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We believe in the potential of STEEM and SMTs for non-profit organizations. Once SMTs become available, we will create the CLEAN token in order to incentivize humans to clean the planet!


CLEAN PLANET is the first movement on the steem blockchain that promotes ecology and wishes to create it’s own economy dedicated to our planet earth. Our movement started June 15, 2018 and more and more people are starting to understand and join our cause. This article will explain clearly our plan for the future, and how things will take course in the distribution of the upcoming Clean Token.

We want the fairest possible distribution without favoritism for the Clean Token.
To make everything clear and easy to understand, there are 3 categories:

  1. Clean Planet
  2. The Cleaners
  3. The Delegates

How the Clean Tokens Distribution Works ?

Again we thought things simply. Our distribution system is based on the allocation of Points (P). You can earn Points in several ways depending on whether you are a Cleaner or an Early Delagator or Delegator.

Baseline for Delegators : 1 SteemPower / Jour = 1 Point

At the end of each period and for each category, all the people involved will be able to know the total of their Points but also the total number of Points distributed to all the profiles @.

What are the Challenges to Achieve for Win Points when you are a :

From July 1st 2018 each Clean Planet content published on Steemit, Busy, DTube, Dlive will be able to multiply their chance to win Points according to the successful Challenges.

Upvote of @cleanplanet1P

Early Delegator.
From June 15,2018 to September 1, 2018 Only, being among the first Steem Power delegators for @cleanplanet allows you to earn as many Points as SP deleger per day.

Early Delegation11P

From 1 July 2018 all Delegates will receive their share of Clean Token on the day the SMTs are available.
Each Delegator will receive as many Points per Day as there are Steem Power Delegates per Day.

Early Delegation11P


35% of the starting distribution will go to the cleaners themselves. To grab your part; simply start cleaning around your area as explaning in our previous article “CleanPlanet: how it works?”

@cleanplanet will upvote your action and give you future shares of the CLEAN token, as well as SBD/STEEM as it currently exists on STEEM. At the moment, our vote is only worth half a dollar, but it is growing fast as more and more people are becoming aware of our initiative.

There are already many examples of steemians who have participated :

Proof by video
DTube - @kalvas Clean Planet @KALVAS | 07.07.18 - Canakkale / TURKEY
DTube - @chrismartinez Promoting @Cleanplanet project. Lets take care of Mother Nature...
DTube - @yann0975 The first steps of @cleanplanet
DTube - @letenebreux La pèche à l´aimant, dépollution de rivières
DTube - @kalypso56 [Clean Planet] Balade sur le halage du 04/07/18
DTube - @roxane Welcome @cleanplanet's project !
DLive - @itharagaian Notre participation au programme cleanplanet 6 juillet 2018

Proof by pictures


Not everyone has time to actively start cleaning… but you can still help !

Having more and more power on the network is important for the movement. If every active steemian delegated 1SP to @cleanplanet, we would already be able to distribute hundreds of dollars every day and actively motivate people to do something more useful than vlogs or memes. At the moment we already have about +5000 Steem Power !

25% of the total starting CLEAN tokens will go to delegators of @cleanplanet.


If you don’t like delegations, you can also help by voting directly yourself !
Just bookmark and visit daily and upvote people that you feel did the most good for the ecology by voting yourself directly.


All members of the Steem community who delegate SP to the @cleanplanet profile will benefit from the Clean Token distribution. You want to see a planet without waste, then help the Cleans by making a delegation to @cleanplanet and enjoy the Clean Token Bonus.

Early Delegators
We have implemented a system where the first SP delegators receive an additional reward. Support the Clean Planet movement as much as possible and take your share of the Bonus.
Early Delegator is Only valid during the period:

Since 1st July to 1st September 2018

For all the delegations that we have already received and for all those that will be in this period, early delegators will receive 10% of your Clean Token in a fair way.

It will take time for the Clean Planet movement to grow and become known to as many people as possible, but we want everyone to get his share:
From 2 September 2018 until the appearance of Smart Media Tokens, All delegators will receive 15% of our Tokens on an equitable basis.


The CLEAN planet movement controls two accounts:

  • @cleanplanet
    will receive 35% of the starting CLEAN tokens. This account will ALWAYS POWER UP everything it receives; and NEVER POWER DOWN. This tokens will be used to reward people more and more everyday.

  • @cleanplanet-fund
    Many users have also wanted to make a donation to our movement, and if you wish to make a donation, we recommend that you send it to @cleanplanet-fund so that we can use it. If you make a donation to @cleanplanet, we will have to feed it.
    Will receive 15% of the starting CLEAN chips. These funds will be used to improve and develop our movement. Each expense in this account shall be the subject of a proposal and shall be reviewed by the principal delegates.
    We've been thinking about this project for a few months. We (@yann0975 and @french.fyde) are steemians and dtubers well known and convinced of the goods made that Steem Blockchain can bring.

The goal for @cleanplanet-fund is to participate in concrete action funding in the real world!

For technical proposals, we suggest you to use Utopian and contact us.

As you can see, CLEAN PLANET is a movement with a full plan. Our purpose is to create the first non-profit organization utilizing SMTs. For good only, and not for personal gain.

We think that it's possible to do very great things under the era of the Blockchain.
To launch this eco-movement we need all the support of the Steem community.

We want to open the way to concrete and common sense actions on the Steem blockchain. It is also rewarding to obtain a reward in return for an Eco-Citizen Act.
@cleanplanet is part of Blockchain projects with immense potential and real impact all around us.

Clean Planet because we all want more Tokens and less Waste

@cleanplanet wants to look forward with his FONDATION
@cleanplanet wants to be clear with all things
@cleanplanet wants to reward cleaners
@cleanplanet wants to be good at all

Get Clean Planet's Power up by Delegating SP

All our Publications :

Come on our channel Discord Clean Planet to promote / comment / share your action to the Clean Planet Steem Community !


Great idea,it would be nice to see a cleaner planet.It's great to see that you are a part of the SMT movement with a super good cause!
I am going to delegate 50 sp right now and see this grow!

Hi @tbnfl4sun !
Thank you so much for delegations !
We are happy to see persons interesting by our project !
See you soon using cleanplanet tag if you can !
Have good times ! And think about cleanplanet !

Thank's for the reply,I had a brainstorm and think I can use the @actifit step tracker app with the @cleanplanet tag also and do two things at once. Two great smt's working together,I don't know where I come up with these thing's but it sound's like a good idea.

I already did that, instead of a run i used a litter picker while the phone registers steps in the pocket and then taking a picture of the removed garbage as proof, as of now with SMT's 😉

Great initiative i must say.Just what our planet needs.I am new here though,studying how things are done here.I must say this venture is worth diving into so as to keep our planet healthy.

You think there is something better than collectiong the garbage.
Putting it into a blockchain, and buildt houses from ?

Hi @udabeu
We think that collecting garbage and put it in a public bin by steemians must be rewarded
We think that this eco-citizen gesture is the better thing for a better environnement... and a better life.
Thank you for your comment and come with us !
Join the movement
Join @cleanplanet
See you soon

Read about this project and couldn't hesitate to delegate. Just delegated 50 SP. I believe this is the first step towards making our planet clean. Wow!! Brilliant project with a brillant idea.

hi @maxwell95 !
Really thanks for your support ... it's a very great gesture for the good steemians actions in the futur.
As you see... @cleanplanet is non profit ... all de SBD and STEEM will be power up for the action cleaning garbage.
see you soon
and thank you so much

Excelent idea, exzellent! cleanplanet it is our Starship!

Thanks ...
We want to reward good steemians who show their good action in collect garbage alobe in Nature and city...
See you soon

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I am in awe of the sheer brilliance behind the idea. I will surely post something regarding this in coming days. Though I don't want any points in return for it. I'll just do it to drive more and more people towards the cause.
Again a Standing Ovation for those behind the idea.

Thank you very much for this spirit !
You are a very good steemian !
We upvote you of course for this !
And we will upvote you for your great actions ...
See you soon @preetika

Thank you so much :D
And one more thing...... This drive should move #EverForward

This is a great initiative to combine a real life project with Steem smt collaboration

Thank you very much for our support
See you soon using cleanplanet tag
@cleanplanet team

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YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Super!!!! @cleanplanet!!!

Thank you very much / Merci

I want to delegate 10 sp to @cleanplanet

Hi @improv! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 10.0 SP delegation to @cleanplanet.

Hello @improv
Thank you very much for your intention !
Klick on the links ;-) you want
You are welcome in the @cleanplanet family and of course until 1st of september ti be a early delegator
See you soon using cleanplanet tag too
Make video or photo of a good action for the planete... with the rules ok ;-)

You can see just above your comment the special link @tipu created! This is how I delegate!



Thank you very much for your delegation !
That proove you are very invested
See you soon using cleanplanet tag

Great idea..And I am sure u will be success..

hello @parth002a
thank you very much for your really good words !
see you soon using cleanplanet tag or delegate a little to help our planet as your mind

j'étais persuadé d'avoir délégué quelque chose.
Voilà :)

Un grand merci @evildido... tu avais même fait beaucoup plus !!!!
Tu as fait 2 dons pour monter et lancer le compte @cleanplanet... et l'équipe t'en remercie vivement !
On se projette vers l'avenir et aujourd'hui est un grand jour pour cette annonce SMT !
Encore merci

Voila j'ai délégé 47 SP.

Un superbe geste pour aider les éco-cleaners de la Planète.
Merci de cette délégation qui se transformera en point et jetons à l'avenir.
A bientôt

J'espaire que ca peut aider.

Il n'y a pas de petite delegation... c'est un geste super honorable.

dés que j'aurais récupéré mon steempower je vous délégue tout :D
petit a petit tous se mes en place pour cleanplanet j'ai l'impression ! c'est cool ça ! Dans tous les cas je reste informé du projet :P

hey @baart !
Oui oui , tout se met en place doucement ! ce soir nous passons à une émission de radio anglaise.
Vraiment merci de ton support ... c'est une cause honorable de récompenser d'une manière ou d'une autre les actions éco-citoyennes de bons steemiens !
Merci de tes bonnes intentions pour la Planète
a bientot
le Team @cleanplanet

That's a great initiative! This seems like a good way to get people to think about and take action for the environment.

Amazing initiative, i will definitely be its part and help you guys to grow. keep up with good work.

hi @praditya !
We are so happy for your support !
Your words are very good for us !
See you soon using cleanplanet tag !

There goes 100SP, I will also do my best to help your project, hmmm, OUR project, this project should be shared by everyone as we only have one HOME

Thank you very much my friend @itharagaian !
Your support is really important for our project...
And you give of yourself ....
See you this night on steem radio MSP Waves with @pennsif 22:00-00:00 (00:00-02:00 Paris hour)

Hey @cleanplanet what a wonderful idea. Its the need of time to keep our planet clean. what are the measure have you taken till now to for cleanliness. Appreciate if you can share more about it.

Hi @alokkumar121
Just have a quickly look at our posts...
We maked videos to explain what happen...
We want to collect some SP delegation to reward a lot the steemians in good eco-citizen gesture.
See you soon using cleanplanet tag

Ok will go thru the video to know more about your project. Thanks

Would love to get involved with this, how can I help!

What an interesting project, I am an environmentalist .. and I am interested in being part of this community..

Hi @soysamuel !
Nice to meet you
@cleanplanet project reward some Steemians who take garbage in Nature or City and put it in a public bin for prrof of eco-citizen gesture.
We are collecting SP to grow ...
All curation reward will be power up and never power down ... NON PROFIT
Pleasure to present you this project
See you soon

There is no my video RIP ! :(

It's changed, we don't forget you!

appreciated !

O wow this is awesome and I'm super keen to get involved. I don't have much attempted at the moment but I will be delegating a few. I can however Cibrian in many other ways also. I'm on my mobile at the moment but will be reading over this article in more detail when I get to sit by my pc.

Hi @performingarts !
Really happy to read you !
We wait for your implication in @cleanplanet
See you soon my friend

Wow, it was fascinating following your post

This is really a great initiative to take care of our planet...I wish for the success of this great project, I will delegate soon. Congrats @cleanplanet in advance!

Hi @joshvel
We are happy to feel your good mood in our project.
Thanks for your delegate intention !
See you soon

Congratulations !
If CleanPlanet register on the Ventureo Network and open a Bitshares account, you will get an initial funding of 100,000 Ventureo

come to our discord cleanplanet and we'll talk about it!

Thank you for your invitation (and the upvote) I am chrisaiki on discord, too.

This is awesome, great initiative on the steem blockchain! Delegated 100 sp!

Thank you so much for your delegation !
Our team and eco-citizen steemians
need you.
See you soon using cleanplanet tag on video or photography post

"The dinosaur and its fellow-creatures vanished from this earth long before there were any industrialists or any men . . . . But this did not end life on earth. Contrary to the ecologists, nature does not stand still and does not maintain the kind of “equilibrium” that guarantees the survival of any particular species — least of all the survival of her greatest and most fragile product: man."

Ayn Rand, Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution, 276

Unfortunately, man is responsible no matter what...
Let's make the best of our mistakes...


This is an exciting program!

I am glad there are people in the world that also care about our planet!

I am in!

Thanks for this return @greenbeans
See you soon using cleanplanet tag

Thanks for the reminder!

Pity that I am a new user and I have so little power to delegate at this time, but I will continue this movement and I will also begin my small actions for a better world, great initiative I congratulate you.

No problem !
Hi @rdsmas !
We have to begin a day ;-)
And you know ... each SP delegate could be important for the future ...
See you soon using cleanplanet tag

The movement is worth joining for the betterment of our planet good project and excellent reward i cant wait to be among good work initiated by good hand. best of lucks.

Thank you very much for your support and encouragements !
We will grow and reward as much we can all the good steemians.
See you soon

this is a great idea and one which I can dive into whole heartedly. Keep up the good work.

We will do our better to reward the eco-citizen gesture.
We are receiving actually some SP and we grow... all curation reward go to the SP...
Non profit account
See you soon

Mother Earth our precious gifts from God!

Thank you so much for this amazing idea!

Much successes.DSCF3149.JPG

Hello @supernova55
Happy to see this message !
Thank you very much for your support
See you soon using cleanplanet tag

I like the idea of using steem for in general NGO actions..

Yes ! Fore sure ! Using the power of steem blockchain to reward eco-cleaners... one simple idea.... and a reality

Delegation raised to 50 SP and AutoVote activated on @cleanPlanet Posts from me and @steemactivities .

Good luck and looking forward to collaborate with your project.

Woooow thank you so much !
It's real ... @steemactivities and @cleanplanet can be once !
Steemians who sport and clean ... what a steemian !!!
See you soon all !

first i want tell you idea is superb bro, if we really get sb we will definitely help to get more success to this project.

Hi @deepak0007 !
Thank you very much for your reaction about @cleanplanet project !
See you soon using cleanplanet tag ;-)

Great project my friend . Let me know how can we be part and if you need some help let me know so if we can help we do @cleanplanet

Hi @moneyguruu !
For sure you cam help us in our project !!!!
First use tag cleanplanet and put your action on Steem BLOCKCHAIN ... second you could delegate some SP...
See you soon - thanks for support

excellent publication ! very good friend ! important contribution to the well-being of our mother earth! we all have to encourage everyone to put their best effort!

Thank you very much dear !
@cleanplanet wants to reward as much as possible good steemians who wants to make good gesture for the planet : take and put garbage of Nature and City in public bin...
See you soon
Join the movement

Curious to see the future of this project....

Yeah !
We hope you will can participate to the movement !
Thanks to come and see !

Upvoted and resteemed. Good luck!

@cleanplanet but my question is how exactly will it clean our planet?

hi @pritamp94 !
Just our goal is .... going out ... in Nature or City.... proof by photography or video that you find some trashes, garbages... that you make the good action to put it in Public bin... and @cleanplanet will be there to reward your action for out Planet and our environment.
Simply... each garbage recycle and not staying in Nature...
see you soon using the cleanplanet tag

congratulations & well come Clean Planet

great thing. how to buy this token

Hi ! To acumulate this token...
Use cleanplanet Tag witl proof by video doibg good action for the Planet...
Support our Planet
See you soon

hello,CLEAN PLANET is the first movement on the steem blockchain and your concept is very good.please help me.

Thank you very much
See you soon using cleanplanet tag
Will be rewarded

Excelent idea thanks

Thank you @belisama !
We hope what you think too !!!
See you soon soon using cleanplanet tag

Clean planets are a good thing.

Thank you very much for your reaction about that !
See you soon using cleanplanet tag

great contest and i agree that this first movement , i am sure you will be successful in the end.

OOWWW ! thank you very much for this @online87700 !
Thank you for your support ! We like it
We hope that good steemians will often use cleanplanet tag... and delegate what he can...
see you soon

Cool idea I like it 😀😀

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hi ! Happy to see you using cleanplanet tag

Wish you a lot of success !

Hi @roxane
We hope that this movement will be a global movement.
We hope reward eco-cleaners of OUR Planet for their implications...
See you

How will I see how many points I have? and how will the points be used for SMTs? a 1 to 1 ratio?

for sure ... you will have all details soon...

Great! looking forward to it!

Hi @cryptojiang
Thank you very much to join the eco-citizen movement !
Thanks for your support
See you soon

Nice 😎

You just planted 1.16 tree(s)!

Thanks to @chrisaiki

We have planted already 3360.93 trees
out of 1,000,000

Let's save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest
in Cameroonian village Kedjom-Keku!
Plant trees with @treeplanter and get paid for it!
My Steem Power = 18914.44
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

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Along these lines, in principle, Steemit is incredible for both substance makers AND substance shoppers. Bloggers have an approach to adapt that doesn't forfeit being viewed as a sellout, while perusers encounter quality-rich articles.

BETTER PLANET is a grass roots ecological administration association that boosts individuals with prizes to buy woods neighborly paper items that make a supportable world. Regardless of what your motivation is, an awesome motto will be a useful device in getting your message to stick in the psyches of passers-by.

This is sad that we need big Movements just to clean our planet clean.

We should do it everyday and always, without any big rewards or prizes or someone really begging you to go and clean around your neighbourhood and stop throwing trash on the ground.

Why can't people just do it by themselves from their own knowledge :(

Hi @tsnaks !
Like you we have hoped living in a better world... but consciences of different poeple....
That's why we begin our movement...
No little actions ....

I look forward to see what will happen next !

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Good Initiative ... This will help to start a big initiative..

Thank you ! Happy to begging a small project to big actions

It is magic, or I would just say, that world respond for moves of our hearts.
We in our local community thought about perspectives, which are opened by Blockchain technologies for the environment and economy and for their unity. We thought about eco-economy as a special type of relationships between Nature and Social Economics.
And the most tricky issue was in that no one of us is aware of how all things on Blockchain works in details.
Today I found you and your project it is an answer on our hopes)))
I do not have many STEEM to donate, but my thoughts and efforts with you, and, maybe, STEEM soon will be available too)))

Hello friend, all your publications seem wonderful and quite interesting! I am a new user in steem, I invite you to go through my blog and see my content!

Coucou, petite délégation faite. 😉

coucou @carolegbelette !
et c'est un grand coup de pouce que tu fais là ! Bravo et merci pour le steemiens que tu récompenseras de leur geste éco-citoyen !
A bientot

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Thanks for posting. Lot's of information posted here.

Eco-on , Garth.

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Following!!!! Upvoting ... if YOU CONTINUE IN SO HIGH LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS!!! and RESTEEMING...maybe FOR EVER!! dear successful @cleanplanet!

Good your post

Good future best of luck

So good your encouragements !
thanks a lot !
it's the beginning of this great story
see you soon

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Fantastic work with this one, kudos

i believe in steem.

Hi @sandy07mundri !
We believe in the STEEM BLOCKCHAIN POWER too !
Thank you very much to interest our project... it's beginning

ur welcome my brother @cleanplanet

@cleanplanet you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

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