The concept of overpopulation is very real, a sub set insanely wealthy people have been talking about it since the beginning of time.

IMHO, it all starts with a mental disease I've invented my self. It works like this: One has financial success and obtains an amount of money that greatly exceeds what one could need. The exact amount probably varies per person depending on their background and interests. Now, at this point, any sane person would find ways to enjoy life. Some investments could still be made but they are to be based on ideology, ambition or curiosity.

The mental disorder is to crave more and more. The individual simply continues the life of hoarding and expanding wealth when there is no longer any purpose to it. At this point the patient can no longer ignore the suffering caused by their hoarding directly or caused by depriving people from the wealth they desire for themselves. The big difference is that they can't justify it though greed as they already have to much wealth.

The only way to continue is to tune down empathy and emotion in general. Learned psychopathy. The spoiled brat who had every emotional spike instantly satisfied by throwing money at it now finds himself without the emotions that use to drive him. The satisfaction once found in buying a new car, a hand bag or a new pair of shoes morphs into a neurosis where one buys new shoes every day not needing them, not feeling anything and not knowing why.

Their sense of guilt and basic lizard brain activity are the only feelings that remain and they want the guilt gone. Hurting others simply for the sake of hurting others is the solution. Inflict enough harm and the guilt will also leave the empty shell that is their personality. As it isn't comfortable to do that consciously they seek justification.

What if people had it coming? What if an idea is introduced where their existence is promoted to the ultimate problem? Surely that would sound very attractive? It would be all the way up there with Eugenics and for profit genocide.

Overpopulation is very real but it never had anything to do with there being to many people.

You could fit the entire world population into Canada and you'd still have room. World just has to stop producing what it doesn't need. There is enough food to feed the world. Besides if everyone only had 2 children per family the population would halve in 75 years.

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