Introducing myself: @Texagonia - drone pro, linguist, photog, traveler

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Hello everyone!

Chinese version available here:

My name is Alex. I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and am currently living in several places at once, including Chilean Patagonia, Austin, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, and Dubai UAE. My education background is foreign policy, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic. However, I am an entrepreneur, being the founder of an award-winning architectural lighting firm. I have received several prestigious awards for my designs in lighting. My username TEXAGONIA is a portmanteau of Texas and Patagonia, two places that have captured my heart.

Aside from Chile, I have lived long-term in several countries, including China, Brazil, Tunisia, and more. I am fluent in English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. I used to be fluent in Mandarin Chinese. I can converse in French, Arabic, and Italian. I have a fantastic family who exposed me to so much that the world has to offer. My father gave me opportunities as a child to participate in international exchange student programs. My grandmother, who was fluent in seven languages, including three African languages, gave me my gift for languages. I have traveled to Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, England, Iceland, Finland, French Polynesia, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Palestine, Spain, Sweden, Syrian Arab Republic, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Uruguay, and my short list of countries soon to visit are: India, Indonesia, Morocco, France, New Zealand, and every island in the South Pacific.
My main motivator to travel is not to see castles or ruins, but rather to drink in the unfamiliar beauty that I find everywhere, to eat delicious food, and to share laughter with new people. Voltaire once said, “Laughter is the shortest line between two people.” I live it.
My hobbies are tennis, cooking, singing (a cappella harmony (barbershop, motet, etc.), Sinatra, gospel, etc.), aerial videography (drones), cooking, anything to do with the ocean (boating, scuba, freediving, sailing, fishing, etc.), snow skiing, horseback riding, landscape design, photography, designing furniture, welding, appreciating modern architecture, light and its properties, creative writing, political writing, and finding reasons to laugh. I can actually dance the samba better than most Brazilians.
A distinct passion of mine is studying about the origins of our civilizations, and how almost weekly, new discoveries are being made that rewrite what we think we understand about mankind’s past. While everyone else looks up, to focus on the importance of manned space travel to other stars, I choose to look below, to better understand who we are, and how we got here.
My heroes and influencers: Sir Richard Francis Burton, Ron Paul, Graham Hancock, Zaha Hadid, Nicola Tesla, and my grandmother.

Amazing things I’ve done:

I have made my daughter laugh.
I've trusted in God.
I have climbed atop an Egyptian pyramid.
I have designed and fabricated my own furniture.
I have discovered that learning languages is the easiest way to make profound, lasting connections with people all over the world.
I can imitate virtually any accent on earth.
I am an award winning pillow-fighter.

@noboxes and @gringalicious, friends of mine, told me about Steemit. It turned out to be timely, because I was searching for a better outlet than Youtube, Facebook, or Vimeo for my creativity. This platform will be used primarily for my aerial videography, using my drone.
My drone videography style is very distinct, known for fluidity, uninterrupted flight sequences, inducing a comfortable, dreamlike experience. I highlight the purity and beauty of nature. I highlight cityscapes, creating a balance of chaos down below, with tranquility from above, while best displaying what all notable architecture has to offer.

I have operated a drone for years, and am happy to provide suggestions and tips to beginners and intermediate pilots, looking to improve their videography skills.

Since I have traveled extensively and studied several languages, I can also provide information and guidance to anyone who wishes to travel. I have many experiences and stories to share.

Since I am on the subject of talking about myself, I should also say that I am single, and would be open to finding a special girl who absolutely loves to sing in harmony, play tennis, laugh, travel, learn (or already speak) languages, scuba dive, cook, trust in God, and live an uncomplicated, financially sustainable life. I’m not a fan of smokers, excessive tattoos, or indoor dogs. I have a beautiful daughter born at the end of 2014, who is the light of my life. She lives chiefly with her mother, with whom I have an uncomplicated, healthy, post-divorce relationship.

I’m excited to be part of the Steem community! Please be sure to follow me, because you are going to see some incredible content coming from here.

If you like my videos and my story, please follow me! Resteem and upvote all my content!



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Welcome @texagonia, love your drone work, excited to see more! Excellent post. You’re gonna do great here!

Thank you my friend! I'm excited to share!

Wow, the only place I don't see on the list is Idaho, you need to fix that!

I have some "special" (short-bus) friends up there, who I'll be sure to visit.

That made me laugh! Hey, wait a sec, you're talking about me!?


welcome to steemit land <3

Thank you! Delighted to be here.

Welcome to steemit! I could definitely use some drone tips... recently bought our 8 year old son one for his birthday but we haven’t quite figured out how to properly use the thing 😅

Rule 1: Download a drone simulation app on your smartphone, so you can practice virtually.
Rule 2: don't fly indoors! I still don't.
Rule 3: go to an empty soccer field to practice with him
Let me know how it goes!

Thanks... first thing we tried of course was flying indoors 😅😅


Welcome @texagonia! This is the perfect place for you wherein you can share your skills,travels and a lot more. I have read your post and it is very interesting. I am excited to see more from your post,it made me follow you because I am glad to know you could speak different languages. I think you are an interesting person because of your diverse knowledge and your experiences are really awesome!

Thank you for your kind comments! I'll be back with some great content.

I will be waiting with lots of excitement!

Welcome to Steemit. From reading this introduction it looks like you will have great stories and things to say. Upvoted and following. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures. I really like that the first thing you listed was making your daughter laugh.
I wish you all the best here.

Thank you Mex! Yes, watch this channel for some incredible things. I'll be sure to follow you!


Welcome to steemit world @texagonia ,a world where you get to know more about people and also learn from them👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌,we will also like to see more pictures about yourself....

Welcome aboard!! Pleased to see such work.

hola! I like your post! Thanks for it! lets make stemit togheter to a better place with our content! I would like to read a bit more about you and maybe do you have some more pictures?
I also just wrote a introduceyourself. maybe you upvote me and follow me aswell as I do?

keep following me on
where you can have some good knowledge about cryptocurrency and life tips

Thanks @leoyaqoot! I'll be sure to read it.

Welcome to steemit @texagonia, you've really done a lot of good work and an sure you will continue on steemit even much more better,.i love your drone work. Welcome once again
You can as well follow me back.

Hi my friend! Welcome to steemit! I hope to enjoy with us this platform, I like the people opened like you, and especially you talk many languages, and the arabic also, am from Morocco 🇲🇦, and I hope one day to go to visit it, many thanks 🙏 to my best friend in steemit which make me know you @gringalicious.
Am wishing you good luck.👍

Alfi shukr, ya habibtiyy! Insha'allah, I will see your beautiful country one day. Fès al Baliyy, Chefchaouen, Meknès, etc...

Welcome Alex. Multi-lingual is a curse...HEHEHE... Sometimes your inventing your own language. Just like papiamento. Cheers from aruba...

wow.. welcome to steemit, excited to see more post from you. :D

Thank you for the warm wlecome @jho0129 !

Welcome to Steemit, your life story is actually very interesting. As a world traveler the places you have been seem to be must visit places!
Good luck on the start of your journey!

Thank you! I have many more stories to tell!

welcome to steemit!

Thank you DIV! Glad to be part of the family.

Welcome to Steem. Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.
Please bookmark Steem BluePaper and Steem Whitepaper and don't miss reading when you have time.
All the Best!!!

I'll be sure to read them! Thanks Pat

welcome to the world of steemit, were many life as been transform.

Thanks Andrew!

You are welcome!

Sounds like you have had an amazing life so far. Traveling, founding a business, children, congrats on all of that!!
Welcome to Steemit!! :)

Thanks Ann! Yes, it's been a marvelous ride...

Welcome to steemit @texagonia. Always success for u and Best Regards from me in Aceh, Indonesia.

Thank you Ali! I hope to dive in your neighborhood soon! And in Raja Ampat...

Raja Ampat is located very far at the eastern tip of Indonesia. And Aceh is on the western edge. I suggest you to the island of Sabang in Aceh. I have made some posts about it a few times.

I will be sure to visit your posts!

Lovely pictures mate !!
Hope you go get along with this community well
I’m a new user too 😊

its great looking forward to see your more good posts

Thanks @shazik01! I'll be back with some great content.

Welcome to Steem. Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.
Please bookmark Steem BluePaper and Steem Whitepaper and don't miss reading when you have time.
All the Best!!!

I have to admit I must be living under a rock because I had never heard of video being shot from a drone and then posted for the world to see. I knew that the price of drones had moved into the affordable range but this is just something had had never thought of. Following you now and looking forward to more of your posts.

Yes, @silvermedic - it is a brave new world!! Thanks for following me.

Welcome to steemit dear friend.. its been a while that i am here. It is such an amazing platform that promises your growth. Stay in touch with me. Going to follow and resteem your post.

thanks @naima94 ! I hope you enjoy my content!

Hi, pretty good intro man! I liked it.

I am new here too and also posted my introducing blog article yesterday. I am pretty sure you will enjoy it too, in case it will attract you somehow, upvote and follow me @rhoty . I ll be thankful for any feedback, question or advice.

Welcome to Steemit @texagonia!!! Fantastic intro post, you have done almost everything. I am looking forward to reading all of your adventures.

Thanks @hotrod! I hope you enjoy what comes soon.

Hey @texagonia - it's great to see another fellow Austinite on here!

Highly creative, adventurous, and seem like someone I would find in Austin haha

Your aerial shots are absolutely gorgeous! I cannot imagine how much fun you have traveling around the world with that drone!

Which drone do you use these days?

If you're ever interested in seeing what's going down in Austin, feel free to check out my new vlog! I just recently posted about the our first live studio show that we filmed at the Austin Public TV Station: MY FIRST LIVE STUDIO SHOW!!! [ daily with @axios]

Hey fellow Austinite!! I'll be sure to follow you and hunt you down when I'm back in town. Great blog!

Sounds great and thanks!

Wow, really great content, by the way, @axios!!

Thank you @texagonia!

Welcome to the community

Thanks Frst!

Welcome to steemit alex! Amazing pics, amazing life, I'm sold... followed :) Hoping we get more great content and pics like this from you in the future

Thanks my friend! I'll be sharing some high-impact content. Fasten your seatbelt.

I'm ready :P

Great... @texagonia. Introducemyselfe @fikri.akmar

Thanks @fikri.akmar! I hope you enjoy my content and tell your friends about me.

Welcome! Out of all of the beautiful pictures you posted, and all that you said, my brain zoned in on “a cappella harmony.” We may need to all meet up with the gang in ID and make some music. Great post! Upvoted and Followed:)

Oh girl, we are so going to make music together!! How much I miss you guys...

Haha well you can’t miss me yet @texagonia because we haven’t met! But soon...

Great to have you here on Steemit @texagonia. I run the Steemit Newbie Resteem Initiative. We are a group that helps provide support and guidance to new users on Steemit. If you have any questions or need any help then don't hesitate to ask. Also be sure to keep your account keys safe to prevent your account from being hacked. You can find our initiative at #newbieresteemday. Best of luck here on Steemit.

You're the best. I'll be sure to bookmark you.

hi alex nice to meet you I am @alexliow from Malaysia hope we can be a friend

We all welcome you to steemit.from all your write-up it really shows you're going to be of great help to all Steemers.nice one once again and keep it up. Welcome once again to steemit

Thanks @ahmmartinz for the warm welcome.

Welcome, I am sure you will love this crazy platform!!!

It is crazy! I love your posts, btw

Thanks! I love your posts! Hilarious graphics.

Welcome, Alex!! Wow, you have been to so many places! This was such a good intro post! I am looking forward to your future ones!

I'm looking forward to sharing!

So much to catch up on! Hope to make it up to ID soon. Before end of 2018

Hey there buddy! Our friend @gringalicious put me in contact with you. Welcome to Steemit. With all your talents I'm sure you will go far here. I've been living out of a backpack traveling the world since age 20, that about 15 years now! I too have had success early in life, and I turned my free time to what I enjoy most. Traveling and exploring the world. Like you I'm less interested in tourist stuff, like ruins and what have you like you say. For me it's all about new places, people, history, and culture...and the food of course. I'll be following you and just put my up-vote bot on you to help you along your way! Best of luck! -Dan

Thanks Dan! Love your blog! Following...

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Very kind! Thanks for your appreciation, appreciator.

Welcome in this awesome community Alex!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

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Hello Alex. Welcome to Steemit … !
I am new to Steemit and I am really excited about what we can accomplish together as a community. 😍
Keep sharing your story with us :)

wow, you have so many awesome photos ! i really excited seeing your footage, nice introduce !

bro welcome to the community.

hers my welcome upvote for you..

Upvoted for your very nice post..

Selamat Pagi, @dontryme2! Thanks for the kind words! I like your blog.

Welcome @texagonia .amazing introduction good luck for future

Welcome to the party, Alex! You forgot to add that you've also been a witness to a Chilean wedding, haha! You'll do great here, great to see you!

By far the best Chilean wedding I've ever attended! Hope you guys located the video...

Haha, great! We are still trying to, but it will show up somewhere.

Welcome to steemit! Have fun!

Selamat Gwenbyyy! I appreciate your warm welcome.

Welcome! Excellent post.

Thank you Tereza! I'm looking forward to this.

Welcome to Steemit! I love it here and I hope that you do too!

Thanks @kus-knee! I'm enjoying your posts... The lichen, the texture photography... Following.

😮😮😮😮😮 Just wow! Firstly I just love the name you chose @texagonia, it's perfect. Second, this is hands down the most incredible intro post I've ever seen. Thirdly, wow you've been everywhere! I'm dying to do a ton of traveling starting now and going far into the future, do you have any top recommendations?

I have a ton of recommendations, Gringa! But they must be done in-person in ID, over a bottle of wine and your earthshakingly delicious cookie bars with coconut milk reduction!

Welcome.I hope it goes well.


awesome post ! Welcome

Thank you my friend! Looking forward to sharing more.

Welcome Texagonia! Amazing intro post! I will especially be looking forward to your drone images from your travels! I too am a drone pilot and would love to share imagery! Lastly, Graham Hancock is the best!!!! Best wishes!

Thanks for the warm welcome, @chaz88 ! I'll be sure to take a look at your drone footage!

Welcome! Looks like you are living a very interesting life. Look forward to your drone videos and tips! I’ve lived in China and Chile too! 🤝 And I’ve been teaching Madarin to foreigners, glad to see you know Madarin. 😃

Thanks for the kind welcome!! Do you have any connections in the Chinese community in Steemit? I'd love to find them! Following you…

You can go through the posts tagged "cn" to find the Chinese community, and tag "cn" in your relevant posts to be found by the community. =)

welcome to this wonderful site... interesting life! and beautiful picture...greetings from Venezuela!

Hi, nice to meet you, i'm also a newbie here. I upvoted you. Please, Check out my intro post too. It'll mean so much to me :)

Welcome to steemit @texagonia,
I love your drone pictures, i would like to see more and if its possible to learn how to use it.
Im also new in steemit and im writting my first post.
Congratulation for your post, i vote you and follow you.
Saludos desde las Islas Canarias( supongo que te podría haber escrito en español ;)

Muy amable. Gracias por tu bienvenido! Estaré compartiendo muchas cosas impactantes! Abroche tu cinturón...

You can begin practicing flying a drone, by searching for an app on your smartphone, called "drone simulator". That way, you will be ready to fly, once you buy a drone, because the controls are the same.

Thank you very much for the info @texagonia, im practicing already :) Im still writing my post, im learning a lot of things in the community, i want to do something special and nice.

Hello and welcome to the steemit community! :)

Thanks for your kind welcome!

Hello..! I welcome you to the steemit platform .. here you will find very interesting things! I invite you to vir my blog @idma

I like your blog, Idma. I will be sure to follow.

Hello and welcome to the community. I followed you and would appreciate a follow back. I'm looking forward to see more posts! Have a great day and have fun. Welcome!

Please upvote, comment, resteem and follow @sibeut
get back to back in touch for upvote

Welcome, great intro, love the pics, looking forward to reading more :)

Fellow sailing enthusiast? I will definitely be following you! Thanks for the welcome.

Amazing life experiences! Welcome to Steemit (although I'm super new at this too haha) @texagonia

Welome abode man seems like you traveled alot .okay that's Cool,I would be delighted to read about interesting things about interesting places.

Ahlan ya Anwaar! Thanks for your kind welcome.

Legal o seu trabalho cara! Adorei as fotos. Sou brasileiro, finalmente alguém que fale português também! hahaha Espero que tenha gostado do Brasil.

Olhe, eu adorei! Fiquei na bahia por uns meses e peguei o jeito do ritmo da vida lá. Vc da onde?

i enjoy your post! thanks

Nice to meet you @Alex, Welcome with us and we are sooo lucky for your join to us.

Wow!!! You have a colorful and amazing life! You travel a lot, know different languages and have various hobbies. Looking forward to interesting posts 😀

Thanks for your warm welcome!

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Hi, @texagonia, nice to read about you.
I am samir from india, am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.
I have followed you. So, can you follow me @samir1993
Good Luck my frind !

Great drone phtography man. Waiting for you to come to Romania. Lots of interesting things to photograph from above. :) here's an example, though I still have to work on my compositions.

File 25-01-2018, 10 39 57.jpeg

May I ask what drone are u using?

Impressive picture! I'm using the Mavic Pro.

Hey my man! welcome to Steemit! You got some really sweet and killer photos! Really looking forward to your future posts! *Followed and upvoted **

Feel free to check out my first posts as well if you got time mate :) Cheers!

Thanks for your very warm welcome! I'm looking forward to sharing more!

Welcome to the Steem world @texagonia! It's great to have you here - we cannot wait to see your drone footages and more. We are sure your creativity in your field and experience in life will be an asset to help inspire a few (and more) of us Steemians!

Thank you! I'm looking forward to sharing some high-impact content.

Great photos! I'm new here too. Followed.

Welcome to steemit. I hope you like it here and keep posting. :)

Thank you for the warm welcome!!

Welcome to the community Alex :)

Very kind! I appreciate it.

hello brother welcome to the community steemit a very nice platform I hope to get along and support us to have a good time thanks.

Hello Steemans ! Kindly check my latest post introduce yourself me, upvote if you like it ! 😊

Pleased to meet you, can't wait to see where your aerial journey takes you

Thanks @draganrazvan! Stay tuned.

Hi Alex, I read your post about a week ago and really liked how you've put your photos together. I tried the same but lost a lot of quality using Postimage. How did you maintain the quality of your photos after resizing? Thanks and welcome too! :-)

Hi Ingaaa. Thanks for your kind words! I created the images to the exact width of the text paragraph. Each image is actually a composite of four images, exported as one .jpg. I then simply dragged and dropped the images directly into the text editor of
Be sure to follow me, I have plenty more great content coming, Ingaaa.

Ahh, makes sense! Did you use a general photoshop / photo stitcher to put them all together? And for sure, think I'm following you already :-) Inga

Hi @ingaaa - I am so sorry for not responding earlier. I use Adobe Fireworks - it's an image editor that is optimized for web-only (that is, non-print) graphics. The composite file it saves to is .png and preserves all its layers. Then you export to .jpg or to a flattened .png.