Sndbox Stewards Podcast n.1 (Sndbox Story, New Cohort Impression, How to Get into Sndbox Radar)

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Hey guys @fingersik here! Long-time no see right? Well that doesn’t mean we have been idling by any means! We at @sndbox are always up to something and the sleep the @sndbox-alpha account has had for the past two months is at the end. Sndbox Stewards are taking over the account to keep informing the community about our endeavours.


@anomadsoul came up with an idea of doing our very own podcast in which we would concentrate on any topic that would either come up from the people interested about @sndbox, or from our own cohort 2. That is of course not the final list. We are just starting and experimenting with what could be covered by our group. We are also interested in hearing out what you might have to add or suggest Steem community!

It was a first try and…how to put it… I f**ked up. I used the settings I usually have in OBS while streaming, but our voices went full robot for some reason. I’ll look into it and it won’t happen ever again, but for the first time please accept my apologies.

Starring (lol) in the podcast: @anomadsoul, @luvabi, @guyfawkes4-20, @jassennessaj, @fingersik

Table of content

00:00 – 07:24 – Intro
07:24 – 19:40 - How has your Sndbox/Steem experience changed since you became Steward
19:40 – 29:08 How did you get to know Sndbox? What was your first impression about Sndbox?
29:08 – 35:40 New Cohort impression
35:40 – 45:00 How to get into Sndbox radar

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)
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Hello @Sndbox-alpha,

May I ask you about something?

I feel so happy when I saw some great people like you who are so consistent with the activities in the Steemit account.

But on the one hand I want to ask a little about how you choose to be consistent in supporting someone who makes a post on a Steemit account?

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You did great on this @fingersik, thanks for recording and editing!
Still weird hearing my voice on a podcast, but it was great experimentation , soon we can streamline the process further so I hope this is the first of many from @sndbox stewards!

-@sndbox steward

Hello @sndbox-alpha team

This is my post about Promo-steem with my friend on Indonesia.

I enjoy it, I'm happy ini this platform