Announcing Steemit's First OFFICIAL Crowdsourced Marketing Project!

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Today we are happy to announce the first crowdsourced marketing project Steemit Inc. will be officially supporting! For the past few months we have been conducting our due diligence and conferring with the various people working on marketing projects. Lots of great people are working on lots of great things, but the project we have selected has the right combination of ambition, support, and return-on-investment. It’s also going live very soon.

And the Winner is: STEEM PARK

The project Steemit will be supporting was proposed by the users @voronoi and @hansikhouse, two co-founders of the collective @hitheryon. That’s right, Steem Park is now OFFICIAL!

Michael and Kirk posted their proposal according to the guidelines set forth in our Crowdsourced Marketing Protocol two months ago and have been diligently at work moving the idea forward ever since. They are a fantastic example of the kind of creativity and ambition we are looking for from crowdsourced marketing efforts. If you're interested in launching your own effort, feel free to use their original post as a guide.

Michael and Kirk

Kirk Finkel is a New York based architect and urban designer. His work focuses on environmentally collaborative design as it applies within a wide scope of master-planning to experiments of art and representation. Recent publications include Spatial Strategies for Manyatta and Alternative Futures For New Rochelle with the Urban Design Lab. He earned a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Cornell University. Finkel currently practices as a designer at Cooper Robertson & Partners in New York City.

Michael S. Lee is a Korean-American architect and cultural programmer. Lee's work examines the cultural intimacy of a built environment with the individual. His involvement in social interventionist practice includes acting as a design researcher in the EXUMA lab, visiting lecturer at the Boston Green Academy, and collaboration with mARTadero for urban action in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Lee graduated with a Masters in Design Studies at Harvard University and a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University. Currently, Lee is a principal of the cultural development firm Base 15 Studio. Sample work at and

What is Steem Park?

“Steem Park” is an interactive community garden in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Located within the historic Herbert von King Park: Steem Park is a pop-up installation that will be used to host Steemit and Steem meetups, local community events, workshops and dozens of activities throughout the year. Click here to learn more about this historic hotspot of the community.

Steem Park is Coming This Summer!

Steem Park will be unveiled on July 16th! But Mike and Kirk are still accepting donations to help make the project even better. All donations will go towards further development of the opening ceremony, public workshops, and overall quality of the project! You can also show your support by heading over to their @hitheryon blog, checking out their latest posts about Steem Park and giving them your upvote.

What Are We Giving?

We will be awarding Mike and Kirk $10,000! This will only account for a fraction of the costs of Steem Park. Kirk and Mike have been diligently posting to to fund the project and are applying for grants which should enable them to build a beautiful and permanent installation. This does not preclude us from giving and donating more in the future, but Mike and Kirk are being very impactful and conservative with their finances which makes this gift an easy investment for us to make, especially given what we are getting in return.

What Are We (the Steemit Community) Getting?

A pop-up Park called “Steem Park” located within the Herbert von King Park in New York, NY

  • Large “Welcome to Steem Park” Bench ​
  • Physical furniture and signage within Steem Park which mentions “Steemit” a minimum of 21 times:
    A minimum of 16 QR code links in the park with links to pages and profiles (linking to sponsor profiles and signup page)
  • 4 weekend public events (minimum) hosted at Steem Park:
    Steem Park Opening Event (TBD July 2017)
    Artist Talk by @hitheryon (Discussing Steemit and the process of crowdfunding) and Herbert von King Park History Tour with HvK Conservancy
    2 Steemit Summer Meetups / Workshops including an Introduction to Steemit (to be held both outdoor and the indoor community space at Herbert von King Park)

Crowdsourced Marketing in Action

Another reason we are funding this project is because we believe it exemplifies what we were hoping to encourage with our Crowdsourced Marketing Protocol. Mike and Kirk followed the protocol, developed their project, and are giving us the opportunity to help them bring it home! If anyone wants our support, we can’t find a better model to follow than theirs!

Congratulations Michael and Kirk!

We believe that the value that will accrue to the Steem Ecosystem by supporting this project is incalculable. The public relations and marketing potential alone are difficult to calculate, not just because of the press we expect to result from the events themselves, but because hundreds of people will be seeing Steem Park every day. For this reason we couldn’t be happier to make this gift to @voronoi and @hansikhouse. They’ve worked incredibly hard over the last few months to put this project together, demonstrate its value to us, and we couldn’t be more impressed. Great job!

  • Team Steemit

Great project! Why do you declined payout? The rewards could be used to fund Steem Park.

Agreed. Please take my steem! Your guys truly deserve it for this game-changing platform!

Better question is why do they not even reply to the top voted comment.

Congratulations @voronoi and @hansikhouse!!!
So thrilled for you and the project!
Great move from Steemit Inc.
We should have parks like this in all big cities around the world some day! Excellent pilot though...

Looks like a pretty interesting project that took quite a bit of thought to put together. It would nice to see these parks all over the country and maybe some rest stops along the road eventually.

Everything about steem looks interesting. I see the future very bright.

THANK YOU Team Steemit! We are honored and absolutely thrilled to have your support. We're so excited to share the real-life Steem Park with you all in just a couple weeks time! @hansikhouse and I have been working furiously behind the scenes to make sure that this project is a huge success and that it represents our incredible online community in the best possible way.

This is just the beginning...

Thank you and STEEM ON!

Ha-ha, I've told you under another post that "the community would ask for more",
now you are definitely under the spotlights! Well done!

Let the spotlights shine my friend, we're ready to rock and roll ;)

Super excited and honored to have this opportunity and support by the Steemit Team! @Voronoi and I just finished prototyping on site today and we'll be sure to present our big leaps into Steem-powered public impact design soon! On behalf of Kirk and myself, a big THANK YOU to all of our Steemit colleagues who has supported us through this process and helped made this happen.

Our journey is just beginning and we have big things planned for Steemit!

Big hugs all around... =)

Congratulations! Looking forward to hear more :)

wow what a great project. this steemit platform has great reach

That's really exciting, I'm enjoying seeing this site grow.

I'm new though, by probably a little over 24 hours... shhh ;)

Full support on the site!

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Well done post You deserve for getting Upvote from me. I appreciate on it and like it so much . Waiting for your latest post. Keep your good work and steeming on. Let's walk to my blog. I have a latest post. Your upvote is high motivation for me. Almost all Steemians do their best on this site. Keep steeming and earning.

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Nice but I expected much more straightforward way to bring people to steem.

Donating to a park is cute but that's not like putting a Doge on a F1 racer.

Anything else coming ?

Amazing to see this project come to life. You can be proud!

What a great marketing initiative... this will really push the growth of Steemit to altogether a new level.

I think so.

I'm a Native New Yorker, couldn't be happier for the winners! What these guys are doing is well made and pretty awesome. Congratulations guy's well deserved!

It's great to see crowd sourced marketing in action from Steem Inc. Exciting times!!

Congrats @hansikhouse and @hitheryon ! Especially, I am really proud that Michael is a kr community member, well obviously he is one of the best member in Steem community.

Thank you so much @clayop님 for your support and enthusiasm. I personally hope this will be a great resource and experience for KR as well!

Congrats. Too bad its so far away from me. Id love to be there and participate.

Keep up the good work guys.

Wow its great news to hear that Steem are reaching out to the SteemIT communities to set up a gathering place as a meeting point. Though I am new to Steem, I am seeing and following with SteemIT growth.
The ideas of a Steem Park is great and organised events will be benefiting the Steem platform as it will attract more people who are yet to know about SteemIT.
Myself here in Singapore, am recommending people in my other social media plafform to open the account with SteemIT.
I also like the idea of Steem events collections that will be donated for good use by Steem.
Thanks to the co-founders, all SteemIT teams and the supporters. I foresee this as going to be a successful event.
My advance congratulations as best wishes.

Send us a video then its done :)

Voted and resteemed

This announcement is very exciting

Good luck in your great work - positive mood

This is a great wonderful news. Thanks for sharing.

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Wow..growing fast steemit is now on the next level. Hope you can put steem park in Philippines

This is insane! We want one in Europe too.

Sounds good hope for the best.

I am celebrating 7 days of Steemit! Let's drink!

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Because this post no need money from creators you can upvote directly mine.

Congratulations Michael and Kirk! I'm sure this is just the beginning for the two of you. Your efforts and hard work will be greatly appreciated by countless people. Can't wait to see what the two of you come up with next.

Thank you so much for the kind words @lizbethanne :)

This is fantastic! Way to go guys! Looking forward to visiting it in person some day! :D

Sorry guys but I'm not impressed about this. I was going to leave comment but that became so long that I published it as a separate post:

@hansikhouse 님 좋은 소식 많이 들리는 군요.

@Soyo님 고맙습니다!!

SteemPark is a great initiative from @voronoi and @hansikhouse and both absolutely deserves this. Also great from Steemit.Inc for providing such big contribution.

Awesome. Great news

@hansikhouse 님 축하드립니다!!! 훨씬 수월해 지시겠습니다!!

감사합니다 @dyuryul님!!

It's great to see the Steemit community creating something in the real world. And people coming to the park will see the info about Steemit and check us out. A marketing strategy to attract new people as well.

Congratulations @hansikhouse and @hitheryon ! Very inspiring to follow your progress!


Congratulations to the winners!

This is so cool! We will have our own park! I hope someday I will visit this awesome place!

What can you read on @steemboost today:
[ANN]: The "Happy Birthday Project"

I found it to be very informative thank you for the info! Filed! upvote resteemed Aloha Al

I can't wait! I see these parks being established all over the United States as well as the world! Please come to Birmingham, Alabama and build a park!!!!

Too bad I live in canada and cant visit the park seems awesome!

Great initiative. I wish you the best of luck.

Wow. Great post, keep sharing sir ;)

Nice work done here, it's cool the project has come to a completion. Congratulations.

I am so glad to see such projects happening. It really shows how great the STEEMIT community actually is. Thank you, and hope to see more projects in the future @steemitblog

Congratulation. That sounds like an awesome project. Good luck with that!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

it sounds like a good project, and since I live in the area, I will probably try get oveer there and see what types of workshops they will have!

Great news! Keep it up!

Congratulations @voronoi and @hansikhouse!!!
Looks like a pretty interesting project that took quite a bit of thought to put together.
Great move from Steemit Inc.

I'm so impressed with you guys right now, this is exactly what you should be doing with the @steemitblog account! Good job!

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Really kool project. May have to visit when you guys all finished up.

Congratulations to Michael and Kirk!! Looking forward to seeing this project taking shape beautifully. :)

All the best!!

@hansikhouse 축하드립니다!
너무 멋진일이에요..!

@Ludorum님 너무 고맙습니다~

Freaking awesome! This is a great ideal, congratulations to these two gentlemen.

This is so cool! Crowd sourced project already.. Awesomeness!!

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awesome idea :)

Steemit is about to take over the world. Congratulation on your project!

that's fantastic news. great to see things getting supported like this, so is the steemitblog account the team behind steemit? i presume so right? either way, congrats guys on all of the hard work!

great work bro.. I love this..

좋군요. 축하합니다.

고맙습니다 선생님!!!

Congrats , this sounds like one awsome project

Nice! Congrats you guys.
Can't wait for this to kick off in India 🇮🇳! :D

Congratulations! Can't wait to visit it!

Interesting: Congrats to @voronoi and @hansikhouse!!!
I hope to propose a Steem project myself soon, i look forward to its selection.

Hello! Who do I report assault and internet bullying too on Steemit?

Who are the moderators?

Please reply ASAP before I need to go to the FCC

Absolutely great job. May your good heart continue helping to the community. God bless.

Too bad it's so localized.

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Thank you very much for your help and i hope you have a great day .

great job! follow you !

Congratulations Michael and Kirk!
A good initiative to encourage steem.
All the best to Steem Park

Wow..this is cool! Just woke up to find my account approved, and this was the first post I read with my innocent noobie eyes. Steem Park looks like a fab idea, and steemit an awesome place to empower ones creativity and vision. Full steem ahead!

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