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RE: Vlog 182: Join the The Steemit Thunderclap on Twitter - 1 day left + The grind with @kesolink.

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Hey there @exyle, thank you so much for supporting the Thunderclap!! It's going to be huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!!

Steem to $100!


To $100?? Wow... :)
Just 50 STEEM x 100 = $5000 USD
if 500 STEEM x 100 = $50 000 USD

I would have a lot of money to spend on prostitutes

I voted my own comment, not because is mine, but because I think it's probably the best comment on the Steem blockchain, only competing with my other comments and with the comments of other account I have to compliment myself and to fake it's another person

ahahahahahaha wat

Dear friend @alexmove I wish your support me Steemit

For those doubting $100 Steem it would mean a market cap of roughly 26 billion USD. This is roughly where Twitter, Snapchat and other popular social media networks sit. If Steem keeps growing and hits a market cap closer to that of Facebook we’re taking $500 - $1000 Steem.

Plus there are cryptos that are in that neighborhood that have little to no working product. Steem has one of the best working products of any crypto.

Agreed. I had been watching Steemit for awhile before I decided to get on board... Now I wish I had joined sooner. So happy to be here now, everyone here is awesome. I truly believe that Steemit is blazing a trail and is here to stay!

yeah it's gonna be a big one! :)

@teamhumble I wish you will support me your posts good and @exyle

Your welcome man! I hope it will be a huge success for you and Steemit.

@exyle I'm your fan steemit your such great posts I wish your support me thank you

Steemit Developers are Legends

I have added my small support by I guess each one counts

It will be huge, and thanks for promoting it.


Hello dear @fitzgbbon your posting @exyle such Great posts I wish you will support me

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Me too
Have a nice day!!!!!!

Happy to be able to add my 4012 followers to the pot.

Great initiative @fitzgibbon.

Yeah Man - Larger than Life

$100...Yes please! Steem is getting bigger, can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for us!