Let's Talk About Wednesdays: Episode 01 - It's All About You!

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Let's Talk About "_" Wednesdays

Episode: 01 - It's All About You!

Yo Yo my Steemies, Wattup?

Welcome to the first episode of my weekly video podcast series, Let's talk About "_" Wednesdays.

In this series, each week, I will talk about what ever you, the viewer, would like me to talk about.

How does that work?


There's two ways that you can contribute to this.

Either, just post in the comments, on each weeks episode, the subject that you would like me to talk about in the following weeks episode.

Or, upvote someone else's comment, if you like the subject, that they have nominated.

Then, each week, I will choose the most upvoted subject, from the comments, on the previous weeks episode.

Special shout outs mentioned in this video are;

@SteemerSayu907 - Legend, and founder of @drisers

@blind-spot - Legend, moderator of @drisers, and my first guest on Collab Sunday Episode: 01 - @blind-spot

@priyanarc - Legend, and winner of the hidden easter egg in Collab Sunday Episode: 01 - @blind-spot

As always, please let me know your thoughts, in the comments below, or as a video, and link it, in the comments below.

If you would like to do a collab with me, then let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on discord Bobaphet#5613

Think, Believe, Achieve.


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How about this topic Bob, "What is more embarrassing to a group of bystanders. A old naked geezer with sagging testicles to the ground or an old naked hag with boobs dragging on the the floor ;)

Well you asked and said you like the bizarre lol


Well, it'll certainly be interesting to see how many upvotes this suggestion gets 😜

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Here's one for you Bob, Iridium Flares! Talk about how they look like UFOs in the sky when you see them. I know I about flipped out when I first started seeing them. Sometimes they can even look like comets or even shooting stars.


Wow, that's really interesting. Had to google that one. I hope this suggestion gets more upvotes than @robertandrew's comment. That could be awkward 😜

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I just did a little homework and discovered they recently have ended the Iridium Flares. The first of January was the last shuttle of of these satellites. So we shouldn't be seeing any more of them in the skies. Darn!

Yo Yo Boba !

Thanks A Lot For The SHOUT Out !

I'm already liking your new format very much !

Well I would like to listen your words upon ** What Kinda Topics We Should Avoid Upon DTube ?**

Actually this is a question that I ask myself quite a few times a day when I come through the sort of videos upon here.

Well This's my opinion, do let me know your opinion ;)

Thanks Again For The SHOUTOUT !


How about porn?
Keep the D out of DTube 😜
Most welcome for the shoutout brother 💚

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then talk about it next week lol

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