60 Days on Steemit - My Journey Continues… | dreamvlog #32 [DTubeDaily]

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Today, it's been exactly 30 days since my first 30-days-recap video. So, obviously 60 days since my very first post here on steemit.

In today's video I'm talking about the highlights which I have experienced during the last 30 days on my steemit journey, the goals which I set to myself 30 days ago and the progress on them.
Last but not least I'm talking about my future plans on this platform not only for another 30-day horizon but also for long term as well.
And what I was talking about in this video is not even covering all of what's on my mind. As I stopped recording I was already thinking about some other points which I forgot to put on my list but I guess that wasn't too bad at all as this video was already long enough.

I hope you enjoy my content. If you do, make sure to upvote and follow. Don't mind to resteem as well and what's most important…

…live your dream!

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Great video Matthew and your journey has been so much fun to watch. I appreciate all your feedback you always give. I have a truckload of respect for your thoughts, comments, and the content you create. Congrats my friend.


Thank you very much for the love Captain. Slowly it’s feeling extremely strange that I don’t even know your real name since we have been here in touch for some time already... I love your work as well otherwise I wouldn’t be so motivated to comment so much.


Yeah actually what I find really precious from you, Matt is your feedback. I really appreciate it. #madrespect

I see you are full on energy and ideas.
Interviews will be a great contribution to the community.
I'll follow you to see your progress.
Good luck.


Thank you for your kind words and for following. Yeah, I have so many things in my mind I didn’t even mention in the video. The first interview might already come this month. I hope somebody from the Appics team will have time. But as it’s the Easter holiday weekend it might be tough. I still need to ask them...


I like your attitude and your manners.
Keep up your good work.

Wow! that is a big increase in a short amount of time! I like your new way of measuring growth - interaction. Definitely a more valuable metric and actually important for me to think about at this point in my dtubing. Happy you are doing so well and thank you for keeping us updated


Thank you for your kind words. I definitely prefer goals which may not be measurable but have a higher value and bring me forward. I think interaction and building relationships is one of the most important things on this platform.
By the way: What about our book collaboration project? Did you already get it? Do you think we should still do this? Or have your interests changed?

Congrats on your 60 days bro!!! Wow I haven't even hit 30 days yet!

Thanks for always sharing your thoughtful points of views man! Always enjoying your positive and kind energy :)

#onelovedtube my brotha #onelove #respect


Thank you, man. You may not hit 30 days yet but you’re probably one of the most successful people here within less than 30 days. I was shocked when I saw that every single one of your accounts is really full of high quality content! How can one single person do that?!


Really strong drugs. LOL! JOKE - thanks man. I appreciate those kind words. To be honest, this was always my dream. Got so busy with our family business that I kind of gave it up. Then @dtube and this platform awakened the old dream. So Just want to throw my heart and soul into it. And in the process, meeting some really cool people (like you - expect a visit one day!) and the time has flown :)

#onelove my brotha. #onelovedtube


Great! So, have you actually been active on YouTube or other platforms before or did you come directly to DTube producing exclusive content here? Yeah, it would be really cool too meet you some day :)

Yes Steemit is a Great thing i hope you will be Successfull the next years. D tube is Great to i will start to make Videos for this. Let me know your Story6EFE767F-FD43-4879-92F8-40D4384EB00B.jpeg

Oh man I just bought that microphone as well!!! Have you gotten to use it much yet? I am really looking forward to when I get mine :)


Just did some test recordings yesterday. Sounded pretty good so far. I guess you can hear it on my upcoming video ;)


Will tune in to them when they are up! Looking forward to hearing the difference :D

Congratulations dude! Glad to see that at least partially you met your goals! :)
And your confidence in videos has visually increased! Great job! :)

@dtube nice.