How to Register Steemit Account on Obyte Wallet For Drugwars tokens

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Hey Steemians Today I am gonna show you how you can attest your steemit account to obyte wallet which is required to recieve future tokens from drugwars game.


First of all download the wallet:"
After that install the wallet and open it.

  1. Click the chat button as you can see on the screen


2 . After that Click on the "Bot store"


3 . Than Scroll Down And find The tab Steemit atteestation bot.


4 . After clicking on add the bot will send you a message .


5 . It will ask you to enter the wallet address you want to connect with than click small blue icon on the left side Insert my address Small expenses wallet and press send.

6 . The bot will send you a link to register with your steemit account and you have to connect it and than close the tab
you will get a message and Woah your account is registered now!

People with reputation above will get a reward : 20$
Above 70 will get : 160$
You will get only 40-50% of the reward and the other amount will be locked for 1 year in your account.

Drugwars team will probably share further details and you will get an airdrop by midnight So Be Ready ...

Looking to write good content only so upvote and follow :)

If you have not joined @drugwars yet you can join it here

And Dont Forget to join THE Gang @steemcartel

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does the steemit name has to be shown public to get the airdrop from drugwars or does it also work if it is kept private in the wallet??

It has to be public so it will be easier for them to drop! btw if you resteem upvote will be nice :)

thx a lot

welcome :)

thanks! i gave you a decent upvote :p this helped me! i was stuck & "click small blue icon on the left side Insert my address Small expenses wallet " was what i was missing :p thank you

Your welcome ;)

You want to edit this guide mentioning it has to be "public". I got stucked there and cannot redeem the tokens.

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when and where will I receive the first part of the reward ?

reward or bounty?

the 40-50% of 20$ il we have above 70 of rep.

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good job, ty for the post!

Thankyou <3

do you know if various steem accounts can be linked to the same wallet?

maybe but you might get ban anyways you will get 20$ for 60 rep and 160$ for 70 rep accs

Having a hard time getting steemconnect to work. It says my password is wrong but it aint. Not sure what to do, ive used multiple browsers. Know of anyone else having this issue??

Try using your steem posting key will do.

Thank you!

Great tutorial for new wallet creation. I need to look up how to change from private to public. Any pointers would be appreciated.

You Will See Public out there in your chat with bot click on it :)


hmmm why is your link shortened like this i wonder

Copied it from their wallet but the full refral link is not working i dont know why

oh right thought you it was a referral tactic lol

my wallet was in private, i changed to public seems all is ok, but i get no tokens, the game says: FAILED TO TRANSFER FUTURE.
Then i created another wallet... but i got the same problem and message.
Then i unisntalled the wallet and installed again and.. i still get the same mesage.

Any idea?

Wait for 10 minutes after creating wallet check on this link replace "username" with your steem username if it shows attested that means you have done it right. and if it still not works contact dev's in discord channel thankyou.

ty :) waiting dev's ...

Very helpful article.