P&B's Chit-Chat Show- Episode 2 (with #steemterminal)

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Again @priyanarc & @blind-spot is here ... Wanna find out who is with us as a guest?

This is the second episode of our "P&B's Chit-Chat Show" which is hosted by @priyanarc and @blind-spot, and new episodes are out every Wednesday, so don't forget to keep your eyes on our show!

Thank you @prettynicevideo for this amazing gif.... Just love it....

The concept of this show is, to have some fun, crack some jokes, talk about steem block-chain and projects and invite guests to do some chit-chat with us live..... Yes, live.... We will discuss about everything , about life , about projects of @steemit and @dtube; which also will be helpful for people to know about different projects running on @steemit and @dtube. But that's not all, we can even invite YOU to have some light chat and a nice time....coz why not!

Each episode we try to invite guests and founders of the projects from block-chain who will share their thoughts , concepts about their projects even anyone can come to do some chit-chat with us. Currently we are planning to bring some guests who are not related with block-chain because it's chit-chat show. We are really excited to announce our show hashtag " #pbchitchatshow " by which you can find us so easily.

Our today's Guest ...

Our today's guests are the founders of #steemterminal ,a project and a discord community for everyone. @xcountytravelers and @brittandjosie , founders of this project shared their concepts and ideas behind this project and have done some chit-chat with us. Unfortunately @thekittygirl who is another founder of this project wasn't able to connect with us. We miss you so much @thekittygirl ..........If you want to know more about Steemterminal, you can check here.

This project was conceived by @xcountytravelers, who delights in welcoming new folks to the STEEM blockchain by scanning posts with the introduceyourself tag and posting an encouraging comment to them, welcoming them to the platform. Then, @xcountytravelers would highlight the good posts by those new users with a curation post.

Are you a newbie or still confused about @steemit plat-form or you don't know what to do after long time spending at steem block-chain??

Well, #Steemterminal is here for you.

Now, where you will find steemterminal ? You can find them on discord clicking below the image of steemterminal. Even, you can connect with @xcountytravelers , @thekittygirl and @brittandjosie easily on @steemit platform. They are always ready to help you out and will help you to grow. You have so many questions???? They are ready to answer always. They are friendly and awesome mentor , will guide you properly if you feel lost in this steem block-chain. I think this post by @thekittygirl will help you.

Thank you so much @@@xcountytravelers , @thekittygirl and @brittandjosie for giving us your valuable time ...


Now, Giveaway time...you can win 2 steem easily... hmmm

Every episode you can easily win 2 steem by watching this show... All you have to do is, leave a comment with a picture of you and your coffee mug with the feedback of the episode on below comment section, use hashtag #pbchitchatshow. The best and unique picture will win 2 steem .

Our episode 1 winner is @ravijojla . Congratulation dear, just love your picture....

This contest powered by Steem-terminal...


Let us know your feedback guys...We would really appreciate it..

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you are funny both of you lol

thank you @cityofstars ... we are trying our best.... :)

cool :)

maybe we can have you come on in the show too :D

lol i would like too :)

You two are tooo cute <3

Good one guys, the newbies are definitely in good hands with Ren and Britt
I remember when I first started, I didn't even know what Discord was. I had so many questions, about markdowns (never even heard the word markdowns before), how to upload profile picture, how to cash out, power up. Difference between SBD and Steem and why were my rewards decreasing over the 7 days.... and let's not even start with DTube especially back then hahaha
I was so lost and lonely.... til today I still remember that first stranger who came to say hello and said something nice about my post... I was encouraged to continue to the next one :)

@rubberduckiemom, @brittandjosie & @thekittygirl are great front liners for the newbies....
And yay, Britt... you popped your DTube cherry hahaha...
Ren, you crazy woman.... you have so much going on ... you are amazing :)
And I wish I had met KittyGirl here ;)... maybe next time :)

Thank you! They did such an amazing job. Just made me look amazing.


Goodmorning Sheila I had My just out of bed face still on but the time had to be early so My first one is a bit Rocky but I am passionate about this and I am def going to do more. Whit My out of bed look hahah. Thank you for the compliment 😉

That’s your out of bed look
You are gorgeous
And your energy and positive vibes just shines through 😘

You are beautiful, bold and amazing , it shows.. ... :)

I just saw the coffee cuppa thingy
So of course I had to right? Hahaha

That's awesome....

wow! that cup is the bomb! nothing goes better than an inspiring message with coffee
love the picha <3

haha, That cup has been with me for about 30 years...
And I love what it says :D
Sometimes the kids too want to be Sheila and drink from it hahaha

@priyanarc you are just beautiful like @kaerpediem says! @blind-spot is a cutie as well. Just adore these two!

Yeah, they are really cute together :D

@kaerpediem they are awesome.... REN , BRITT, KITTY my words are not enough for them...Steemterminal really awesome platform for everyone to learn and grow ...Thank you for your valuable feedback..

Drinking Scott's coffee!


Hehehe.... sometimes i take blind's coffee also... :P @xcountytravelers (ren) ... hehehe

the coffee really kicked in, huh?

You two i have to say, My just out out bed face and voice 😬 I had to get used to for the first time on Dtube. But for a great cause. Steem Terminal is needed. The newcomers need help, so Thank you for the interview oppotunity. So Thank you friends @priyanarc & @blind-spot, you a THE D-TUBE-DUO @nathanmars I think these two rock
And after the latest challange 777 maybe we need a D-TUBE-DUO challange 🧐
Love Britt

My thank you is not enough for you guys.... It was really awesome experience talking with you guys live and came to know more about steemterminal...

Hey @brittandjosie

My My Znap77 reponse via YouTube ......

Thank you @nathanmars for this valuable feedback... we really appreciate it ..

even if she claims it's her "out of bed look", doesnt she look wonderful?
welcome to steem terminal <3 It's an awesome initiative and you will absolutely love it!

People like @brittandjosie with beautiful heart will always look wonderful :))

Another great show. Keep up the good work

Who were the guests. I never heard of them before ..WHHahahahahaha

YES who are they ???

They are my Welcome Wagon Sibli gs and i just adore them!

I don’t know.....LOL
Nice job. Well done 👍

Well I Wont do it in My Sunday leisire suit anymore 😂

It looked good. :D

hehehe... Yes buddy who are they?? i should keep that secret hehehehe.... :D thanks buddy @wolfhart...

They did good. : )
Looking forward to the next video along with the guests

yes, they really did a great job...

Yes the did. 😂
You did too

I myself dont even know
even after talking to them....

LOL. Yea they just popped in and took over. What nerve they have

Now this was a real treat to watch. Your chemistry in the show is totally works and original. This has so much potential for something really amazing in the future. This could grow so well. This was a really good interview. Nice that she was able to have video of the person. Some amazing view points shared. I really enjoyed hearing about how she found steem and what it means to her. Thanks for the presentation guys. Talk soon.

Your feedbacks are always something I always wait for. SO much to learn and take back from your words! You always keep it a hundred and always leave constructive criticism which I value the most.

If you like it, then I think we really are doing something right :D

always my pleasure to support

@worldtraveller32 thank you so so much for this compliment...It means a lot for us. our guests were just awesome... :)

You two did so wonderful! Great job!!!!! So proud of my WW siblings!!!!

You are awesome sister... we are really thankful to you that you manage time for us..

I was lost...where...in your eyes.....fuck you :D:D:D hahahah this is the best show on DTube :DD

Also, I've seen a video about Steemterminal today earlier and it's pretty interesting concept..

@matkodurko you know what that shot was really uncertain... :P hehehe.... yes , concept of Steemterminal really admirable ...

I was really lost in her eyes....but I think it'll take time for her to realize what's up

You bet steemterminal is interesting, don't forget to take part in the 2 steem giveaway Steemterminal is sponsoring on this show

starting dialogue really josh and overall nice.

thank you so much bro...

@shuvo35 thank you for the “overall Nice” thats sweet

really josh means a lot to me
thank you bro! I hope you will enjoy the upcoming episodes too
Have you seen the giveaway we are doing? Read the description

TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! And your welcome! If you want help. you guys are so freaking cute. Great show you guys!!!! you two are like Regis and Kelly! Let me know when you guys want to do an episode! Im downn.

So glad to see you have found these two. They are just so adorable. I would just love to see the theee of you collaborate.

Hey @xcountytravelers :)

My Znap77 reponse to Ren via YouTube .......

Wow! Thank you so very much @nathanmars. Look forward to seeing you and everyone! You actually just made my day.

Would love to have you chatting with us! We can talk nonstop about soooo much!!!! and your sweet voice is like cherry on top <3

@prettynicevideo first of all i wanna thank you again for this cool GIF ... yes, absolutely... we can fix a day.. will talk to you on discord..

Yes, like the wonderful show and enjoying this. Keep it apu.

thanks bro .... love this pic... hahaha @hafizullah

the fantastic picture is awesome brother!!!
I loved it!
thank you for watching

Fabulous show, and thank you for featuring SteemTerminal on this one! Sorry I couldn't be there, too, but @xcountytravelers and @brittandjosie certainly came through with a great interview! 😊

we missed you so much dear... @thekittygirl ...we tried our best dear... i hope you liked it... :)

@priyanarc is lying
Ren and Britt made sure we don't get a chance to miss you! They are really the best people to work with. absolutely lovely people!!

Great project! This is really needed. Beginning a journey on Steem is really complicated. We come here thinking it would be just like Facebook and suddenly we realise there's much more to that.

I'd like to invite you to participate in My Art Curation Initiative #7

yes buddy... it's huge... @trincowski ...well, want to talk with you... can you please contact with me on discord?? thanks for your feedback buddy...

OK, I will but you won't convince me to do video. That's just not my thing.

@trincowski you don't know my convince power.... hihihihihi... buddy.....

I am gonna contribute to the Curation Initiative #7 in any way possible!
and thank you so much for watching!

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can i get an award for replying to you?

If I drank coffee, how about a rockstar?

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Whatever floats your boat... hehehe :) hihihihi... :) @enginewitty ...

Hey sugar! How are ya!

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@enginewitty i am doing fine today dear... thank you for asking... what about you??

I am a redbull guy, myself...........can we ever be friends now?

Ha! My second choice. I live the red and blue editions😎

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hehehe... i can't stop laughing now @enginewitty and @blind-spot.... You two just make me non-stop giggling by your comments... hehehehe

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