but this is what I hope to do with my steemit account.

In South Africa we have a vibrant and overflowing amount of artists, poets, novelists etc. that never get the recognition they deserve. (This is due to various factors, but one of it is financial shortcomings.) The little money I get is going into my dream to open a bakery and philosophical practice. With the same premises, I am going to look for young up and coming artists to give them the platform to sell their work etc. This is all a dream, but I am working hard to make it realize.

This is why I love steemit. It gives the normal person, who would normally get nothing for his/her work, the opportunity to make something out of their work and content. I really hope to show the power of steemit to fellow creators/artists/writers in my area in South Africa.

Thank you for sharing this incredible story that will certainly inspire more such events.

very good idea

Sounds good.


Sounds great!

I want to contribute in Dtube especially in creating video tutorial. Can I get vote from Dtube?

Congrats. Look forward to seeing more. Thank you.


Thank you for your support!

thanks for this information bro ...

Muy buena info... Esperando mas posteos.. Saludos!!

Thnx @sndbox .... zaten @dtube i yakindan takip ediyorum.Adamlar bu işi yapıyor. Bu isimlerin geçtiği postlara hemen bakiyorum. Çok yararlı ve öğretici oluyor. @bahadirk ve @ebruaydogdu ile cok sık olarak konuşüyoruz bu isimler hakkında. @steem ailesinde cok onemli bir yeri var bu arkadaşların. @creativity ve @steempark taglari da ilgimi cekti.
Basarilarinin devamini dilerim @sndbox ...
Paylarimlarini bekliyorum herzaman

Youtube needs to be taken down by any and all means necessary. How is it called youtube and then is just a bunch of corporate BS?

Ya esperaba algo diferente a youtube y sus anuncios que cada vez son mas constantes cuando estas viendo un video.... gracias comunidd Steemit

nice video

Idea Fabulosa mil felicidades

I would love to something like this in my neighborhood. I like how spaces like this can bring a community together. Great work sndbox.