Mind Sex Mondays Episode 02 - La Luna

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Mind Sex Mondays

Episode: 02 - La Luna

Yo Yo my Steemies, Wattup?

Welcome to the second episode of my weekly video podcast series, Mind Sex Mondays

In this weekly series, I will present topics, that many of us may accept as foundational to our realities, and belief structures, that upon close scrutiny, don't hold up.

In tonight's episode, I present some strange anomalies, regarding our moon.

If you are sensitive about your belief system, and version of reality, then this series may well not be for you.

This series will provide hours of mental fellatio to those with open minds, but perhaps grief or irritability, to those with close minds.

Watch at your own risk.

As always, please let me know your thoughts, in the comments below, or as a video, and link it, in the comments below.

Think, Believe, Achieve.


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Howdy sir bobaphet! haha! you are suggesting absolutely nothing. lol. those are some great things to thnk about. I've heard that the astronauts were shocked to see many buildings on the dark side of the moon but who knows.

Hey I'm back. Dtube had totally stopped working for me so I could never get yours to play but we got our internet upgraded to a faster speed so now dtube actually works!


Welcome back to the video world Sir Johnboy. Great to see you again. I really enjoyed your Bill Hickock series. So much so, that I downloaded and watched Deadwood :)
It's great to see that you have found your niche on the steem blockchain :)


Howdy again sir bobaphet! Thank you and I've heard tons about Deadwood but never watched it..yet..I will someday. It's good to have found a niche, thanks again sir, see you soon!

LMAO Bob! Six months from now you will be able to quit your job and just dtube full time. You will be making a living with this shit someday!


Haha, not while steem is 27c amigo 🤑

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That's why I said 6 months. Whether or not Steem goes back up, by 6 months or so you will be making so much more.

there's no moon

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Cats in the cradle.
The spoon represents the moon 🥄🌚

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there's no moon! 😁

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suscribete mi canal please

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