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Hello Steemians !!!

Yes! A dtube Android app!!!


I'm very happy to announce the first release of the Dtube unofficial app! I am confident that every dtube user will love this!

We have modified the dtube application a little bit to support uploading videos.

ApplicationSource Code


This Application is more Secure. And your passwords are stored in Android Java Key Store.

More to come in the future.


Download the application from playstore using the above link.


We have updated our boring color pattern to awesome smokey black.
Hope you all Like it.

Sync app with your Steemit account
Subscriptions sync
Secure login

  • This app stores your password securely using AndroidKeyStore and RSA encryption
  • This app is completely free from tracking of any sort!
  • A beautiful & fast UI
  • Feeds
  • Subscription feed
  • Hot videos feed
  • Trending videos feed
  • New videos feed
  • Upload Videos

Users feedback



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Sweet! I need this in my life! It makes everything so much easier. Thanks!

Thanks for your support..

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Great, I finally found this.
I tried to access this app earlier, and was greeted with a wall of errors.

Oh Sorry for that my friend. we fixed many bugs using our crash report.
More to come in the future.

  • Floating video panel
  • Share instantly on Whatsapp and Facebook,. etc

Watch this space... for more updates. Thanks

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When ios app arrive?. Thanks in advance!

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Wow nice project! Go on like this. Thanks for your work!