Vlog 182: Join the The Steemit Thunderclap on Twitter - 1 day left + The grind with @kesolink.

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The Steemit Thunderclap is an initiative started by user @fitzgibbon to get Steem to trend on Twitter. The original post can be found here.

The event will happen tomorrow!

What is a Thunderclap?

By participating in a Twitter Thunderclap you will allow Thunderclap to send out 1 specific tweet at an exact time. This very first time in 2018 we will Thunderclap on the 9th of January, letting the world know that Steem has a very fast transaction time, thanks to this amazing GIF from @kyriacos:

You can sign up for the STEEM thunderclap HERE.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 09.51.14.png

The grind

The grind is how I named the process to get yourself more known on the platform. It's not always easy, especially when you are new and on your own, and I think many of us know someone that has given up on Steemit because it was 'too hard'.

In my vlog I talk about a user @kesolink who I think is a good example of someone that is going through the grind and slowly being picked up. He's from Nigeria and recently started to promote Steemit there.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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Hey there @exyle, thank you so much for supporting the Thunderclap!! It's going to be huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!!

Steem to $100!

To $100?? Wow... :)
Just 50 STEEM x 100 = $5000 USD
if 500 STEEM x 100 = $50 000 USD

I would have a lot of money to spend on prostitutes

I voted my own comment, not because is mine, but because I think it's probably the best comment on the Steem blockchain, only competing with my other comments and with the comments of other account I have to compliment myself and to fake it's another person

ahahahahahaha wat

Dear friend @alexmove I wish your support me Steemit

For those doubting $100 Steem it would mean a market cap of roughly 26 billion USD. This is roughly where Twitter, Snapchat and other popular social media networks sit. If Steem keeps growing and hits a market cap closer to that of Facebook we’re taking $500 - $1000 Steem.

Plus there are cryptos that are in that neighborhood that have little to no working product. Steem has one of the best working products of any crypto.

Agreed. I had been watching Steemit for awhile before I decided to get on board... Now I wish I had joined sooner. So happy to be here now, everyone here is awesome. I truly believe that Steemit is blazing a trail and is here to stay!

yeah it's gonna be a big one! :)

@teamhumble I wish you will support me your posts good and @exyle

Your welcome man! I hope it will be a huge success for you and Steemit.

@exyle I'm your fan steemit your such great posts I wish your support me thank you

Steemit Developers are Legends

I have added my small support by I guess each one counts

It will be huge, and thanks for promoting it.


the future is better

Hello dear @fitzgbbon your posting @exyle such Great posts I wish you will support me

you should post photos of boobs

Me too
Have a nice day!!!!!!

Happy to be able to add my 4012 followers to the pot.

Great initiative @fitzgibbon.

Yeah Man - Larger than Life

$100...Yes please! Steem is getting bigger, can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for us!

Thanks @exyle, I am really honoured for you calling my name out on ur blog.

I will like to say a big thanks because your blog has make me grown here on steemit. Promo-steem in Nigeria is something I love doing.

Glad to see you are also promoting this initiative as well @exyle.

Everybody I have already joined the campaign and helped to add 71K more potential reach and you should too.

Help steem to make a trend on twitter.

Every participation counts a lot.

Nice one!

@exyle really your posts more information I get thank you

Signed up for STEEM thunderclap ... Let's promote Steem with all guns blazing!

I'm got it please I'm earn good profit my real posts

its to late to go in?

This campaign is demand of the time. I believe STINC will do aggressive marketing to advertise STEEM after SMT and hivemind release. TRON with a single regional DApp (e.g. Peiwo App in China) have achieved $10B marketcap just for aggressive marketing.

The following gif is made by me to compare STEEM's zero fees with top cryptocurrencies. Free to use without any attribute. For more: https://steemit.com/steem/@riseofth/comparison-of-steem-s-speed-scalability-and-fees-with-major-cryptos-please-use-them-all-over-the-internet

myFile (4).gif

@exyle upvoted and you have my vote for @blockbrothers. Nicely done, this has major potential. I appreciate all the work you do here. Thank you

thank you for the witness vote!

You're Welcome :) Thank you for all that you do.

It's very attractive

Will participate.
Any ideas to push steem ahead are good ideas.
Thanks for mentionning.

The more people get the word of Steem/Steemit out to others, the better! I have mates I told about it a while ago but they didn't bother, then I showed the rise of Steem price increasing the value, that I was getting a nice chunk paying out over this week, and we had three new sign-ups. :)

So I think this is a great idea, going to sign-up now mate!

Good job on getting your friends on board!

ujito ejito.... fine!

As long as users keep spreading the word we can grow exponentially. Getting new users and investors is huge. I think the new platforms people are making that implement the blockchain are also going to be an enormous benefit. We're competing with single sites like twitter and reddit, but Steem can have a huge number of very different platforms all built on the blockchain! Really excited about the next few months.

Some people get known really fast. For others it will take some time but to never give up is the key :) Just enjoy what you doing :)I will check the thundercap. Its a good idea to make steem more known :D

Yeeaah - great idea- yesterday i had the same for german TTs to inform people on twitter about this great plattform here.

In german language it would be very easy with a small support to jump up in the top trends.

Of course, I will attend the Thunderclap tomorrow.
Steem on!

Hey There buddy @exyle . That's definitely a good initiative. I have already signed up to the link you have provided and looks forward for the action .. :) .. Hope to make steem and steemit even more popular then anything else in crypto market. Thanks for sharing this outstanding initiative. Good luck!!

Interesting, so a huge steemit promotion will happen soon. I'm curious to see the results :d

Yeah, grinding and communicating is probably is the way.

I'm curious to see the results

Same here :)

nice to be promote it and share a new with us i also see the mroe details in @fitzgibbon post now and see the whole details via link and also with video
thanx fro good work speciall in these days for give us new apps and informations @exyle

Yes I am looking forward to the Thundercap.. Steem is trending tomorrow..

yeah i jumped into that as soon as it came out. you should CERTAINLY use it for major versions of steemify outreach right? :)

Until STEEM came along I had not been involved much in Social Media if I'm honest :)

trust me, you did'nt miss that much! :)

True, before I am also wasting my time and effort in other platforms, but Steemit Platform is really amazing and unique platform than all others.

Hey @exyle. Your videos are highly educational for me and I think for many Steemians. I am in the grind now and already see the results. My posts got noticed by few dolphins and whales as well. Also, my posts get better quality every day. I believe in Steemit and DTube very much. That's why I keep posting and it had not been as hard as it seemed. Maybe, it's up to the person who posts what the one has to offer for the community. As I got engaged with making connections with people and not just posting for money, that's when I got the first wave of success. I am so happy and grateful with it. Your vlogs helped me much as well. I am going to be on DTube much more too.

It is a daily grind until you get known a little bit. But it is so worth the grind to get where we want to be!

This is a great idea!!! I joined looks like a revolution is coming soon!!!! Steemit is growing daily, I am excited to see the growth after tomorrow! That one post is being sent out to over half a million people by the looks of it, and by that time tomorrow probably even more!

@charisma nice job your Steemit I wish you will support me Steemit thank you

Great call man!

Really happy to see you pushing this to increase visibility.

Safe travels home!


Thanks man!

Yes @abh12345 @exyle are informative posts

I think that's what so many new joiners forget sometimes, none of us got anywhere without doing the grind!!


It's over 9000! :)

Thank you @meesterboom for being our 208th participant and putting this project over the 500K power level!

@meesterboom hello friends I wishing your support me Steemit thank you

wonderful effort in promoting steemit great to see many steemit members are working hard to do something :)

Actually those gif flies are really useful to people to get a clear idea about STEEM and how fast it is! I will join it! Thanks for letting us know!


Thanks for the content and encouragement on the grind!

I always thought litecoin was faster than eth!

Im not a big twitter guy, but I will join!

I Had not known what a thunderclap is, but I will for sure participate.

Great Idea, I am in!

Thanks for the support. I wish more influential people had got on board. Hopefully Steemians will keep up the #Steem-promo initiatives. It truly is essential. Lest we become the Blockchain Myspace.

Steemify is the best app I ever downloaded. True dat.

Your technical knowledge is appraisable.

Startup my school campus steem campaign today, after a great encouragement from @kesolink in promoting steem to every nook and cranny in Nigeria and I thank God it was a huge success

very nice

I'm like This photography bro

This is why twitter and centralized platforms are doomed. Check out thi profil https://twitter.com/katteasis 73k followers and not a single comment/like on his tweets. Basically all fake followers

@luna33 your nice content I wish you will support me thank you

Wow ! great to know about it. its gonna be a great for steemit and it's every user.
Rsteemed to make sure a great reach.

You get what you put in. I am happy whit my progress, since I do not put a lot of time. Anyway this platform is the best. Also big thumbs up to @kyriacos for amazing GIF.

wow! this is really amazing @exyle... i really admire what you do... am joining you and following you as well...

Hello my friend @greatman4eva follow me do you friendship with me Steemit I will support you and your support me thank you

Is great and lovely initiative. I stand for steemit👍

can you do another video just talking about the grind? i like to hear even more of your uptake on it

Very good for you to promoting steemit on the other social platforms, I am on steemit since march 2017 but I dind't post that much, I wasn't active and now I regret that but from now I will be on steemit as much as I can!

Great stuff , it is going to be huge for sure .

The initiative will undoubtedly brig new users in, but if this would have been done after HF20 maybe it's effects would have been even bigger.
I'm very curious to see what happens and also what will the retention rates look like.
Have a safe trip home man!

Your nice articals @calatorulmiop I wish your support me Steemit thank you

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Great Video, thanks! :)

Nice one @exyle. Big thumbs up to you @exyle, @fitzgibbons and @kesolink for promoting Steemit. Joined Thunderclap, can't wait to storm Twitter.

Great @peculiarehis your support me i will support you thank you

Hello all, I am brand new to Steemit and I supported the Thunderclap because I believe in Steemit and Steam! This is the dream of Sci-Fi writers future utopia where people get paid for sharing their art (content) directly with the masses! This can be big, big, BIG!!!

i like your story writing. i hope u success. thanks for sharing @exyle

@muhammadkamal I wish your support me i will support you

What kind of support do you want?

Interesting video!

@exyle..very happy to here thank you for supporting the thunder clap...i hope that the value of the steemit is raises very high within few days..in my view at the end of the march it will reaches up to 50usd....thank you for sharing with us bro...

Hello dear @durgaani nice job i wish your support me i will support you

@kesolink, I'm just happy for you dear.

Thank you. @exyle ( Thank you for accepting this invitation
Join Stimet's Thunderclick on Twitter - 1 day left + grind with kesolink.
Thank you for accepting my greetings

Boi this are a lot of Vlogs :D


I;m still fairly new and I did quit steemit for a month or 2 but now when I did see the price and how it jumped I'm considering starting again! What do you think? :D

Hi my dear friend @mattmarinov I wish your support me i will support you thank you

Good idea , great post

Please like my comment


This is great idea!

great post man!! is my first day on here and you content is the best that i see ever in log time, for users with you steemit will be more big!! congratulations!

twitter hm ? i had that once ... twice ... about eight times i think, it was fun during the early days , with the green revolution and all that "notfake"-news you got there, then it turned into a heap of marketeers disguised as helping hands or content dictators like here ... then i got banned six times in three hours for speaking my mind on Syria (i told a syrian dude not to sit and wait for the EU to rescue the world ... and i think they still havent)

so, yea but still okay, seems like a lofty goal

and then the part where the whales flag me down for spam :

viewed, voted, commented, and re-steemed ...

anyone follows me i'll follow back within a few days

if you have complaints please check the link, or else just do that content dictator thing you do i no longer care ... a resteem is a resteem, atm to 187 people, thats 187 chances to have it re-resteemed,


good luck


Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with us.

Thanks for info. :)

I really like the steem notification app.

Nicely done, this has major potential. I appreciate all the work you do here.

@exyle upvoted and you have my vote for @blockbrothers

There are negatives living in UK. It starts with "I", it is not peaceful, they are - supposedly

  • blowing themselves up for full breasted, similar young age, with beautiful eyes "raisins". Yea rite.... raises....

I am new , and 2 weeks ago I wanted to gave up because was too hard.I was making around 0.01$ on post maybe 0.00$.But I continued and now I make more.

wonderful story and excellent [email protected]

Am also from Nigeria,i joined steemit last year its really hard but not ready to give up,i would like to join the chain that will push steemit known around the world,and i need the money for my charity organizatiin # empower a champ

I love your posts, as always. I hit something special tonight. Please come and see what you think.

Very good! Lucky

looking forward to it

thanks for sharing @exyle

Hi @exyle, thank you for sharing this idea, can we make Thunderclap post every other day or week on tweeter, that way it will promote steemit. Is this something like a bot? or maybe we can we get a bot like this?


This is an extremely cool activity.I joined, in spite of now having numerous adherents, yet in any event, it's a couple.
Much obliged for sharing it

Happy to know that you are supporting this

Thank you’ve shering, hopefully successful kept @exyle

it's amazing, thanks for the support @exyle, I am as a newcomer feel very grateful.

Great initiative. Move over, the Steemians are coming!!!

Hey there exyle, thank you so much for the support of Thunderdogs!! It's going to be a Hoog!

is intersting we need the news plz do other post talk about that


Excellent @exyle thank for supporting steamit!

thanks for the post, there is so much to learn.

Hi, @exyle i'm yzah a new steemians. I like your post. I hope that you will follow me too. God bless

Hey @exyle I subscribed your channel couse of few reasons. Your blogs are informative and on spot. Also you mentioned you live in NL so as me and my friend @minigunner. Would love to chat about possible collaborations on projects and generally building a dutch @steemit community!

also for the BE
cause i live there

man awesome stuff,by promoting thunderclap the value of steemit will also increase its like a booming stuff to the value of steem .by this i can really see the value of steem to cross $100 very fast ,lets grow together lets push steem to $100

Great honor to be with you

saw the post and very interesting start to it wow would be cool :)

Hi there, I just signed up and am yet to fully understand whats up but i think i like the thunderclap idea on twitter and i would like know how to join.
Thanks for helping guys

It's really complicated!!, How I can do this?,...

Thanks @exyle we learn dtube now . We can use dtube. Its blog very helpful..
Happy steeming
Stay blessed...

It's a good initiation to promote steem!

This thing is pretty cool i believe for the promotion of steemit.It's sad to hear that you have one or zero followers, I will be your follower in twitter. Send me your user name. :)

I think any one read this post without sign up and share in increasing steemit , have to get out from steem