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The other day I wrote about trying to write my vision down and how I was making it hard. I was working on it in response to @llfarms

it was hard because I was trying to make it into a pretty marketing peice.

Here it is...

Steem is a friendly social media site where anyone can come and write, play, gamble, sing and do other common Internet behaviors while learning to engage with crypto.

We reward these activities as well as moderation (flags) development and other common Internet Jobs with small amounts of crypto.

It's a Crypto onboarding platform.

Because people learn while they do real life things they already do elsewhere it is an easy jump to being able to buy, sell and transfer cryptocurrency.

It doesn't work perfectly yet, because of our distribution and politics but the vision is there and although messy it is working. As the site becomes more popular revenue opportunities will grow with the active users and increasing popularity.

We would have different apps to allow for diversity in activities, writing and quality styles. Nearly everyone has a social media site, ours just channels the revenue back to the end-users, it doesn't invent anything new, it redirects activities people were already doing.

That's it - my vision.

What's yours? Also please link it to @llfarms



We got a huge terra attack yesterday and now all social media sites are temporally unavailable! But STEEMIT, yeah we can access it! They forgot the best DAPP that we can use to do all social media works in other apps!


Wow! Interesting. Where are you?

Is this in response to Sri Lanka? After hearing about them shutting down various social media sites, it got a bit scary.

I'm glad Steem is still working for you! I hope you're safe & doing well!

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Simple and straight to the point for the community but I think it needs to add a bit for the underlying technology and potential for developers and investors as well.

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Even though i once thought of quitting steemit out of frustration earlier. I believe there is no other platform like steemit

Well put...yesterday I was trying to entice someone to join us and I had a hard time putting my proposal into concise words. This post would have helped LOL

To your question..

What’s yours? Also please link it to @llfarms

Sounds legit... Edification via drama to be succinct 🤐

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Even though this place has problems, at least we're not blind to what they are, we are working on improving things gradually and while its still a mess with all the work being put into the various dapps, communities and content I'm sure we'll get there with time. The first one through they door always gets a bloody nose

Simple, direct and easy to understand. :)

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Great way to word it 👍

I think since most people really have a hard time embracing / understanding cryptocurrencies in general, including & appealing to that fact in your explanation is an excellent thing to do. It puts the other person at ease. For once, they don't have to feel stupid when talking about this subject, the explainer is saying "Hey look, I know this shit is complicated, but don't worry. Steem will help you learn. Just do what you normally do, and see how adding blockhain + crypto into the mix can positively affect the outcome."

Onboard people by appealing to the unspoken truth: blockchain is confusing as fuck

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