DRONE - the doorway to nowhere. Estaquillas, Chile

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Natural arch off the coast of Estaquillas, Chile, Patagonia.
Location: 41°22'51.08"S 73°50'17.07"W


Aircraft: DJI Mavic Pro
Pilot: TEXAGONIA.com
Sountrack: Alucidnation

All content is mine, and original.

地点: 41°22'51.08"S 73°50'17.07"W

航空器: DJI Mavic赞成4K UHD
飞行员: @Texagonia
电影配乐: Alucidnation


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Very nice footage...wish I had a drone take capture videos like this!

Thank you! I hope you get one, it will transform the way you travel.

Beautifik. Loke my girl from chile.

Looking forward to go there soon :)

Thank you, @scandinaviaguide. I will have much more soon.

Thaks you information

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