Concerns about @dstors project

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Before I begin this article, I want to emphasise these things first:

  1. I have high hope of the project's success.
  2. I'm delegating 500sp now, but may have more plan to support when I find out more feasible actions from the team.
  3. I strongly believe that better team is usually more open for accepting/listening another point of views, and I hope @dstors is one of the good teams.


During this bear market, I believe that the innovative initiative like @dstors gives a good momentum for the community. And I believe that more promising project should cope with more criticisms for its success. So, I'd like to share my concerns about its project at this moment (I hope the team can share more information for these concerns).

  1. Do you have a UX designer? or Is your dev team good at architecting user friendly interfaces? If so, please share the mock-up or at least the screenshot of the site you guys are working on.

    If you are familiar with eBay or; then the User Interface on will have near zero learning curve because the familiarity index will be very high.
    I think it would be better to "show" the mockup rather than saying as above.

  2. I have a strong concern about problem statement because it will become the base ground of how you can build/improve your business model. I've explained my concerns about this in my prev article here - Personal Worries about the Initial Profit-Centric Trend in Steem. If you really define what the "profit" enterprise as below, I'm pretty much sure that you guys have started from wrong start line.

    Is the Steem blockchain lagging behind other blockchains in assimilating for-profit enterprises? Yes! Is it too late for Steem to catch up? Definitely NOT! How many for-profit companies currently run on the Steem Blockchain? Prospectively, two: @dStors and @SteemMonsters. Is this good? Unacceptable!</Is the Steem blockchain lagging behind other blockchains in assimilating for-profit enterprises? Yes! Is it too late for Steem to catch up? Definitely NOT! How many for-profit companies currently run on the Steem Blockchain? Prospectively, two: @dStors and @SteemMonsters. Is this good? Unacceptable!

  3. I'm seeing the vision of @dstors in my standpoint as followed: 1) Providing low-price deal without hurting much of the seller's margin by leveraging the utility token, 2) Improving transparency between sellers and customers to reduce the waste of hidden cost, and 3) Providing blockchain-powered shopper management tools/APIs that will give more powers for the sellers to run its business on your platform. Isn't these kind of things should be your vision/mission statement rather than saying vaguely elaborating dream words as below?

    Perhaps Steem.Chat can interface to an elaborate customer service platform, perhaps @dTube could host live auctions, perhaps SteemConnect will become the industry standard of crypto payment processing, perhaps, perhaps…perhaps.

  4. What's your plan for marketing team setup for inviting sellers in the early stage of dstors? I think the first 100 sellers sharing at least 20 deals in the beginning of your site will be the key success factor, and I'd like to see your team has concrete plan to achieve this (I'm not attacking your capability. I just want to hear from you to see if you guys are capable of this). I feel that @kaliju may have the key role for this side, but I can't find any realistic answer about this question in your whitepaper, vision post, etc. Even in your team paper, the introduction about @kaliju was not related to these scopes.

    Kali is executing the conversion of what was just an idea not too long ago into dStors: a rewards-incentivized distributed commerce platform that integrates cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. His unconditional love for all
    graphene-based blockchains combined with his sharp entrepreneurial background, makes him an ideal person to establish dStors as the next natural evolution of eCommerce in the form of a killer dApp that aims to provide a better economic opportunity for all.

  5. What is your detailed plan to use the delegated SP for your marketing? I'm aware that you've already started to upvote the promotion posts, but can't find any rules/plans how you will utilise the SP to make your project successful. The delegation power is an investment from the community, so you have more responsibility to share its usage more than this explanation:

    Prior to launch, @dStors Steemit account will provide upvotes on informative posts regarding dStors so as to generate greater community awareness and visibility. On this type of posts, delegators will have priority upvote status. Post launch, @dstors upvotes will first be warranted for STORS tokens submitted for upvotes. Any remaining, unused upvotes will be priority assigned to dStors related posts, as well as product listings made by

Please accept my apology if my concerns were bothered you, and I hope you won't take these as any type of attacks. I really hope dstors will become the killer dapp, which will proliferate the Steem ecosystem. But you are raising the investment fund by using only the whitepaper at this moment, so I think your answers for those concerns will definately benefit the investors to understand better your project.

Thanks so much for your time.

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This post is very concerning to me. It's very well disguised as productive but it's quite apparent that it really isn't.

Your subterfuge intentions are not friendly, nor collaborative at all but mostly, unprofessional.

First, I believe dStors should refuse to interact to your hidden jabs as they probably don't have time to waste. Second, why don't you focus on your own Steemhunt project improvements and leave the dStors team to their efforts?

Recall the early days of Steemhunt....I assure you, a heckler would have given you zero benefits. You were actually quite desperate for delegations and pining as to why no delegations were forthcoming. The composition of Steemhunt delegators is a large contrast to that of dStors delegators which spans a much wider range of participation. Is this fact a concern to you?

This post is now your second heckle attempt against dStors and thus I will speak up. I only have one suggestion: Stop! You can deny and disguise your intentions but the obvious can't be masked.

I'm certain the dStors team is moving forward whether you approve or not. Your jabbing posts actually give Steemhunt demerits as your negative intentions can not be obfuscated.


The flagging you guys are doing is way more concerning to me.

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Thanks for your reply.

  1. Not sure why you think this is "heckle" not "criticism." I think the points above I shared are quite possible concerns as a Steemian and investor.
  2. You seem think differently, but I think criticism is EQUALLY important for the early-startup to set up the right direction and check the public opinion. I've never thought criticisms for Steemhunt have been/are disturbing our product building. But some of them were highly beneficial for us to think different side, and many of our current directions come from criticism.
  3. In terms of SP delegation, @dstors have also raised a wide range of community delegation like @steemhunt, @dclick, @steem-ua, etc. This means that sharing clearer usage/plan of its SP pool will both 1) help the current SP delegators maintain their investment, and 2) attract other Steemians to invest more.
  4. Yes, this was my second article to ask my concerns for dstors, and still I've not heard any words from them. Of course they have no responsibilities to answer all questions. But I think answering for concerns will give more transparency and power to persuade other people to support the project more IMO. If I hear from them with good points to support to solve my concerns, of course I may give more support for their project.
  5. I strongly believe that all Steemians should take care of all projects raised on top of Steem because we all are investors based on both money and time. And this shouldn't include just a positive word. Criticism sometimes is more important than just supporting for the early stage startup. This is also my personal standard to find out a good team. I hope you won't misunderstand my point.

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같은 시각으로 보고 있다고 확신합니다.

네 잘 알겠습니다. 그럼 전 앞으로 일체의 관심을 접도록 하겠습니다. 개인적으로 잘 개발되면 좋은 댑이 될거라 생각했던건데 솔직히 이런 반응이 나오니 좀 당황스럽긴 하네요;; 아무튼 시간 내서 설명해주셔서 감사합니다.

Thanks for writing up your thoughts! Could you maybe add your questions to this post? They're actually taking questions right now and yours seem interesting to get some answers on :-) Cheers!

Hi, thanks for your reply. I wrote up these as a separate article cause it's quite long.. Do you think it would be ok if I just share with URL on the article?

Great post.

I am worried about 2 things. (from the whitepaper).

  1. The rewards (utility token) are inflation based paired with the number of transactions.
  2. When SMT are ready, we get another utility token next to the existing token.

So next to a listing fee in crypto or fiat and a cut on the sale (3.5-7.5%) they will inflate based on the number of transactions the so called reward utility tokens. After a sale (transaction) the buyer and seller receive some utility tokens as reward created by inflation based on the number of transactions, that day, week or month?

For example steem uses inflation based on the virtual supply. That makes sense, but using the number of transactions? That's a different kind of game. Existing supply is not used in this inflation model.

This existing supply is stored on bitshares? Why? Automatic selling?

Can we share some explanations? Explanations we call knowledge?

@project7 thanks for highlighting these concerns as i have similar thoughts as well when trying to find out more about dstors . for not the concept itself is something well sought after by the communities and i believe that if their team consider answering all these fundamental questions they would gartner more support.

Yes I believe @dstors project is quite promising and hope they can also give more information for those concerns.

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Hey just saw this post. Really well thought out!

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