The Craziest Documentary You'll Ever See

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by James Corbett
October 15, 2017

Imagine, if you will, a documentary on population control and resource restriction produced by the United Nations.

A documentary that opens with Rue McClanahan of "Golden Girls" fame pretending to be sexually aroused by the prospect of hundreds of world leaders cooped up in a UN conference room talking about the environment.

A documentary that illustrates a point about abortion-as-population-control by repeatedly and rapidly cross-cutting between a screaming, bloody newborn in the delivery room and a close-up of a gun barrel. (Gun shot. Screaming baby. Gun shot. Screaming baby. Gun shot. Screaming baby.)

A documentary featuring that renowned environmental crusader, John D. Rockefeller III, as an "expert" commentator on the dangers of overpopulation.

A documentary narrated by no less a personage than Perry Mason himself, Raymond Burr.

A documentary in which Hugh Downs, standing in front of the UN headquarters as the melodramatic soundtrack swells in the background, tells us that the only hope for the "problem" of humanity on planet earth lies with the UN.

Now stop imagining this phantasmagorical orgy of nonsense and pull up a cozy chair, because you're about to witness just such a documentary:

Yes, "Survival of Spaceship Earth" is the UN globalist enviroganda flick that has something for everyone.

Are you a misanthropic curmudgeon who believes human life is a stain upon the planet and needs to be eradicated? Don't worry, this documentary explains right up front that "the basic cause of the problem is people" and follows that up with one hour of anti-human vitriol and overpopulation fear-mongering.

Are you a fan of John Holdren, the Obama-era science czar who predicted one billion people could die due to climate change by 2020 (spoiler: they won't) and co-wrote a book with perpetually wrong Paul Ehrlich advocating adding sterilants to the water supply to reduce the population? Or perhaps you go gaga for the scientific pronouncements of famed Rockefeller researcher Rene Dubos, who helped spearhead the UN's 1972 Stockholm summit on the environment? You'll be pleased as punch, then, to know that both Holdren and Dubos were scientific advisors to this very documentary! (Dubos even gets screen time as a talking head!)

And of course there's the tributes to the United Nations itself, so lovingly portrayed by its very own document as the savior of humanity, the benevolent globalist organization that is the only hope for humanity to solve the people problem. If only we could destroy all sovereignty and hand control over to our wise technocratic overlords! They'd know what to do about the environment!

Oh, and did you say you only watch documentaries that are funded by the foundations of the loving billionaire philanthropists? Then boy do I have some good news for you:

All levity aside, if you've watched Why Big Oil Conquered the World by now you'll have seen the clip of JDR3 explaining the conclusions of his Commission on Population Growth and the American Future and warning us about the burden of the growing population. (And if you haven't watched Why Big Oil Conquered the World, what are you waiting for?)

But you didn't see (because time constraints compelled me to take it out) Dr. Harrison Brown (another of the scientific advisors on the film) telling Perry Mason that the concept of sovereignty has to be discarded so that the UN can save the universe...or the globe.

RAYMOND BURR: "Dr. Brown, if you could address the delegates at the Stockholm Conference, what would you say?"

DR. HARRISON BROWN: "I believe I would say that we are to solve the very crucial problems which are confronting mankind collectively. A higher level of cooperation, a higher level of morality, a higher level of discipline will be necessary for all mankind. And I would hope that the delegates from this conference would emerge with a sufficient understanding of these problems and their seriousness. To express a willingness to delegate a part of the sovereignty which they believe their nations have over these problems to an international organization. To the United Nations."

SOURCE: Survival Of Spaceship Earth (1972)

But, to be fair, the documentary does broach one other solution to our IMPENDING ECOLOGICAL APOCALYPSE beyond simply giving up control to the wise stewards of the United Nations: "It is only in the controlled use of technology that man can hope to survive."

Oh, "technology" you say? Do tell us more, Mr. Narrator Man!

"Among the new technologies being developed for agriculture is a remarkable technique for stabilizing the earth with oil to retain moisture and to stop erosion."

Oil? Really? Color me shocked.

Yes, this gem of a movie was first released in 1972 in preparation for the then-upcoming Earth Summit in Stockholm put together by Maurice Strong, the consummate Rockefeller-backed oil millionaire-cum-environmentalist who should be familiar by now to my regular readers and listeners. It was then exhumed in 1992 and given the Golden Girls intro treatment in preparation for the second Earth Summit taking place in Rio that year. Even then it must have seemed like a ridiculous relic from another era. How much more insane does this 45 year old attempt at environmental fear-mongering look today? (About as ridiculous as An Inconvenient Truth is going to look to our children's generation, I suppose, what with it's drowning polar bears and hydraulic-operated CO2 fear porn.)

But as ham-handed as it all seems to our jaundiced, "media savvy" 21st century eyes, “Survival of Spaceship Earth” was the genesis of many future attempts to convince us that the world was about to explode if we didn't hand it all over to the globalists and oiligarchs. From The Club of Rome's 1972 Limits to Growth fear-mongering and Ehrlich's inaccurate doomsday predictions about everything to Gore's doom porn and the modern tendency to blame everything that ever happens on global warming, this documentary set the stage for the anti-human framing of the modern (oiligarch-funded, carbon-eugenics-obsessed, technocracy-promoting) environmental movement.

After all, as The Club of Rome told us in 1991:

“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.”

Or, as Survival of Spaceship Earth put it nearly two decades earlier: "The basic cause of the problem is people."

But I've already over-talked it. Time for me to shut my yap and let you get on with soaking it all in. Happy viewing!

(Gun shot. Screaming baby. Gun shot. Screaming baby. Gun shot. Screaming baby.)<


Reaction to this post from various sides of the false left wing/right wing paradigm:

Left Wing:
"This is a crazy right wing nut claiming that climate change originated from the Eugenics Movement"
Right Wing:
"This libtard snowflake is clearly jealous of John D Rockefeller The Third's successful business life and that's why he dislikes him.He is probably a Anti-Trump communist living in his mom's basement"

Pseudo Libertarians Who Watch Stefan Molyneux:
"Racial intelligence is real and the State should do something about it"

The Young Turks reading this post:

"This Alex Jones level of conspiracy theory is all conjured up by a racist,sexist,homophobic and transphobic Nazi! Fucking white people!"

Alex Jones reading this post:

"Islam is behind the Eugenics Movement behind Climate Change and George Soros is funding everything.Israel and Trump are against the Globalists and are trying to stop Eugenics"

Normal guy with no political affiliation:

"Cool documentary, got to check it out when I have the time"

I don't believe in the concept of overpopulation.

The concept of overpopulation is very real, a sub set insanely wealthy people have been talking about it since the beginning of time.

IMHO, it all starts with a mental disease I've invented my self. It works like this: One has financial success and obtains an amount of money that greatly exceeds what one could need. The exact amount probably varies per person depending on their background and interests. Now, at this point, any sane person would find ways to enjoy life. Some investments could still be made but they are to be based on ideology, ambition or curiosity.

The mental disorder is to crave more and more. The individual simply continues the life of hoarding and expanding wealth when there is no longer any purpose to it. At this point the patient can no longer ignore the suffering caused by their hoarding directly or caused by depriving people from the wealth they desire for themselves. The big difference is that they can't justify it though greed as they already have to much wealth.

The only way to continue is to tune down empathy and emotion in general. Learned psychopathy. The spoiled brat who had every emotional spike instantly satisfied by throwing money at it now finds himself without the emotions that use to drive him. The satisfaction once found in buying a new car, a hand bag or a new pair of shoes morphs into a neurosis where one buys new shoes every day not needing them, not feeling anything and not knowing why.

Their sense of guilt and basic lizard brain activity are the only feelings that remain and they want the guilt gone. Hurting others simply for the sake of hurting others is the solution. Inflict enough harm and the guilt will also leave the empty shell that is their personality. As it isn't comfortable to do that consciously they seek justification.

What if people had it coming? What if an idea is introduced where their existence is promoted to the ultimate problem? Surely that would sound very attractive? It would be all the way up there with Eugenics and for profit genocide.

Overpopulation is very real but it never had anything to do with there being to many people.

You could fit the entire world population into Canada and you'd still have room. World just has to stop producing what it doesn't need. There is enough food to feed the world. Besides if everyone only had 2 children per family the population would halve in 75 years.

James Corbett!! I didn't know you was here on Steemit, I couldn't become a follower quickly enough. Yeah, if Rockefeller, and the UN aren't the bedrocks of what's good for humanity, I don't know what is. Smallpox? The Plague?

I'd never even heard of this documentary, and I watch many. Going to watch it now.

Thanks for your post, and I can't wait to read more.

He's the truther's equivalent to a rock star isn't he!!!

Yes sir, I love me some James Corbett! Very intelligent, well spoken, delivers the truth with no filler, what's not to love? lol

Nice one but something gone wrong in it some misconception . Overall nice

Great article @corbettreport. Thanks for sharing. One day the world will be burned and we will have to start a journey in search of a new home!!!

The overpopulation myth/agenda has been pushed since Ancient Rome.

Thanks for posting this @corbettreport!


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There was a time when myspace came into my life and changed it, it was an incredible feeling to leave a mark on the internet, while you could relate to the people you most admired, ten years ago happened to be some musicians or film actors for me. Social networks however lost all their brilliance with the irruption of some companies that is not worth mentioning. Steemit is a field in which I'm just learning but I feel the emotion of ten years ago, but now I admire very diferent people a lot, like you, whom I have been following for many years on ytb (I visit ytb everyday less and less) because you've been a great "eye-opener" about our convulsive times that have long time been designed. A pleasure to follow you on this so special social network !! Thank you for all your valuable and constant work, it has been transformative.

Have you looked into the work of Kevin Galalae on exposing the global depopulation agenda?

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