What Is YOUR Vision For Steem?

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What is Steem? What is the goal? What is our vision?

Marketing, PR and the lack thereof for Steem as a whole is something that comes up often here, I myself have written about it many times as well as many, many others. There is constant discussion of it on discord, in forums and at meet ups. I personally think it's something that is holding us back, and it seems so easy to solve. But, is it?

Never was this need more apparent to me then when I attended Tron's conference a few months ago in San Francisco. I couldn't get over how unfortunate it was that something like Tron has such a large presence, even though they don't really have anything to offer. They have hype, they have marketing, and they get why that is important... and that's all they have in my opinion.

So what is our problem specifically?

I think Steem is interesting because it has so many possibilities that actually explaining it to others is a bit tough. How can we market to the outside world if we don't even know what we are?

After a discussion with @whatsup, as well as many good talks over the last few weeks about marketing, pr and just the lack of Steem's visual presence in the Crypto world, I think maybe it's time to change that.. and who better to do that than the strong community here that sets us so apart from the rest?

But we need to know what we are first.

@Whatsup had a great point, and something she had personal experience with in her career in the business industry.

First you find out what others think you are. Then you add in what you want to be... What you want to remove and then you adopt that as your vision. It sounds simple. But it defines who you are and where you go. You can't talk about or promote something if you don't know what it is.

We need a clear, cohesive vision and then we can go tell the world.

Clearly how we market to individuals depends on the audience, but we should have a pretty clear vision for what Steem is before even attempting to market to anyone.

We need a vision

We need to collect what we all think Steem is and find the overlap, the common ground. Then we compare and decide how to compile that into a simple to understand vision statement that can be used to showcase Steem.

A Vision Statement describes the desired future position of the company. It is basically the ultimate goal of what they'd like to accomplish.

So let's start a conversation...

What is YOUR vision of Steem?

  • What is it?
  • What does it do?
  • What is the goal?
  • What does it have to offer?
  • What is it to you?

Hopefully this begins a discussion that can push to help Steem have a presence, out there, as it seems like such a simple thing that could have such a HUGE impact. So, let's get started...

Much Love and Steem On,



Ultimately, in my opinion, Steem should be an incubator for any talent, connecting people and businesses around the world with shared incentives to grow an contribute to the ecosystem.

When Steem was @ (only) 9 dollar, we had a few Steemians in the poorest countries of the world earing 20-100$ per day (or a years salary of a well paid job in just 3 weeks). So the ultimate goal could even be to end poverty and let talent cultivate in a censorship-free environment where everybody can contribute and bring value to the ecosystem.

The possibilities are endless if my BTC prediction of > 100.000$ becomes reality.

'getting paid' to blog is a ecosystem suck. We need value add businesses if this future is possible. It is totally possible if we also have value added businesses built on this protocol.

"Steemit is the next evolution of social networks where participants are rewarded for sharing their ideas, experiences, and knowledge, instead of a company running the site."

Everything else is infrastructure, buzzwords, and aspects that everyday person probably should not care about (ex. blockchain, distributed network, cryptocurrency, etc.) and need not be part of the narrative.

Simply put, Steemit is a social network and we must focus on what makes a great social experience. Usability (interface, features, reliability, performance), reward (visibility, connectivity, financial incentives), and growth of new users (value of a social network is the square of the number of users).

Love your choice of wording here, very intune with marketing to outside users, with focus on the Steemit.com social aspects. Great insight, thank you!

steemit? I thought the question was about steem?

Steem vs Steemit, another reason we desperately need PR and marketing 😉

I think for many people, the social aspects of Steemit.com (or other front ends) are all they use. So having a vision that can somehow attract those users plus those who want to build on top of the Steem blockchain etc are key.

We will get there eventually 🙂

lol, "a great social experience" you never run into that one guy, who is living on this blockchain.

I totally agree with you! Steemit should has to focus on the social experience as Axie Infinity is a focusing on providing a nice game experience first. It just happened to be built with the blockchain but that's not the main point ;)

I totally agree. Crypto , blockchain and all that jazz should be kept out of it as the majority of people are sceptical around invisible money, ICO's etc. If it was marketed as a social media and not a blockchain we would be flying it.

Trending layer of the decentralized web.

Is the layer trending or does the layer trend stuff?

"How can we market to the outside world if we don't even know what we are?"
So spot on with that remark but I think it will also be very hard to come to a consensus on what we are. I have outlined some of my thoughts in this post

What is it?

Steem is an open social network - the first practical alternative to closed social systems, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and such.

What does it do?

Steem ensures that users are the main beneficiaries of their labor, enables rapid innovation and allows investors to participate in the success of the platform.

More about the destiny of the Open Social Platform - https://steemit.com/waivio/@grampo/open-social-platform

Steem has all that built on top of it. What if we built something else?

Great stuff, as always, @llfarms!

My thoughts:

  • What is it?

A blockchain technology that has dealt with the crypto scalability issue using Delegated Proof of Stake.

  • What does it do?

The STEEM Blockchain provides one of the fastest transaction speeds of any blockchain in the market with no fees charged.

  • What is the goal?

To explore and lead in countless applications of blockchain technology in ways never before conceived at this point.

  • What does it have to offer?

It offers a degree of decentralization that is very rare in the crypto space, in terms of mining/witness nodes becoming feasable for average users to run; as opposed to specialized equipement now required on most other chains like those used with Proof of Work blockchains.

  • What is it to you?

It is an exciting experiment that is breaking new ground in how blockchain technology can be used in untold ways above and beyond crypto currencies. Just the amount of dApps on the blockchain are an early indication of how vast that will likely become.

I like this answer. I would also add in there somewhere 'free, forever hosting' and incentivization with stake. That is, we democratically (each SP votes!) distribute ownership of the platform.

Nice amendments! 👍

Steem is a piece of shit

  • What is it?
    Steem is a new tool, so we have to think about how to use it. New tools have always reshaped the society.

  • What does it do?
    Steem rewards people to tell what they think, to take pictures, to take actions, it has a very large range of possibilities, from rewarding people who are cleaning places by @cleanplanet, rewarding coders for open source by @utopian-io, rewarding students who are asking questions by @askanything and many more, and this is after 2 years only.

  • What is the goal?
    The goal is to build a better society or just to have fun. What is a better society is the source of a very large discussion going on among steemians.

  • What does it have to offer?
    Steem offer money for each participant. Money is an energy to build new things. People have to gather to set up goals and then to reach the goals.

  • What is it to you?
    Steem is a fantastic social innovation but it can also be used to post porn, to play random games or to insult each other. Humans are very skilled for turning great tools in awful apparatus to destroy themselves. I would rather use it for education and recycling upvotes in solar energy.

Nice detailed explanation with focus on rewarding individuals for services or information provided to the ecosystem. Thanks, you made some good points here!

Hi @llfarms, I love that you asked these questions as it seems clear to me we are unsure who we are and what we are about.

I am really looking forward to reading other views as well.

What is it?
Steem is a blockchain based cryptocurrency, with a thriving social-economy and something to offer everyone, from specialized blockchain developers to entry level users.

What does it do?
Steem has a unique ability to unite applications and endusers

What is the Goal:

Our goal is to drive crypto adoption in a friendly stress-free environment, by bringing together developers, technical experts and endusers to collaborate and create cutting edge applications that make sense to real endusers.

What does it have to offer?
The benefits of Steem are ease of use, a communications platform, hundreds of applications including online store fronts, games and social activities. It’s the one stop crypto platform that can be customized to hundreds of applications.

What is it to you?
It’s an opportunity to learn, educate, grow and spread the adoption of crypto-currency. Ultimately to promote financial freedom without borders.

We are at the cutting edge of a crypto revolution and we have a unique ability to capitalize on the growth and adoption of emerging technology…

No clue, I've been here for almost 2 years and still don't know what steem is LOL

lol... I hear you. I thought I did once, but I was mistaken. ;)


Such drama, you've earned a DRAMA!

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Hey, @llfarms.

I've been wondering since I got here how it's possible that a blockchain primarily considered to be a social media marketing platform, with actual marketers, graphic people, writers, artists, etc., using it, has no strong, cohesive marketing message. You would think it's a no brainer. All the talk of whether or not we are decentralized here, I believe it shows through when it comes to things like this, only not in a good way. Definitely need to work on that, and so I appreciate you asking these questions. I can see already we're starting from some different places, though there are some overlaps beginning to form.


Steem is a zero fee transaction, high speed and scalable blockchain with a cryptocurrency of the same name. It currently has social, investing, commercial, gaming and gambling aspects to it, with potential for so much more.

What Does It Do?

It currently brings people together, rewards participation, encourages entrepreneurship, informs, educates, facilitates collaboration and provides investment opportunities.

What Is The Goal?

Ultimately, it's to unite the entire world together through a global digital currency, breaking down the old systems through decentralization, freedom, transparency, privacy, security, low entry and no gatekeepers. The goal is to totally transform civilization as we know it.

What Does It Have To Offer?

Opportunities to improve quality of life through association, engagement, investment, future financial stability, business and more. Whatever can go on a blockchain, STEEM offers the opportunity to do it.

What Is STEEM To Me

I think I pretty much described it with everything above. Right now, though, it's a place where I can create, engage, curate, hangout, learn, earn and invest and hopefully build a better future.

problem is that it could be a base for literally everything, everything can be implemented to be connected to steem, and everything is a bit hard to market, especially when nothing is really polished.
so I don't really have no idea what steem is.
for now it is a place with some interesting people.

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I think people need to forget about promoting "Steem" and start promoting their own work. If someone blogs on medium, they don't say "come check out medium". They say, "please check out my blog". Same with blogger, wordpress, etc... even linkedin and facebook, you invite people to "connect with me."

Corollary to that (and maybe the Achilles' heel) is that people need to write/post things that will attract others from outside the platform; not necessarily things that will draw votes here. Ideally, of course, would be to post things that will do both.

I've started doing this with my "Interesting Links" series under the #rsslog tag. I (try to) spend an hour or two on a post every day and share it on theoldreader, and I'm not worrying about drawing votes here. The point is to put something up that might draw eyes and clicks from elsewhere. If I find the people on the Internet that are interested in that sort of content, eventually the votes will follow.

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You made some great points here. I have the very same sensation when I look at other blockchain projects and mostly come to the conclusion that our problem is a lack of leadership. Steem as a brand has never really been defined and built up, and it's not recognized as a serious project in the blockchain community.

Steem is not a relevant player in the market anymore, and that doesn't have anything to do with the quality of our product. It's rather a self-marketing and lobbying issue.

I'm not sure if we're able to fix that belatedly, but if so, then this would be my vision for Steem:

Become the no. 1 social blockchain and host of decentralized communities in the world.

To me communities (if provided with a professional set up like Hivemind) are the absolute unique selling proposition for Steem.

More detailes are described in this post.

It doesn't help that Steem is changing also. It is difficult to pin it down. When I began it was about blogging. Now that seems to be in the past especially for new people joining.
I think the community tools that were promised a long time ago would help to give it direction.

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like making the Internet seem like the 90s again- e.g. - funny, raw, not all corporate …...yet? @angrytwin

That sounds fun 😊

I offer to this community is myself only

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To me, in the layman's terms that I think is needed; Steem is like the internet. It's an internet on the internet. You can blog, play games, share photos, do general social media, livestream, watch videos, share videos, online shop, etc. Almost everything you can do on the internet, you can do on Steem but with the possibility of being rewarded.

I mean, someone else could probably put that in a far better sentence! Haha. But that's basically how I see the Steem blockchain. It is an internet on the internet. :)

Hey the wording doesn’t matter right now, we just need to figure out what everyone thinks it is, so then we can find common ground. I like your points here, everything you can do on the internet now on a decentralized platform. Makes sense. Thank you!

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I like the path we are on we just need more users and better marketing.

Yes, I think we are on a great path.. but if we don’t tell others about this great thing we have then we aren’t reaching our full potential. I think we have something pretty special here though 🙂

What is it that you like? Is it LLFarms and her normie talk?

I like the fact that Steems is a working project and it does what it supposed zo do it stores content on a imuteable Blockchain. There are a lot of independent devs that build awesome Dapps for us like Steempeak, Busy, Dtube, Steemmonsters, Keychain etc...
Our community has so many good and versatile working Dapps which I can't find on any other Blockchain.

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And it keeps getting better - great answer :)

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Today's tech sphere is a battleground of user attention - who is giving more value to the people, wins. What is the value of the STEEM ecosystem? I see privacy & freedom of speech, but to be honest, who cares about it nowadays?

Recently, Facebook has asked people for their email account passwords (!) and stolen its contacts list... who cares?

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My STEEM vision is to positively impact millions of people’s life

Currently I don’t have a vision for steem. I’m still here all thanks to the fun of curation that curie and c-squared have. I just love doing it :)

I tried showing steemit to my circle once (they’re a bunch of filmmakers, graphic designer, photographers, indie musicians. Ages range from late 20s to early 30s). One or two of them signed up. One of them managed to submit some posts to curie via my account (which obviously generates me some rejects 😅), most of them share the same views: steem(it) is boring. They prefer to buy XLM just because it has better presentation 😂

I see an incredible future for steemit, I look forward, to steemit reaching the masses longterm :)

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Highly rEsteemed.

In short, STEEM is Decentralized Identity.
With a rudimentary, transparent postal system.
It facilitates P2P anything really well.
I use it for my CryptoGraphic Novel.
Saved a lot of trees in the process.

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Francis knows how to 'free forever hosting'! Lock your content in :)

It's Franklin actually... Francis is a distant cousin. ; )

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World domination lol

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This type of posts bring debate and politic. The vision: we are the Steemians toward a sexy decentralized world. :)

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In brief: "A content micro-payment system that actually works and people will actually use."

Really, at the end of the day that's where I see value for me. The social upheaval crypto libertarian distributed consensus blah blah blah is of no interest to anyone who isn't already here and invested in that, emotionally.

Steem dapps are rising with high speed if this keeps up the sky is the limit.
Or should i say the moon is the limit!
Dont get cought up in the price right now.

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I really don't care much about the money part. I'm here primarily for connection... like with other like-minded individuals and potential collaborators and or clients. I tried several networks before and only here I tasted a little of that sweet connection I craved.

But! If at any moment steem could became a solid way of sustainability for creators, that would be really awesome. And I don't talk about being super rich, just make a decent living out of your personal projects, projects that also give something back to the community or ecosystem of course.

Yep, building connections while being rewarded for the content you contribute as well as what you add to the ecosystem.

I love hearing everyone’s perspectives, thank you!

This is a great idea to get Steemians thinking about. Finding out what the users of a platform think about the platform they're using can better help us understand what we are naturally doing good at, where we need to improve upon, and what we need to chop off & forget about.

To that end, I wrote about my vision & what Steem means to me here.

Thanks for all your hard work in helping make Steem better! :^)

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It's not the whole and only vision of steem, but a really important part of it!


Besides that steem can evolve to a powerful tool for every anarch/ human! ;)


You got me thinking on this one.
Is this an appropriate definition? @llfarms
Steem promises freedom.
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I want steem to be an alternative economy where we can communicate, reward users, trade, buy and sell goods and services, share ideas, and disrupt centralised economies. I want it to be a value chain that rewards the faith of the community and foster a range of collaborative efforts

I know this is a broad vision and I think we are already doing it at a pretty small scale, I think I just want it to grow so that the impact is larger. I can see how much this place means to this current band of misfits so why not share this with the world