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RE: Drugwars changing direction: introducing new Editorial director, last update postponement, and more

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From your TOS:
' or intellectual property ownership challenges, Drugwars may no longer be viable to operate or FUTURESHOCK may dissolve.'

Are you guys infringing on any copyrights that would make you put this in your TOS?


Bro not gonna lie it could be the “Hitman” character. It’s even a bald guy like the series lol... There’s also Big Mama which might be a series too. Makes you wonder why some of this wacky shit is even in the game, I was pretty turned off at the idea of grandmas being a gangster you can hire when I first saw big mama lol

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It's amazing how they never 'see' the questions they dont want to answer.

They’re probably busy changing the characters around to non-infringing ones!
“Guy in a suit with guns”
“Fat old lady”

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ALL THE RISK taken by the unknowing players.....

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