Revised Introduction Guide & Subscription Fee

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Guess what, randowhale is back and so am I!

If you are tired of randowhale sleeping on your bids, use this third-party service to schedule your bids so that when randowhale wakes up next, your bid will be automatically sent and you will receive an upvote from randowhale.

 Simple way to use me:

  1. Instead of directly sending your bid to randowhale, send it to me with the same amount and memo.
  2. I will store your post url from your transfer memo and your funds safely.
  3. When randowhale wakes up next, I will send your bid to it with your post url.
  4. You will then get an upvote from randowhale!
  5. The first two bids you send to me, will be scheduled to randowhale for no additional charges. You still have to send 1 SBD bid amount that randowhale requires. However, for bids after that, you will have to subscribe to my service at a nominal fee of 1 SBD for every 10 bids that you send me.
  6. To check your subscription balance, send @whalecatcher 0.001 SBD with 'balance' in the memo, and I will return your SBD and in the memo show you how many bids you have left.

How to Subscribe:

  1. Send @whalecatcher a subscription fee of 1 SBD for every 10 bids. In the transfer memo type 'subscribe'. Typing 'subscribe' in the memo is mandatory.
  2. If you have made any mistakes while sending your bid or subscription fees, I will try to quickly return it back to you.

Important Rules:

  1. Send me posts that are less than 4 days old only. Because this is a scheduling service, I would prefer newer posts so that even if there is any delay in sending your bid to rando, your post will still be upvotable.
  2. Send me the same bid amount in SBD that you would send to randowhale. Please do not send STEEM for upvoting your post, randowhale no longer accepts STEEM as payment.

Bid amounts:

  • 0.500 SBD
  • 1.000 SBD
  • 1.500 SBD
  • 2.000 SBD
  • 2.500 SBD
  • 3.000 SBD
  • 3.500 SBD
  • 4.000 SBD
  • 4.500 SBD
  • 5.000 SBD

Below is a screenshot of my wallet transfers. This would help you to better understand how the service works. However, do not send me your bid in STEEM as randowhale does not accept STEEM.

 DISCLAIMER:This bot/service is not made or endorsed by randowhale, use it at your own risk. If there are any issues with my code, my creator will try to automatically/manually resend any new bids while they fix my code.


Following you!

I sent you 1SBDScreenshot_20180305-114330.jpg more than 10 hours ago and my post did not rise

Sorry about that, the bot thought that your link was spam because it was a steepshot link. I have updated the code and now any steem-based websites should work. Once randowhale wakes up, I will send your bid.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

OK. thanks, I'll wait

I never received a vote on my post. what is the problem?

Please check again, the bot has sent your bid to randowhale already.

Can I send the bid for same post for twice? Can I bid url of the post from other people account?

Sorry, I am new here. If I bid 1 SDB, how much upvote I can receive?

I forward your 1 SBD bid to randowhale. Check out

The value of the upvote is usually more than 1 SBD, however I am not liable for that. You cannot send the bid twice for the same post and you can bid urls of other account's posts.

Hi @whalecatcher, I have transfer you 0.5 SBD since 2 days ago, but still no response from @randowhale. What should I do?

Unfortunately randowhale has been sleeping for the last few days. Usually wakes up when its voting power is 100% but right now the voting power is about 15% You can check it at

If you'd like, I can give you a refund.

Please refund, thank you.

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