Earn Steem by Uploading Videos to DTube + Find Solutions to Errors!

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How do we start uploading videos to DTube? What works to fix the errors we get when trying to upload and submit to the blockchain? Where can we find a complete video tutorial showing a basic user guide for getting starting with DTube and fixing the errors we receive? I hope this video helps answer all of these questions! If you are having a problem using DTube, would you please post the error message in the comments? If you would like to earn money making a comment, would you please post solutions to any errors you know how to fix in response to comments because we will then upvote your answers to reward you for helping?

Basic process to upload a video to https://dtube.video.

  1. Register an account on Steemit like https://steemit.com/@jerrybanfield.
  2. Use the private posting key from the wallet permissions tab to sign into DTube with the Steemit account.
  3. Upload videos to DTube along with a snap file or thumbnail image.
  4. Write a description, choose up to 4 tags, and submit to the blockchain.
  5. Edit the post on Steemit for maximum readability. Note that DTube takes 25% of the author rewards received from the Steem Power.

Common DTube troubleshooting errors and solutions.

  1. The upload fails or the uploading button spins forever or the browser forces a reloading of the page. Solve this problem by using handbrake to make a smaller video size or testing a different browser or trying a different computer or clearing the cookies or using DTube the next day. Under 1 GB video file is best.
  2. Invalid snap file either with failing to upload or the size is too big. The snap file size maximum is 500 KB currently. Overcome this error by using a smaller snap file image, reducing the video size, trying a different browser, or changing computers. Safari gives me this error frequently on my iMac.
  3. Unable to submit to blockchain with any kind of error with the submit button not resulting in a post on Steem. Test on a different computer, browser, video file, or wait one day and try again. Make the description shorter or reduce the tags or title if errors come from having these too long.

Have additional errors?

Submit them below to help us answer them together and earn upvotes on both questions and answers! Read the full post on Steem at https://steemit.com/@jerrybanfield for more!

► Watch on DTube
► Watch Source (IPFS)

Learn more about DTube using these links!

  1. Meet the creator of DTube @heimindanger.
  2. See how DTube is hosted at https://ipfs.io/.
  3. View DTube earnings from the 25% author rewards fee at https://steemdb.com/app/dtube/earnings.
  4. Use handbrake to shrink video files at https://handbrake.fr/.
  5. Read the DTube announcement post at https://steemit.com/video/@heimindanger/introducing-dtube-a-decentralized-video-platform-using-steem-and-ipfs.
  6. Get details about the Dtube 0.2 update at https://steemit.com/dtube/@heimindanger/dtube-0-2-faster-to-serve-videos-stronger-to-resist-censorship.

Jerry Banfield

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Great job and thanks to @heimindanger that we have this tool, looking forward to see the improvements and evolution...keep it up, what a way to adding value!!!

Dtube is biggest evolution in internet history. Nice article jerry.

It is so nice to see that the idea behind DTube really works so far. Though DTube does not have any contend censure, you can usually find only appropriate valuable content. Plus content authors earn by far better than on Youtube.

I think the main priority for DTube creators is to find the way to keep this success in future. How to address the pressure about copyright issues, service abuse by scammers, etc... Not too much of those yet, but they will appear soon, as the service is growing fast!

Yo ,
Thanks for the great content

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I came to steemit for Dtube :) if you like check my "Introducemyself or How I found Steemit because of DTube"
I will not spam you with link here...

Issues I found so far:

  1. can't edit original tags in the Dtube Video (You can in the steemit post)
  2. can't edit or change original thumbnail
  3. can't delete the video if you decide to do so (If somebody is offended or claim intellectual property and ask you to put it down, you just can't... )
  4. In the steemit post that is connected with Dtube video the thumbnail looks like picture (there is no arrow like YouTube video)


  1. My first 5 videos on Dtube just make 7 days and they had average 0.01$ rewards but now they all have 0$ rewards. I hoped for ... I do not know maybe $0.004 (30%- 40% of this 0.01$...)


It's really heart warming to see that I contributed to growing the STEEM userbase :D

Thanks a lot for the feedback. All of your points are already in my todo list, and will be resolved in the upcoming weeks ;)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks, will you check the update point as well?
And if you are the creator of DTube than I will follow you :)

I am unsure how it works for such little rewards. Steemit only displays 2 decimal points, maybe its because the rewards are unreliable for such small amounts.

Just keep posting, it will surely go up if you keep posting quality content. Just like any other social network, you wouldn't expect to be super-popular on your first uploads, right?

  1. can't delete the video...
    My my answer on this question is that, it can't be done like that .
    because the community want transparency over censorship regulations.
    censorship even social norms are form of censorship.

Thank you for letting us know you came to Steemit specifically for DTube because this is VERY VALUABLE feedback for our community to see how an app such as DTube can bring new signups!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you Jerry,
2 weeks ago I started to research about steemit in youtube.
The first video I have found was interview with heimindanger about Dtube / Steemit.
The second video was one of yours in your youtube channel. So maybe you are the second reason to be here :)

Good jerry.i am upvote u, have a good day!

Hi all.
I uploaded a file around 60 MB to DTube using Chrome. There was no errors during the process but after the upload completed the video failed to play or played and stopped after a few seconds.
I tested it on different browsers ( Chrome, Opera and Safari ) with the same results.
All I had to do was wait a few hours and it started to play normally. Still don't know what caused it.

Another problem I noticed is when playing the video sometimes it is resized meaning I can see a video playing and another copy of it on the same screen but smaller.
And this doesn't happen every time.

Does anyone had the same problem ?

I think the problem with the vids that aren't playing is for everybody
If i play hot or fresh vids, it always stops after a few seconds.
It helps if u open the vid in another tab, (right click)

Ok i haven't tried that. Thanks for the advice.

@tomaszs77 thank you for sharing with us that you just needed to check back a few hours later and it worked! I have not watched many videos on DTube yet and hope more of us here in the comments have additional feedback about viewer experience errors and solutions!

Great information, I didn't know DTube charge 25% of the pay out.
I haven't really used DTube but thinking about using it instead of YouTube to store my videos for steemit.
Does DTube take a cut as well from your steemit post pay out when you link a video to your DTube account to your post?

This is a great question, I was wondering the same thing

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

If I remember correctly from the DTube announcement the 25% pays for the storage and it doesn't effect the steemit post.

Great article, as usual @jerrybanfield . I had problems with Safari. I could not upload and kept getting the same error message. It worked fine with Chrome. Thanks.

You're welcome and I hope this post helps users to use Chrome instead of Safari to upload!

Hmm I just complained about the editing feature, and thankfully it has it now :)

I initially had upload problems with google chrome (going off goooooogle anyways) but have had good results using Opera

It would be cool if we could embed the Videos in our articles

we have done it already not we?

no chance DTube sucks

One of the top steemians said Dtube charges a fee for uploading videos there, is it true?

Hi, the developer, @heimindanger, points out in his blog post annoucing the 0.2 updates the following " The 25% fees will cover the development costs, for a couple of months, then once the project is solid and we stop working on it, paying the fees will only remain as a defaulted option."

It goes on to read "The total earnings of @dtube can be seen at https://steemdb.com/app/dtube/earnings (built by @jesta). As you can see, we are averaging 200 SP per day. That is a lot of income and it is enough to find a competent second developer as well as a designer to help this project going faster. I am already in the process of interviewing and will pick wisely."

In his initial blog post revealing DTube, the following is said in relation to the costs of hosting the content "I have recently created the @dtube account. This account will be used to collect 25% of the DTube author rewards. 10% of these fees will be used to pay for long-term storage of the files on IPFS Store. The rate is $0.044 per GB per month. So, for example, let's say you upload a 100MB video, that earns $10 rewards, then $0.25 will go to @nannal and ensure data redundancy for ~57 months. Once this time is passed, users will need to either pay themselves (crypto accepted of course) to keep the files being seeded, or seed it themselves directly on their own PC and connection."

Now in relation to why someone would want to use this platform, I do urge you to read his blog posts: https://steemit.com/video/@heimindanger/introducing-dtube-a-decentralized-video-platform-using-steem-and-ipfs. Essentially, you post whatever you want and as long as you are around, that content can't be controlled.

Shenanigans! I'm declaring shenanigans. It might cost bandwidth but it doesn't cost SBD or Steem.

Someone mentioned in his post that it costs 10% of the total earning for that post.

Yes DTube takes 25% of author rewards! Thank you for mentioning this because I will edit it to make that more clear in the post!

25% of the author reward? So that means 25% goes to upvoters as curation reward, 25% goes to DTube and the authors only get paid 50% for their efforts. What's the point of using DTube?

Doesn't work like that. 25% goes to curators. 25% of the 75% remaining goes to @dtube, rest goes to the author.

What's the point of using DTube? You can post videos on the steem blockchain and earn rewards from it.

@heimindanger, Thanks for stopping by and explaining it. However, I'm still confused about the maths. I know curators get paid 25% of any post and rest 75% goes to the author. However, in this scenario, your're saying an extra 18.75% is deducted from the author's rewards and goes to DTube. isn't it a matter of loss for the authors? Am I missing something/the point? Please explain.

Also, if the core point is posting videos on steem blockchain and earning rewards from it, can't we do the same by posting our YouTube videos over here? What's the difference? Please explain, I will appreciate it.

You can use YouTube. And yes, this way you wouldn't lose out on the 18.75%. But let me try to defend DTube here, as I'm clearly biased.

With YouTube, you theorically need to read their 20 000 words terms of service before being able to upload a video.
With YouTube, your video gets sent to a centralised server, and you give more power to people who already have most of it.
With YouTube, if you video contains 6 secs of copyrighted content or more, ads will be added on top of it and money will go to copyright holders.
With YouTube, if your video contains non-standard political views, it will get removed.

With DTube, you will pay a fee, for now. But at least you have no strings attached, and you help me out to improve it to make it better.

Also, as @coldbolt mentioned, I plan to gradually lower the fees and finally turn the fees into an option, that you will be able to disable during the upload. Fees are only here so I can hire competent people (designer, developer) to build it faster, and increase adoption of the STEEM cryptocurrency.

@heimindanger, Very well defended. Thumbs up.

@heimindanger thank you very much for participating in the discussion here with your thoughtful replies!

I need to get on this!

I always have an error because of snapping photos.. they should really just take that feature off


I've been signed up on SteemIt for awhile but have been so caught up in Crypto fishing I haven't been doing anything with it. But now that there is D-Tube along with SteemIt, I'm really chomping at the bit to get the shows I've been planning started as I have been thinking for EONS !....Thanks Jerry for a great starter post. I think we should all contribute to the tips and tricks as we learn as we go.....plan on a couple of "boiler-downers" myself when I consider myself to be more of a veteran.

FACEBOOK/REDDIT blockchain alternative ? Check !
YouTube blockchain alternative ? Check !
Twitter blockchain alternative ?......SOON to be...(Sept. 12th?) Check !
Blockchain alternatives for storage of value and peer-to-peer tranfers without a bank, government, or borders ? Been "Checking" for a minute !

What's in MY Wallet ? CRYPTOS !

Block Chain Bangers taking over the world Baby !

Everybody have a fantastic day !

Thank you sir! I was just looking into dtube. Yay for change 🤗

I used my Linux machine to upload compressed files. It's way better than using a regular file on the WIN10 beast I usually use. Not sure why. Also realize Dtube automatically posts your content to Steem, so don't use it like Dropbox!

It is good to know that information, because I had many problems uploading videos to DTUBE and did not know the causes, and I thought they were problems of my computer, or my internet provider. I hope that these problems are solved because I uploaded several videos that take several hours to be in the limbo.

Thanks for the Information.

Hi cant playback video on Samsung Galaxy Broswer... My device Note 5...

Thats a GOOD JOB my friend

When creating tags for dtube are they separated by commas, spaces, or the "#" sign?

Thank you

Do you have any advice on getting people to watch your videos?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for sharing this information to us ..
After looking ur post on facebook i came to know about steem thanks mate 😇

Hi Jerry, this is another great content... Liked it... :)

i uploaded a few videos. after 7 days the "money" counter went to zero i got no money/reward or anything else. i dont understand why.

for example a video got 0.013 and nothing happend after i turned to zero :(

Thank you Jerry for giving us the great information ,Good

hello @jerrybanfield and all the audience
Below is my link , follow me as i will be posting a lot of informative subjects



I just uploaded my first video, but can't get it to start when I press play. Is it because it's my video or is there something wrong with the upload? Please help someone. :)

love it

Thank you Jerry for your information on how to work and upload our videos in dtube, and in editing our work in steemit. I like both of these gif images that you have created at the ending of your work.
Its very creative and in my opinion is a good way to draw people to your informative site.

Warm regards,


Thanks for sharing!

Hello! Jerry like always very interesting article on how to Earn steem up loading I had a little bit of a challenge trying to watch the video. Appreciate all the hard work you're doing and to help our community thank you again @mannyfig1956

Hi cant playback video on Samsung Galaxy Broswer... My device Note 5...

Did you try different browsers ?
When did you upload the video?

Jerry has a problem I encountered - it's a problem with rewinding the video ((Or is it just me having such a problem? Thanks!

Dtube seems nice but i can't upload a video. because me browser crashes...

Anything over 1.4GB crashes on my browser too. It's some browser limitation unfortunately.

THANK YOU for making the extra limit clear!

Hi, jerry! You're doing a very big job!!! Thank you for this !!! Thank you for giving us a lot of useful information !!!

I really want to start with with Dtube but I don't know where to get the films from? Anyone can help? Thank you.

Thanks for the help! This is useful! Resteemed

man, the vids are loading very slow
why is that?

Cool, thank you!

that's very helpful post!!
thank you ;)

Wow what a brilliant idea, isn't that amazing you actually post a video and you get paid for that, you tell someone like hey Dtube pays you for uploading videos and they like get out its a scam and l'm LOL OK

Hi everyone. I'm going a bit crazy here trying to upload a video. It is a h264 acc .mp4 (so i think thats ok) I have tried three different browser Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Reinstalled java and still get Failed to fetch and xhr errors while uploading. All suggestions welcome.

i feel the same...i have tried so many ways...and my vids are small...i wish there was just a clear breakdown of working settings

Hi @Jerrybanfield, I am your student from 2015 and I am very happy to see you there for helping people to learn and earn through this Platform "Steemit". Your posts are very helpful for beginners to understand the working of the website. Thanks for Helping others.

yes i have big problems with downeld vedeo i will try it jerry.

Got here via your class on Steemit from stackskills. Getting my witness node up and running. Thank you for all your content. I'll be sitting down with a beer to watch your hours upon hours of content. You're a BEAST dude!

Excellent work thanks to @heimindanger a very good tool, are the publications that contribute to the enrichment of this portal. Thank you, good friend. that follow your successes.

Why is so hard to put a video on dtube, I have uploaded 3 videos and no one works. The first and second I uploaded with .wmv format and then I read only mp4 format work so my third video was in mp4 format and only audio uploaded good but the video doesn't show up. :/ So what video format should I use to upload a video? Please help me D:

I've checked into Dtube and one issue I have is that it doesn't seem like there is a way to embed videos so that it doesn't take you away from steemit to watch it. Most I've seen load the DTube content on the current page and don't even open in a separate window. Is there any way around that? Seems not so great to be leading people away from the steemit site. Thanks for all of your insights!

I found you on youtube a few days ago and you have helped me greatly so thank you for that.
I have been using steemit for a few months and it's very good as you point out but this new information about D Tube is the best thing you have helped me with.
One of the things that hold a lot of people like me back from profiting from new ideas like steemit is its all a bit mind boggling for the older generations to grasp as there is so much to understand before you can even get started. You young guys have grown up with it so you have a great advantage but guys like you are making it a lot easier for us oldies get jump start.
Thanks again mate :o)

What video size is the best for dtube? I do upload videos in size of 1080p and 720p I successfully uploaded the one with 720p after much error with snap shot and the snapshot wasn't even up to 100kb but with much tries it worked. Since that time I haven't been able to upload videos. I will try again since some of the errors have been fixed.

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Nice! great tutorial again, Keep it up!

Been looking for this. This is awesome. Thank you jerry.

Thank you for this. I had some of these problems last week...so gonna try again. Looking forward to using Dtube more.

Good call in the info. I never knew about the cut dtube take makes sense but what's the actual cut they take I've seen various amount.

Hi Jerry! Are you going to participate in the "Pocket" token genesis program here on Steemit? I don't see that you have reblogged @biophil's post yet and I am interested to hear your thoughts on the concept of Steemit's first token!

@jerrybanfield, this is very, very, very cool !!!!! Thank you very much for this post!
DTube will open even more opportunities for earning !!! Thank you very much!!!

Thank @jerrybanfield. Your post very helpful. Keep adding similar posts even further.

@jerrybanfield, thank you for your videos explaning the system and tips and suggestions. This hasn't been the easiest social media platform to understand. I still do not know how I acquired any money in my wallet and why there seems to be 10 cents less than yesterday. I am only 6 days old to this platform. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi.


wow nice post I like it

Its always good to have alternatives. Especially now since Youtube has started censoring users, shit is getting weird

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hey i am unable to upload my videos to dtube
can you please suggest me something how you are doing that , i have even installed ipfs on my laptop but then also it is saying ipfs error.

I have been having issues with this!! thankyou for this post!!! probably just need to use a different browser! its always just somin simple init!!!

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 1 with 716 upvotes

great information, I will be big on dtube after my trip and handling my new book release, and I hope to contribute much to dtube. I know how to make videos very well using adobe products. thank you again for all that you do my friend

One of many error messages I have encountered:

Dtube error.png

Hey @jerrybanfield...so i get that same error that @freemanreporter is getting. so then i downloaded and put it through the recommended handbrake...where i compressed... i drag it in and now it says its not a video...which is weird cause it says video and if you clic it...it plays the video. argg...i have off and on been trying to upload several videos for over a week...attempting to go at it from many angles...i had hoped handbrake would be the answer...but not yet. are there recommended settings for handbrake.

Thnanks bro, please keep doing greats videos!

Hey sir @jerrybanfield try you see my post this. And do not forget to follow me so you can see my post. Have long to follow you and wait for you follow me. Let's see my post @auliaramadhn

Nice post and recommendations.
I just followed and upvoted your post because I find it relevant and would need more of this... @jerrybanfield
Check out my latest post on steemit and upvote and follow me

how are you

Thank you for the great content.

Hi Jerry, I'm a newbie here. How can I post a dtube on Steemit like this post? hope you have a video on this. Thank you.

I have not got a chance to really use Dtube yet but the helps a lot. Thank you and keep up the good work.

A much needed post. Thanks @jerrybanfield

I'm hoping to post my first video soon.
Showing off some parts of my home automation system, as part of a series on home automation I will be posting.
This will be really helpful (when I finally get to it 😝)

Why isn't my video searchable? I gave my mom all of my video's tags so she could find it and subscribe to me, but my video didn't show up at all. I had to send her a direct link. Why does this happen?

Can I resolve this? okay you shouldn't use tags for finding content.title is most important thing and next is nick of steemian user.BTW first TAG is really matter only and is visible in steem as category,rest tags are only addition for algorythm to segregate videos more in similiar groups.

Constant error for maybe longer files or sizes , just stop upload and nothing happens ... ? is there any limit for the length or size
the video ?

no but the bandwidth transfer is limited for you for everyone and this bandwidth is resetting every 7 days.

IS there a place to find out what the payout structure is for STEEMIT and DTube?

there is not but I know many things about it so you can ask me here.you must to know that this is very complicated,many of users don't know really important things about that.

I'm unable to even watch this video. It's in an infinite loading loop.

if you have problem like this you should try change quality from 480p to "source " it will be usable in future for you for sure even if not now.


it is easy and just you can check how many steeem dollars you have,in Steemit and in dtube because it is the same cup,
another way to check your income is to go to my channel and look for your statistics in the upper right corner of your profile


What is the solution for "cannot submit to blockchain" error? I tried many browsers, many file types and sizes, everything uploads fine, video thumbnail - same error. Very frustrating. Any help is appreciated!!!!!!!

thanks for the instructions. I'm getting ready to make my first attempt...

Thanks. I have to admit it’s been a smidge discouraging. I am a youtuber trying to transition to YT but I’ve tried to upload at least 20 with no luck. This is my first time hearing to try a different browser so I’m totally hoping that’s the answer 👏🏿 Thanks for sharing


Hi @jerrybanfield, or anyone else, do you know about uploading .mov files?
I have tried uploading some in the area of ~350MB and it doesnt recognize them as movie/video files


I am going to study this and hopefully I'll "get it"!


I keep getting a ipfs error

Can you upload videos of video games or is there copyright?

Great article! I am new to Steemit and Dtube, and have only uploaded 2 videos so far. Even so, all has gone fine for me :D

This video is not loading? I don't see the 480p

Very informative, learned a lot. Thanks

seems like Dtube has a long way to go. tried uploading my first video this morning and eventually gave up. kept getting what seems to be a common error message "Please upload video before submitting". the video is about 20 MB, in a MP4 format and i can clearly see it in the player.

I tried various resolutions, different browsers, logging out and back in and short of swinging a dead chicken on a full moon eventually gave up.

after some research it seems that this problem is very common and people just keep trying until it eventually works. I dont have time for that sort of nonsense. I'll try again in a few months to see if the bugs have been worked out.

playing more with it and tried an experiment. all the video i tried were videos taken from my dslr which failed. just took a video from my android phone and it worked..

in the process of comparing codec and video properties to see if i can figure out what the difference is.

figured out my problem. to recap, after uploading the video i get the message "to upload a video" . in my case it was because some of my videos had no audio.

too cool.

i used http://www.videotovideo.org/ to convert my videos with no issue when they have audio.

Thank you ..please follow

i upload lot video on steem it