Dream Diary - 9/1/18 (Part 2)

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Good Morning,

Yesterday I wrote part 1 about my dreams from Monday. I now have part 2 for you. Enjoy!

Monday 9th January 2018 (Part 2)

I dreamed about my pregnant best friend. We were in her house, although this wasn’t her real house in my dream. The house was white, everything was white! The hallway, the doors, the walls, the staircase. The only thing that had colour were her contents and the carpet. The carpet was a beige.

My friend wasn’t pregnant anymore. She already had her baby. Her baby was a year old and her baby was constantly walking around different parts of the house causing lots of mischief. I had to look after her baby whilst she was doing housework.

My friend’s fiancé appeared in the dream. He was in the kitchen sat round a white table. He was all suited and booted for work, but he was wearing shocking pink lipstick and pink high heels!

I was playing with the baby and giant dolls. The dolls were not made of fabric, they were all hard plastic. Some had huge eyes. They really looked scary! I’m not a fan of dolls ever since I was a child. I always found them scary. Barbie was the only doll I would ever play with.

Then her child went missing! I searched high and low and I couldn’t find the baby. What was I going to do? Where could the baby have gone? What was I going to tell my friend? The baby couldn’t have gone that far. The baby was with me only a few seconds ago.

As I searched round the house I saw a small silver cupboard door on the bottom of one of the walls in the living room. It was the size of a cat flap. The door lifted up and all these brides started walking out. It was like they were walking out of a basement. The brides were wearing all different styles of wedding dresses. not one of the brides were wearing the same dress. It looked like they were walking down a catwalk.

Then my friend’s baby showed up. The baby came running up to me with arms wide open and the biggest smile. The baby was hidden in the pile of dolls and was playing ’hide and seek’.

My best friend has appeared a lot of times in my dreams recently. She is pregnant, but it was strange to see her with her child in the dream. It was funny seeing her fiancé with lipstick and heels, he definitely isn’t that kinda guy! What’s with all the brides though? My friend is getting married in a couple of years time and I know she has already chosen her style of dress. I’m already married so that can’t be anything to do with me either.

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Good morning. Good dream diary, Nice pics, really good idea, most interesting , i have started and read whole of your good dream. Thanks for sharing your dream.


@thedawn Ah, that's great! I hope you enjoy the read :-D