Drawing Contest for the NON ARTIST #1 - 20 steem giveaway!

in drawing •  10 months ago

⚠️If you think you can't draw⚠️

Then this is
Collage 2018-01-08 17_05_48.jpg

Greetings to all steemians! This is my third art contest on here!
Probably some of you have heard of
🍌Drawing with a twist #1🍌

🍓Easy mini art contest #1🍓
I know I haven't continued any of these yet, I just thought of another contest as a means of giving back to all my wonderful steemian family. This time, it is


Often times I hear my friends say
💢oh, you guys go ahead, I CANT DRAW💢
💢Yup, that's not for me💢
💢Can I draw a stick man?💢

How can I possibly leave out all the others who say No? This time it's your time to shine dear friends ✌️

Let's turn it around!

Now, I believe steemit has inspired and pushed me to go beyond my limits and succeed.
As a visual artist, I would love to express how important art is to me and, I am stressing out here that

🎨Art can change your life🎨

The use of art is unlimited. It can be a:

  • Tool to inspire
  • A medium of expression
  • Way to vent out
  • Creative way to recycle
  • Release emotional stress and burdens
  • Life saver
  • Key to appreciating nature
  • Spread beauty
    Moreover, it can mean anything to the artist, or the non artist.

Many Dream but few take the chance to make it

Over the years I often hear friends complain about art school being hard to reach or a dream being so far away

Drawing is not so hard my friend. You will see if you join this challenge! You will awaken the artist in you!

These words have struck me the most amongst all I've read. I hope this holds true to you too.
Collage 2018-01-10 18_36_38.jpg

(1) "Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life" - Pablo Picasso

(2) "Every child is an artist, the problem is to remain an artist omce he grows up" - Pablo Picasso

No. 1 expresses motivation to draw. Art brings a fresh breeze to the stuffy confined soul. It unearths the treasure within the soul. An expression and vision of beautiful things. Also, a means of speaking visually the truth
Many people are interested in making and seeing art for these reasons. Why not? It is the prime cause of art, to add beauty to life either physically or emotionally.

No. 2 expresses the decision people make with art. Many people will lose interest. Many will give up. Many do not have the chance to grow as artists. But these factors should not stunt your growth. Obstacles are natural, hoping you overcome them and see that everyone starts as a newbie, a level zero, a nobody.
I started from there as well.

  • I have tried to draw portraits at the age of six and eight years old but I gave up.
  • At 15 I found interest in art again and tried different art styles.
  • At 18, I took finearts class.
  • At 19… I stopped drawing.
  • At 22, I started drawing again.
  • At 24, I am still drawing and have much improved.
    And I will still continue.


To join this art contest, all you need to be is a blank slate

  • no experience needed
  • Just a pencil, eraser and paper
  • No rulers
  • have a will to start and finish the task
  • Learn as much as you can
  • Appreciate the experience

Just repeat after me

Let's begin with the elements of art and principles of design.

Wait, why does this sound so complicated?

Actually, these are formal art processes we will go through. Just draw the following images you will see.


I will give you two images to copy, this will serve as a warm up, and as a drawing exercise. (I also have samples)
Yes, this will be part of the judging criteria
The last is application where you combine what you learned from task 1 and 2.

(1) ✏️ Let's Warm up with Lines and shapes

visual arts of any form has a common point, these are lines and shapes. Start by using an empty piece of paper and make panels and draw these lines. Just let your pencil flow

  • You can fill the panel or get creative with it. Just choose from letters A - Z
    Look what I did here:

(2) ✏️ Shapes and shading Exercises

Don't be afraid of shading, shading is just putting criss cross lines and dashes and zig zags to fill your Art
See the drawing I made, no need for a ruler, just draw the shapes and shade them.

(3) ✏️ Application

create a work of art applying task 1 and 2
Collage 2018-01-10 19_11_50.jpg
drawing isnt purely good technical skill, what can be more appreciated is the creativity of it.

🌠let the ideas, fun, and imagination run!✨🌟


Collage 2018-01-08 16_51_55.jpg


In order to participate you must:

  • Must have absolutely no experience in drawing
  • Drawing is a weakness to you
  • Cannot draw to "save your life" 😹
  • Willing to draw
  • commit to the challenge


  • Upvote and resteem this post
  • Must be your creation
  • Be creative
  • Create a post with the title Drawing contest for the non artist #1: (then add your own words)
  • Use the tag Non-Artist
  • Comment the link and photo of your entry in the comments section below.
  • Have fun

the contest runs 🎨 till payout. Winners will be announced on the 8th day.

Encouraging everyone to give art a chance.
See its beauty and enjoy the fulfillment of art making.

Thank you for stopping by!

I hope you decide to join my contest and show everyone how nothing is impossible. Draw and do your best. Be creative and share the ARTSPIRATION

😹proud member of✌️

🌟Please vote for your witnesses☝️

♥️Follow and watch out for these awesome people who throw contests you will like😱
@jacinta.sevilla (yay😹)

🍌Some random folks you might wanna check out🍌

I'm done!

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Finally, a drawing contest that meets my qualifications. :D


Is that a "yes i am totally joining?"

Nice post and contest, syempre sasali. :D


Yes!!! Napasali na ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Wow I'm glad you have another contest. I was so blessed to join your past contest. More blessing my friend.


Hi thank you @fukumineko
Bless you!
More art more fun!
♥️♥️♥️ Let's give others a chance :)
This is very basic so I hope they enjoy it.

The timing for this couldn't be more perfect. I came to Steemit looking for art groups and haven't had much luck finding them. Consequently I've been posting mainly photographs.

Today I dragged myself to the attic (where I do my art) for the first time this year but wasn't feeling very inspired.

I decided to try and create something fast (not too much time to think) for the yellow colorchallenge and was waiting for paint to dry when I saw this contest.

I can't draw for toffees. It is a family joke. But you've inspired me to have a go. I reckon I can do lines and shapes.


Oh my thats amazing then! :D
Im glad this contest reached you :)
Thats nice to know, it all starts with lines and shapes!
Looking forward to see your entry!

Hay, Salamat @jacinta.sevilla! See you on the 8th day. Hihihi. #challengeaccepted


go go go!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks


Wooh! Are there any other steemian's who do non-artist art contests too? Hahaha. Who knows I might learn drawing/sketching/painting through following non-artist art contests. Hahaha. If that happens that would be a heck of a testimony on how steemit facilitates personal development. Hahaha. Funny thought.


wah! thats my point!!!!!!! :D na himo gani kong singer ug writer diria.
ma artist gyud mo!
I plan to continue this contest :D hoping more join!

who knows you might love art more than you expect
I dont know
i think this is the first time Ive ever thought of a contest for the non artist :D


Ipadayon ha? Malipay gyod ang mga whales nimo. You might be a whale yourself pod. Self-portrait den next challenge xD


Pwede pud!!! Ang madaog sa self portrait newbie version kay himuan nakog portrait pud. Dala steem na prize. Thanks sa idea ;D
Salamat sa encouragement.
Unta ma whale nako. Char (ambisyosa)
Pero basta give and give Lang ta to each other.


@jacinta.sevilla, dili naman kailangan iapil ang step 1 ug step 2 sa pagpost diba? dretso nas application?

I think is good contest, it's give the chance to non artis to try drawing, only you thought like that and I supported it. Let them do art. I can't participate in this contest but I will wait for the next contest for artis, hehehe.
Thank you..


Yes this way all can participate!
Thank u. After this week Ill have another contest for artists :)


Yeah I waiting for, will you continue again mini art contest of any else contest maybe?


yes my next contest is drawing with a twist :)


Great event, upvoted and resteemed. Good luck everyone.


Thank you @sukiyakii
Have a great day!

This one is definitely for me. lol!


Awwwww :) I hope youll join :D thanks

yay sa wakas makakasali na ako neto,., hehehe


Hawd naman ka mag drawing2


wala na siyay labot pro artist nana siya haha @g10a


Hehehe oo hawd na si sir @g10a


Hehehe oo hawd na si sir @g10a


hahaha mantiaw., bisan dili kabalo ang bata., wa jud tay paingnan ano hahaha.,

wow!! salamat idol sa mga pa contest permi!

pede muapil? :)


Wc po. Awwww hawd naman ka mag drawwwwwww :0
For the newbie unta ni hehe ✌️♥️


Ay dghan mn diay bsaya dre saon mn pag apil oi?


Hi. Pag buhat ug drawing made of lines and shapes. Do exercise 1 and 2. And then 3. Make a post and share the link here

This is an awesome idea thank you for thinking of us ''we can't draw to save our lives'' people. I think it will be awesome to see what comes of this.


Awww haha xD pls join! Thank you! :D just be creative and enjoy!
Im excited to see the entries

I wish I could join coz I'm very bad with drawing :(


Nooo i saw your art in your intro post hahah. Sample daw bi


Sorry for that hahaha

Pwede nani?


hawd naaa... ayaw nag apil uyt


Okay po

Just finished reading all wanted to know the full mechanics haha, and I think this time I will participate, though I wont show it to my two little sons they might say, disgusting daddy haha

nice contest @jacinta.sevilla as always.

Note: I would like to congratulate you again for the success of your previous contests, a lot of your entrants esp on the second contest (easy mini)receive big amount, you are the reason why they achieve it. Thank you!


Yeheyyyyy! Happy to know you are joining!!!
Just do ur best and put an awesome contest


Thanks for the kind words sir @long888
More blessings!!! :)

Finally some artist thinks also about non-artistic people! In most drawing contests ordinary person doesn't have a chance to win.
I will resteem your post. However, I can't join your contest, because I'm not artist but I think that when I draw something, it is awesome :D


Thank you for your support! Art is awesome. This way its sharing a lot more to those who have less art in their lives. Aw yes u do make great art!!!

How many entries are allowed by one person?


ah yes, one entry per person


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Very cute! Great effort!
Pls include exercises 1 and 2 in your post

You can use ballpens too guys! I really do hope you join! :D thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


Interesting contest. Upvoted and resteemed


Yay thanks sis. U cant join by the way hahahaha youre too artsy


I already upvoted and resteem miss jacinta, followed also.

hi @jacinta.sevilla
this is my post for this non-artist drawing competition. I hope that you will allow this and won't throw me out of this competition.



upvoted and resteemed
thank you for your entry!

I would join if I could but I can’t cause I’m in between being able to draw and not hahahaha.
Can’t wait to see the entries.


I am super excited as well
Thanks!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️ This is a different side of art

Hi @jacinta.sevilla :) I'm not sure if I did it correctly to participate your contest but I plucked up some courage and thought maybe I have a try. What I did basically was just follow your lil encouraging tutorial to draw lines and curves and shapes. Hahaha!

Here's my link:


Oops! Forgot to post my entry @jacinta.sevilla. I'm tempted to do another one that is a pattern. I'd be better at that! 😁

Here's my drawing:

I just saw this post, hope I can join?


Nice drawing that is...just mindblowing...
thanks for sharing

Conratulations ma,am... nice contest.