Putting the Currency in CryptoCurrency!

in dstors •  4 months ago

Have you ever talked to someone about steem (or any other cryptocurrency) an they ask what can you spend your currency on?

Have you ever wanted to sell something and get crypto as payment, but weren't really sure how to go about it?

Well it's time this all changed and I'd like to introduce a project that I have been working on with a great team of forward thinking business people called dStors.

To get a good idea of what is to come take a look at the dStors roadmap which was put out by @kaliju a couple days ago. Was on a call with @kaliju today and finally around 3am his time as we wrapped up he asked if I was going to get a post up about my involvement with @dstors. Talk about one seriously committed person, 3am in South Korea on a call to me here in Chicago so we can keep things moving forward while @derangedvisions is at #steemfest.

@kaliju has brought together a team of people who each have their own specialized knowledge. A group of people from around the world each with varying pasts, skill sets, life experiences, but who all are working towards a common mission. The diversity of the team members adds to the value they bring to the project even beyond the knowledge they have and I feel is one of the hidden gems in the team.

With representation from most corners of the world our team has a better understanding of the challenges that many people around the world face and we are working to help address those issues as we bring this project forward. With a better understanding of cultures, economic challenges, political stumbling blocks, and so many other details that a team built from one country can never understand we are positioned to bring forward a working decentralized marketplace.

While the need to 3am talks for Kaliju means his caffeine intake is probably a little higher then it should be this process is also showing how small the world is.

When my morning involves jumping on a conference call talking to people in S. Korea, Malta, Switzerland, Venezuela, US and more to talk about the next steps of our project it gets me very excited about the potential of a marketplace filled with buyers and sellers from around the world. I already know that buying goods from other countries is also becoming more common. One of my business interests includes a toy business which sells on Amazon and eBay and I'm always amazed at how many sales go international. We have shipped goods to over 20 countries over the last 12 months and each time it surprises me that people will pay SO much money in shipping on items that in the US aren't hard to find, yet they are impossible to find in the country they are being shipped to. Supply and Demand across borders is very different then when you are focused on only customers in your own local market.

Bringing Buyers and Sellers together worldwide

Now I'm not just excited because we can move part of our business onto dStors and have increased exposure...no I'm truly excited about the potential for so many of the steemians I have met here over the last year plus that really could use this as a way to better their lives. People who need a way to use their crypto as a currency or others who need a way to earn extra money.

Then I get even more excited thinking about how the current steemit community is just a small fraction of the overall market that dStors can attract. How dStors can bring a massive wave of new steemit accounts and increase the demand for steem/SBD as word gets out that people can buy and sell goods with their cryptocurrency and get rewarded for doing so. Buyers will come to get paid to shop and to have access to goods from around the world while sellers will love a marketplace that allows them to sell for far less overhead compared to other online marketplaces while also earning rewards.

Whether dStors is empowering individuals to open their own business as a seller or offering an option to people to shop with their CryptoCurrency dStors will be showing the world that CryptoCurrency is actually a currency.

dstors discord

For general information and some sneak peaks discord is a good way to follow along with the project. https://discord.gg/WkNxtra is an open invite to come in and check us out.

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Now that is a thing that I need. Fingers crossed that the bare-bones version is ready in time for all of my holiday sales.


We are targeting an alpha version for q4. Traffic will be light to start naturally, but it will be something to start playing with. Honestly I feel that a lot of the serious sellers will be waiting until Q1 as time is of the essence during the holiday rush and Q1 tends to be a good time to test things out.


On the flipside, I'm already duplicating my holiday sales content to like six places anyway. So one more wouldn't be adding much.

I don't do a lot of work during the year, so most of my retail sales happen between 11/15 and 1/15. (It turned out that was true when I did more work during the year, too.)


Knowing your market is critical and if you can work smart instead of hard you are way ahead of the game!

It sounds like a great and promising project! I wish you good luck!

I guess it is also open to services like consulting? Or it is exclusively goods?


There will be the option for services also. Personally I feel that (some) services and digital goods are some of the best things that can be sold around the world and truly allow for a level playing field.


Yes, I completely agree with you! And this would be another real innovation. As far as I know, there are no services on Amazon or E-bay :) There are Fiverr and People per Hour but most of Fiverr is stolen work. I know that well because I am filing them complaints every 5 days :D I hope you have in mind an effective DMCA policy. I think it is essential for this kind of business so that it is trusted.

Anyway, I really believe in your project.


No question that IP theft is a major issue for any platform. It's something that needs to be addressed as we move forward.

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Good luck on the project,
Greetings @blockbrothers

Wow, that sounds great - I wish you all much success with the project!!

What an amazing initiative again @thedarkhorse and the whole team!!!
I am (again) impressed!

Steem on!

yes, certainly will try it out! :)
good idea :

dStors will be showing the world that CryptoCurrency is actually a currency

although as I've just commented on related post by @derangedvisions - IMO main issue is the way how goods listed in dStors would be promoted, exposed to world buyers. since you said that you have experience with feeBay - then you surely know one of the main reasons why it is still being used despite all the shit they put sellers through: that's the huge exposure through google etc.