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Welcome to my new blog! A little over a week ago I put out a post asking -

What Is YOUR Vison For Steem

With the goal of trying to come up with a cohesive and coherent "vision" that encompasses what Steem is. Then we can use that to market Steem to the outside world.

This is a video of My Vision For Steem.

What is Steem? What is the goal? What is our vision?

Steem is interesting because it has so many possibilities that actually explaining it to others is a bit tough. How can we market to the outside world if we don't even know what we are?

After a discussion with @whatsup, as well as many good talks over the last few weeks about marketing, pr and just the lack of Steem's visual presence in the Crypto world, I think maybe it's time to change that.. and who better to do that than the strong community here that sets us so apart from the rest?

But we need to know what we are first.

@Whatsup had a great point, and something she had personal experience with in her career in the business industry.

First you find out what others think you are. Then you add in what you want to be... What you want to remove and then you adopt that as your vision. It sounds simple. But it defines who you are and where you go. You can't talk about or promote something if you don't know what it is.

We need a clear, cohesive vision and then we can go tell the world.

We Need A Vision

We need to collect what we all think Steem is and find the overlap, the common ground. Then we compare and decide how to compile that into a simple to understand vision statement that can be used to showcase Steem.

A Vision Statement describes the desired future position of the company. It is basically the ultimate goal of what they'd like to accomplish.

Many have already gotten involved in the initiative to share what their Vision for Steem is -

As well as many individuals discussing what their vision is in This Post

Haven't made one yet? Go for it! We want to hear from as many community members as possible.

What is YOUR Vision for Steem?

  • What is it?
  • What does it do?
  • What is the goal?
  • What does it have to offer?
  • What is it to you?

Make a post and use the tag #steemvision

Much Love and Steem On,



I thought it was a bit nerdy that I used my name when I signed up for Steem, but now I realise it was the best decision.
Great vision video on your new account.

Yes! I pleaded at length for this. Steem the blockchain only has value as a tool for bringing people together, creating communities. And to create communities, as Jordan B. Peterson says, you need personal responsibility. The first step to assuming personal responsibility is to act under your own name, not anonymously.

Doesn't stop you being a nerd ;P

it's geek, not nerd .... :p

interesting topic (and @justineh) i'd give it a try but i'm bad at trying and i think i might have emptied my head on everything from anarchy to capitalism, steem , bitcoin, the subversivity of fantasy novels and the new wave in european politics so maybe i need to recharge a bit ...

I think steem(it) as a company might not do bad simply cold calling oldskool to onboard brandnames but before that there seems to be thinktanks growing here who might help out finding lists of reasons to help convince them.
I'm not sure if you're not over-estimating the willingness of the whole populace to put that best foot forward but i dont think you need the whole populace ... you DO need bulk on social media though. Every little cog has its use, if and when it's used i suppose.
If you get a small number of devoted people who are really into it to put their heads together and a small number of entrepreneurs who can be convinced to build exclusive products on steemchain and if steemit succeeds in getting a steady stream of revenue (from ads maybe) that's not based on selling steem epic greatness is definitely possible imo ...

5:10 am ... cat just came home and clearly feels i have spent enough time with the keyboard, i think he thinks im cheating on him with the thing ...

take care, wherever it is ! ! see you around, very likely, id like my favourite platform to go places too, doesn't need to sit on the throne, just somewhere comfortable ... :))

it's geek, not nerd .... :p

Only a nerd would concern themselves with the difference. :P

If you get a small number of devoted people who are really into it to put their heads together and a small number of entrepreneurs who can be convinced to build exclusive products on steemchain and if steemit succeeds in getting a steady stream of revenue (from ads maybe) that's not based on selling steem epic greatness is definitely possible imo ...

This is what is happening now and slowly, it is attracting more similar. The community driven be feeless transactions makes for a nice development space to build upon cheaply and leverage. The niche is coming.

true dat , it's probably best not to rush things anyway or you'll get a lashback , correction, or whatever it's called under the circumstances, and its pretty de-motivating if you see your barchart spike overnight, only to see it dump twice as deep before you can get a move in because "killroywhale was first" ... you know what i'm saying, right, 76 rep ... you have probably been around the block lol.
It's great to see people taking it into their own hands, after all : steemit is one company but the chain is the chain, and it doesn't really belong to anyone in particular (if it were apple or microcrud they would have probbaly patented the system ... but apparently they didn't ...)
But i think it has much to do with the fact that STEEM sat so high after the initial period. People could just lay back and rake in the money while sleeping basically, especially the top 50 elite.
So there wasn't really any real incentive to start "working" on it as it all came for free, but now, and after such a long time its clear that sitting around and waiting in the middle of the jungle just ain't gonna cut it.

and that's probably the most important part now, people getting organized and taking matters into their own hands, no matter if the immediate results arent very visible, that's actually what "organic" in community means, right ?

natural evolution, i think epic greatness is possible, but i also know the competition is fierce and tribalism on Crypton doesn't always help in order to tackle common problems first . . .

We will see, right :p


steemit is one company but the chain is the chain, and it doesn't really belong to anyone in particular (if it were apple or microcrud they would have probbaly patented the system ... but apparently they didn't ...)

It is going to be interesting if this all turns into the new model of business where the infrastructure is open source and leverageable.

and that's probably the most important part now, people getting organized and taking matters into their own hands, no matter if the immediate results arent very visible, that's actually what "organic" in community means, right ?

Yep, the organic structure keeps changing, even if we don't notice it. Some people want to be able to sense the speed of change but it is very difficult from inside the moving vehicle.


Sir can you please help me understand how this platform works? Am new here

Haha! Yeah I was totally against it at the time, but that quickly changed.

Thank you! I really appreciate that.

I'm not lying about who I am, I enjoy the mascarade.

Lots of great comments on this thread. I published my vision for the future of Steem seven months ago after #hf20 was released. After brief review, I believe that most of it is still relevant. (Enough that I would rather share that old post than write a new one).

Timeline is always slower than i would like, but we are further down this road now than we were then. MIRA, side chains, hivemind, etc. are all movement toward my predicted vision.

Got some goosebumps at the end there when you said Steem is the way the internet should be. Very well said 🙌🏽. I’m just spitballing here but you know that top banner spot that Steemit, Inc. is selling to advertisers? I think this video should be that top spot so that it can reach the screen of everyone who comes to read a post on Steemit so that they can realize how much bigger this ecosystem is than just a blogging platform!! Thanks for making this :)

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Wow! That is quite the compliment, thank you very much 😊

I think you are spot on, sharing that the blogging aspect is only a tiny fraction of the ecosystem here is key.

Thanks for the amazing comment ❤️

Anytime! Please keep doing these amazing posts. It looks like Steemit has pinned you as the featured post in everyone’s feed! 😉

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yeah, just noticed this. Is it possible to buy this spot for a week?`do you know?

I’m not sure about that featured post position. Perhaps you could message @andrarchy about it!

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a lot of people were asking, so I made a quick post so it was easier to reference than comments.

Your video is a great summary of a lot of things the Steem blockchain can be for a Steemian. Wish you a great start with your new account!
A short intro about your vision sharing movement to the KR community is here. :)

Thank you so much for sharing it with the KR community ❤️

Thank you for sharing this. I'm new to Steem and haven't posted anything yet. Your article gives me some very good aspects to think about before starting to blog about topics that interest me.

Or perhaps my first post should be my vision for Steem from a newb's perspective.

Hey @arjanvaneersel, welcome 🙂

The biggest advice I can give you is to go out and engage with the community. Comment on others posts, find people with the same interests and build those relationships. This not only helps you find your community but also your audience.

Also, to set realistic expectations. That’s pretty key as well.

Discord is used often here (it’s a chat app) and it may be vital to helping you find your community. Until we have a messaging or chat app of our own.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Very well done! I love your vision.
On my agenda today, to go through all of these visions to see what the common themes are.

Thank you!

Yes, I’ve been trying to read back through them all and pull out those common threads. So many great ideas have come forward so far. Thanks for all the help!

Steem: The internet the way it was meant to be.

This is what should be on the front page.

BTW: even with all this Justine nonsense, you will always be llfarms to me. :*

Thanks love 😊

And yes.. I will still be answering to all farm related nicknames (aggroed was concerned as well 😂) but I just wanted something a bit more personal. I miss your face!

I miss you too. People keep calling me Tara... :D

Well, you are very pretty. 😋

Who is this Steemian that makes a first post with such smarts?!

Haha! Just some weirdo 😏

I hope you are well, I was just thinking about you ❤️

My DM's are always open <3 I'm fine, just going with the eb and flow of things, bit much off-Steem going on so a bit less strong on-Steem.

Love the vision vid by the way - it's one of the 'tasks' I still have open for myself in one of the tabs in my browser :D

Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 7.43.20 PM.png

I see Steem as a long term investment. The powered up Steem or SP, pays 2% interest a month. It difficult to find any financial institution that will offer you that without a large deposit. Sure, 2% on $0.00 doesn't mean anything at first, but soon enough it starts to roll over.

Steem is a great social media platform, built on outdated technology, but it also allows programmers to create various dApps, games and so forth. The SEO of blog posts on Google is also second to none.

Plus it allows those who have been disenfranchised a monetised voice.

Simple and straightforward is a great approach. The key is being limitless and showing how projects like @steemmonsters and @steemhunt have been able to demonstrate the flexibility and capabilities of the protocol to build upon.

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Thank you! And I completely agree, those projects are great examples of what is possible here. In fact, so much is possible here it’s hard to come up with a simple vision statement haha. I guess that’s a good problem to have 😜

You're by far the best ambassador for Steem I've ever seen. I mean, hell, you convinced me to get on Steem and I'm already here :)) Seriously,beautiful vision and beautifully explained (which is really important, I think, especially for non-Steemians). I like the part about it being the Internet as it was supposed to be.

You are much too kind, thank you ☺️

I know we are a work in progress, but that’s how I see this place.. the internet where we all have ownership and anything can be built on top of the open source blockchain.

Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot ❤️

wow marry me..!!

That... was really well done!

That was precisely the sort of "2-minute Elevator Speech" this place desperately needs, as its presentation to the world... not "techy" or all about money, but a summary of what this is, to real people.

There are a few bits I could add, from within my own lens of perception, but that's for its own post. What would be interesting, though, would be a revisit to the original White Paper to take a look at some of Dan's vision as it existed before he and Ned had their "divorce." I expect there are some good bits there, too... the Internet of PEOPLE, Banking the Unbanked, a Gift Economy and so forth.

What a way to roll out your new account!

Enjoyed listening to your STEEM vision dear :)

With STEEM everyone is an entrepreneur - my favourite

Thanks so much! It’s kind of this insane phenomenon that Andrarchy actually pointed out in one of his talks.. this place turns people into entrepreneurs without them even knowing it. That’s pretty amazing 😊

GodSpeeeeeeed ! :) ♥♩♬♬@justineh

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고마운 곰도뤼~♥

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I love the articulation in the Vid. Keep them coming🤠

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Good work with this new account. Great username. Resteemed. Followed. Very smart. I love farms by the way. We have a garden. Delicious.

Thank you! Yeah not the most unique username but it works.

Farms are lovely.. I was out planting some stuff in the garden this morning. I hope your garden is going well!

Interesting post. I am new here as well. Not sure what to expect from Steem yet. I will vote on and follow your blog. I am interested in finding a business partner to help with a small business venture. If I can find a way to make more than a dollar a day I will be happy. lol

I would work like a donkey and travel like a .......maybe a "monkey" just as rhyme, The English language is not my native my profile is the combination between the short version of my name in English and the idea of travelling. I agree with what your since I am here in Steemit I learn many new things thanks to other Steemians.

Suh a crystal clear explanation...i almost find it sexy:D

It's a very nice vision.

Do you think we need identity verification to make steem work effectively? I'm just thinking of how easy it is for anonymous users to spam/ troll and effectively intimidate freedom of interaction away and make this place not quite as nice as you make it out to be in your lovely video!

I don't even want to give an example of what I'm talking about because of fear of retaliation (I'm not 'on the radar' and I don't want to be).

I'm also thinking it might be key to attracting legitimate businesses. It's the one thing that springs to mind after watching this - we need to ditch the anonymity.

I don’t personally think we need identity verification for that, it can all be handled on the front ends. We just need a bit more time to improve upon these things.

The upcoming communities feature will be a game changer for this.. and will allow each community to moderate their own as they see fit.

Implementing KYC will limit Steem reach, ability and quite frankly go against many of the core principles of blockchain and crypto technology. There are other sites that will offer that, I personally don’t feel it would be beneficial here.. we just need to work out the kinks from a user interface perspective.

According to a friend of mine who works for Corda, the later isn't the case - they have a blockchain where they do ID V but the company are blind to it.

I've no idea how it works but he's convinced that's the blockchain of the future.

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What is your full name? Sorry Just checked Karl Thompson, nice to meet you! That was easy!

I'm used to it! Just about everything I do on line is linked to my teaching career anyway, There's no way I could teach without ID verification. Not in this age where educational institutions make even parental paranoia look like it's sane.

NB - It is possible (as I'm sure you know) to have secure ID verification so people can act without everyone knowing their full identity.

If you're talking about KYC/AML like needed for financial institutions, that is not possible.
If you just want to verify that an account is a unique person it is possible to try, but the result will always exclude a lot of people or allow abuse by others, most likely both.

Is the KYC/ AML just not possible on steem? I was speaking to a guy the other day who works for Corda who was saying that it is, and they're working on it.

In terms of the 'unique account thing' I understand it would exclude a lot of people, I'm just thinking through the most effective way of preventing the kind of trolling abuse themarkymark is currently being subjected to, for example. I just think that sort of thing is much less likely with a degree of verification. Someone's probably much less likely to do that sort of thing if they didn't have total anonymity.

I don't like the way anonymity empowers trolls. It's not exactly freedom is it - when some wealthy anonymous account holder can flag or troll me into oblivion if I say something to upset them?

Of course I also understand it's a matter of degree, maybe this is something we just have to put up with, as if these arguments are applied to dissident political voices and nation states as the oppressors, it's another level, there I can see why anonymity is useful.

No, it's not possible, as there is no single instance running steem. Steemit Inc. isn't steem - they could theoretically require any verification they want to use their site, on the blockchain level that doesn't matter though.

Trolls will troll and downvotes will be given, but nothing of that affects your freedom to use the functionalities the chain offers.

Steem is for gamers as well :)

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Very true.. and something I should have maybe focused on more as well. When I said they could come and “play”.. it’s what I had in mind, but clarifying would be good.

I’ll remember that as we try to put all these together. Thank you!

Thank you sweet Justine @justineh You are a kind and caring, innovative lady!
♥¸.•°”˜˜”°•.✫ B★E★A★U★T★I★F★U★L ✫¸.•°”˜˜”°•.♥
Keep spreading the Steemit love !
~your newest fan & friend always~*

I do no have a vision still. But it is nice to see someone have. Bravo

You've described it very well. Thanks to @dcontest I saw your Words.
😄 😄

Wow... Now I know my way about
things....big ups

This is not my vision but this is the most rational and valuable article and vision i ve ever seen about steem and steemit. Very good point of view. Very good explanation. Agree with him %99.9

Steem Vision by @culgin

Sorry but i can't even watch your video. What can i say?. I can criticize too much. I can guess how hard job is this but is this a very low budget project? As a currency it does not going up for me also. Just trying to communicate with interested people. Bla bla Hope all will go better at last

Yes, very low budget.. in fact the budget for this was zero. AND it cost me like 10% of my battery charge.. and I didn’t even get a cookie! 😉

We all hope the currency value will go up and the goal behind these visions is to improve marketing, which in return will hopefully improve the value of Steem.

Have a good day!

Marketing is necessary but also need a better product


Thanks for interest
Good day 2u2

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If we don't have a vision, how do we even know what features to add to the product.

The vision is the 1st step.

Dear @whatsup. I can not see nor upload images on steemit for 3 days. I do not know it beacuse of steemit or witnesses. Also wallet link turned to a bullsh.t. I think there are more important tecnichal issues before vision. Polls and communities fork when they reach their limit that i understood. It is ok nice integrated features. Now you must sell this product as a community builder (may be this is busy s slogan i cant remember now) or something like that. Or you must sell this vision like as real crypto using people. Or something like Smeetit “Base for all kind of Dapps”. Like Multi Channel Networking of crypto

Decentralized Multi Channel Network

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I actually really like:
Decentralized Multi-Channel Network, because I get what you are trying to say.

I'm not sure that a mainstream person who stubbled on that phrase would get it though... What do you think?

Actually in mainstream people MCNs do not have good reputation. But this is the job.

Can you define me steemit?

Blogging site?
Marketing tool?
Dtube? dpoll? musing? ntopaz? drugwars? steemhunt? ext
Good and original content?😅🤣😂lol
Crowd insight?
Super secure crypto wallet?😅😊✌️


This must be a real crypto multi channel network


Its just a santral you can real time watch crypto space stream on steem blockchain

it is like a highway of watchable datas on steem blockchain

There must be a better may be more niche defination

MCN currency may be

Steem could be good alternative for current social media... but we need time. In my opinion Steem will be one of most cryptos used by "normal people" in the future, not only by crypto enthusiast.
Btw, good video, resteem and greetings from Poland. :)

Nice vision

I'll have to come up with some answer's to this. Great initiative.

Get on it Q! ❤️

I'm actually not sure about my vision of Steem. I should start thinking about that...

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.

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I forget. Will you use your other account for some posts? I think you should use your first account for some posts.

I will probably use it for business related stuff at some point, I’m just not quite there yet.

It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down. All that matters is you get up one more time than you were knocked down.

Now you can just go, add some music to the video and run ads with exactly what you said. Great promotion video out of the box, love it!

Under the hood, it probably makes sense to have a more differentiated look, but as a vision that's great. I really hadn't even thought the "you can promote your stuff and then sell it with Steem" way, yet.

And congrats to your first post on your new account - don't worry about your rep, you've almost overtaken me already with just one post :-D

Haha! Thank you!!!

Yes, Steem is too complex to not have additional “rabbit holes” or targeted marketing to focus on specifics areas.. but just something to get people interested and an overall “direction” is the initial goal.

Congratulations mam your video had been selected by dcontest for Promoting your video in our contest post😊 within 30 minutes :)

Get ready to get some more real engagements 😊

Additional Information : is a Dapp founded by @freecrypto and developed by @neavvy

Wow, thanks so much guys 🤗

Steem has something for everyone. Nice vision @justineh

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What is this "Featured" post ? Is this something new on Steemit?

Hey @techwizardry, it’s a new feature they have been testing out. They asked if they could use this post as a trial run. I’m reporting back any bugs 🙂

It’s only on the site and I assume will be used to share important information, updates, etc in the future.

cool! also prefer justineh over horsey thingo :)

"horsey thingo" LOL I am not sure if you are referring to the horse post from a few days ago or the super nice "horse face" comments I just discovered on one of my videos over on YT hahaha.. Either way, still funny.

thank you <3

plz vote my post

You had a great vision! Keep it up... Positive thinking can encourage people... (^_^)

That's a really great thinking, Everyone should have very clear vision for steem. Because this is very organized blockchain network, there have many opportunity to do, i will write about my vision on steem very soon.

Great post and great video.

we need more people to speak about Steem.
People that their voice have weight not like me.
i a little redfish and i dont have power yet to do it but at least i have done my part joining #seven77 challenge to raise #steem awareness.


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Yum! 😋 thanks for the cake ❤️❤️❤️ You are the best.

Thanks for the video!

It's really interesting to see how the Steemit platform will grow and evolve over the next few years. One thing that I've noticed (in my very short time here) is that some of the Steemit concepts (SP, SBD, Steem, Vests, etc.) are a bit overwhelming for beginners. If we want Steemit to truly flourish and grow, I think something needs to be done to easily educate those joining the platform to improve the user experience (UX).

Another really important aspect is a mobile app. In our Digital First world, it is imperative to have an app enable your business to succeed and enable users to remain consistent on the platform.

I am truly impressed by the level of camaraderie and willingness of those on Steemit to help others. Whatever Steemit is, whether it challenges Facebook, or Reddit, or any other social platforms, to me Steemit is a great community first and foremost!

Just watched your "name change" video and this one. I was concerned a bit, until I listened to what you had to say. While obviously your personal decision on the value an account name change, glad to know you are still around. And doing what you do to add value to our Steem blockchain.

Awe, thanks so much 🤗

Yes, I’ve put off the account change for awhile.. but figured no time like the present and a great first post to start the new account with.

I’m still here and still trucking along. Thanks for the kind words ❤️

Okay, good to know @justineh. Kind of fun, "for a few minutes," to have a higher "rep" score than you. 😧 But ... Doing my part to help rectify that situation quickly ... 😉

Love your vision, I'm in total agreement, but definitely wouldn't have been able to express it as simply and well put as you have. Nicely done!!!

Btw, totally didn't mean to mute you hahaha (obviously rectified that now) I was aiming for the follow button I swear!

Thank you! And please, I’ve seen your videos.. you do an amazing job!

I’ve muted people on accident more times than I can count haha, so now worries whatsoever 😂

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Thank you so much, it’s appreciated!

What a good vision you are rendering for Steem. I love it and I hope outside steemit could able to realize what is going on it. Salute to your vision and we can do it together. Thank you Ma'am @justineh for sharing and to @dcontest for choosing this informative #steemvision.
Keep on steeming.

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I feel like Steem is changing right now a lot and I feel kind of that good content is not in the spotlight anymore.

Steem was never designed to be just for content, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. With that being said, I think the content discovery is very poor and needs to improve.. as well as many other things. We are still a work in progress for sure 🙂

i think the core of any crypto currency is to prove a solid use case and add value to the decentralized vision for the world. steem is one of my favorites for doing this in the area of free expression of ideas

Wow! Fantastic! Your STEEM vision is biggest than other! Congrats

your vision is still good.. i wanna see your eyes! ;) keep it well!

Looking at the #steemvision tag, doesn't look like there is going to be a consensus vision for STEEM. But then that may be actually a good thing. STEEM is many things to many people. Maybe being even more things for even more people is what a true STEEM vision should be about.

Here is my divergent vision for your enjoyment ;-)

You have the very much appreciated steem vision.Thank you for sharing sharingnyour thoughts and @dcontest

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What is Steemit?

It's a failure. I joined it a few months after it went public because it was touted as a place to put your work, and that you'd be upvoted based on the worth of your work. Yet, all I have seen is people like myself who work hard to produce quality articles generally get nothing.

If I were to join a voting bloc, I might earn quite a bit of money per article, but then again it's cryptocurrency and so what will I really earn in the end? Today, CoinGecko says it's $.33 for 1 steem. So, my account is worth 1/3 of what I have, which is pretty close to saying, 'Glenn, you fool, you've got nothing to show for your efforts!' This is a fact - if I take the number of hours I put into making articles, including several to help new users, and I do a little math, I'm operating at a loss. Not a solid business model.

I have seen people post one or two pathetic sentences and a photo and earned more money than any one of my articles of worth just because they're in a voting bloc. That devalues Steem. We cannot expect Steem to increase in value if it is connected to dross.

I'm at the point where I'm going to cut my losses and jump to Blogger or WordPress to monetize my efforts.

To put it another way - I want Steem to be what they promoted it as being - a place where people can earn based on their content's value and the opinions of others.

That, however, would require overhauls of the system to organize content better, improve the editor, reduce the abuse via voting blocs, and several other changes. I remain unconvinced that the people who are in charge will make these changes. Heck, the editor used to have more features than it does now!

While many people do pitch Steem like that we learned early on that we are not that good at rewarding content based on some arbitrary concept of quality and also that is a limiting game as not that many people are interested in being Authors.

While I know you are right, we aren't that good at rewarding excellent writing we are good at creating place for people to gather and network and who knows as we get more apps maybe someone will figure a front end that is better at rewarding Authors.

The reasons you state are exactly why we are revisiting our mission. We do not pay Authors according to Merit and if we tell people we do, they will end up disappointed like you have stated.

A funny sidebar of that is that most make more here on their content then they would anywhere else, it just makes people mad that others make more.

We are move of a social network and we all have a little bit of ownership, a bit like a co-op.


Quality is not an arbitrary concept - not for me. If I see someone post 1 picture and include a couple of sentences, that is not quality - that is laziness. If they steal someone else's work and then expect to be paid for it, that is plagiarism. I could do that all day long, but I actually put effort into my work. Ignoring the food reviews, which I mostly do to remind myself, look at my articles and try telling me they aren't good quality. I'm not shy about admitting that it can stand to be improved, but I'm also not shy about being proud that I've been recognized by @Curie twice, and others have also responded positively. Since I go it alone, though, my work rarely gets any notice - it is hard in the morass of other content (good and bad).

Yes, I'm sure people make more here for their content than elsewhere, but that still doesn't change the fact that drivel and nonsense drives the value of Steem down. I'm not saying you produce that, but I've seen enough on Steemit to know why the value of steem is so low.

If you know of a voting bloc that focuses on rewarding quality instead of milking curation rewards and paying authors to make garbage, please let me know.

I wish you folks success in what you're doing.

Simple, it's a network. Want to get fancy? It's a decentralized network backed by cryptography with a staked / dpos rewards-based social media focus that is quickly shifting away to something more robust with smart-contracts.
Congratulations on your move. I've always thought about moving, but I'm too lazy. The funny thing is you get to 50+ rep in your first day, lol.

è una bellissima idea per girare il mondo, per conoscere tante persone. e poi cavolo, la blockchain...

I like what you had to stay about steem. One thing that I have noticed as of recent that doesnt feel very "internet the way the internet was supposed to be" is all the damn banner ads on but what are ya gonna do ? still love the steem blockchain. Thanks for the post.

I know the ads bother some, I don’t mind them myself. There are other interfaces to access the Steem blockchain that do not have the ads though (like or and others have discussed the “brave” explorer blocks them.

To me, it’s a revenue for Steemit Inc. and I don’t find them that bothersome.. but I totally get it.

Steem is one of the best platform.

@justineh With people like you around, steemit can definitely build a great future. It's all about security, reputation and the brand nowadays.
The simpler the better.
Blessings and well done with this post!

Thank you very much! That’s very kind ☺️

Thanks Justinh...a really great Vision that encompasses so much ( but in a really great way)

To me it's where Technolgy meets Entrepreneurship and Creativity

Thank you! We have had so many great visions shared, the goal (and hard work) will be to somehow combine in an easy to understand way.

To me it's where Technolgy meets Entrepreneurship and Creativity

Love that!

tienes razón sin una visión de poco sirve, una visión es el camino y a la ves la fuerza para seguir adelante ¿para que es steemit? la verdad soy nievo en esta comunidad pero yo creo que steemit es una herramienta capas de unir a las personas pero tan bien es una herramienta para expresar tus hiedas lo que te gusta y conocer a las personas que le gustan lo mismo

Maybe when Steemit Inc are hiring again.... :)

Haha! Why? You think they need a loud mouth on their team 😜

Something like that yes :P

이 아줌마는 왜 계속 내 피드 첫 칸에 있는 거야?

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bueno mi objetivo es conocer gente agradable e increible para divertirme

Thanks for the shoutout, I'm happy people resonated with my post.

I like your vision as well, I agree with all the major points you made. I feel like there's lots of layers of potential to Steem, some of which will only get revealed after "peeling back" some of the most obvious ones & trying them out.

Kinda like an onion... Or a layered cake... Or a burrito...
Look, just take your pick of layered-food-metaphors & start exploring Steem!

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I've watched your video on my phone and started to write a comment over partiko. I gave up and run to my computer because I couldn't type fast enough over my little screen ;-).

For me steem is the "university to discover and adopt future technologies"
"The place where everybody finds his spot"

The university to discover and adopt future technologies

I'm on steem for a little more than a year and I've been doing things here that I wouldn't have thought possible a year ago. I created a token and have now my own currency. I started a charity project. I'm playing games over a blockchain...

On steem it is possible to follow in real time how the technology is evolving. This community is so full of creative heads and also of people who don't understand anything about the technologies. This creates a need to make complicated things understandable. So great new projects are not only developed on steem. They are translated and made available to people without knowledge.

The place where everybody finds his/her spot

There is something for everybody on steem. Whether you like to read, to write, to make videos, to watch videos, to play games, to be entrepreneur. Whether you like to talk about nature, food, sports, technology,... It's a place for everybody and the great thing is that everybody is linked by the same technology and the same currencies...

I like your vision of steem and how you define it. It’s certainly an endless possibilities to be with steem by how you described it. Amazing.

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Yes, we are still a work in progress but the endless possibilities here are pretty inspiring. Thank you!

I’m lovin’ the vision for Steem like how you explained it! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Yeah, Steem should be the “One Stop Shop, for everything Crypto!” I see STEEM like Google!




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