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In this video I interviewed @jeronimorubio , he is very active on @dtube.

He is very excited about steem blockchain and he is very supportive.

You can find him active in a lot of communities as well.

His best tips are : join discord servers and be consistent.

Thanks for watching. ☺

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Way to go @jeronimorobio thank you for sharing story about yourself, it's quite inspiring for newbie like me. @clixmoney, thanks for great interview and this video cooperation.

You are very welcome, thanks for the nice comment. ☺

Hello @clixmoney !
We are @cleanplanet... a new serious project you maybe ear or that you can find easyly.

We all know the reward power of Steem Blockchain... we are there to reward the eco-citizen gesture for our Planet.
We think you are a Earth Lover...
We saw your video with @jeronimorubio wha has already made a #cleanplanet video with family .... with our project could you do a video as Nature Cleaner ?
We reward each good steemian who take his time to clean our environment...
What do you think about that ? Could you participate or promote us ?
You can have a look at our account and project.
If you want to you can join the movement and become a new early cleaner.
Some links to see for you ...
How @cleanplanet works

Who are we

One minute to understand

BIG ARTICLE - Participate and SMT

It's me @yann0975

See you soon using cleanplanet tag

Thanks for the upvote. I hope to participate in that someday.

Super !
I am happy to see your answer !
You 've interviewed 2 of our tag user ! Kool !!!!
Well known dtubers now
See you soon using cleanplanet tag

I will be happy to interview you as well, because my wife is vegan and she cares a lot about ecology and she was in an organization related to recycling. So, I'm use to know things about that. It will be good if in the interview you will tell me more about your project and your goals, plus I will promote it to my followers.

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@clixmoney and @jeronimorubio, nice interview! @jeronimorubio, welcome to @dcooperation.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. ☺

@clixmoney, and it is true that the Steemit community is very supportive, social and communicative if compared to other social medias.