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RE: Drugwars changing direction: introducing new Editorial director, last update postponement, and more

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You’re giving us until midnight to register for the fucking airdrop?

Look, I respect the fact that you’re finally listening to players, after all this fucking time. But giving such a short notice period for the airdrop is fucking retarded.

You lot are a fucking joke....


Thank you for your concern. The airdrop will last until we announce the ending so you will have enough time to claim them. It may last a month or two, we are not sure yet.

Byteball... how adorable. Let’s all claim our tokens via a fucking chat bot.

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At midnight we will activate the ability to claim your FUTURE tokens, you don't need to register for it and you will have few weeks to claim them.

Maybe clarify this in the post?

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You didn’t really clarify anything other than post a picture. You created a shit post about a shit coin. Well done.

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I figured I would put off the real info until a later post. So that people can only be informed at the very last second when the new change happens. Because people love that!

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