The Early BEE Gets A Crocus For His Bed & Breakfast

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Should I charge or should it be free? As you know I have a bee hotel but that's all empty till now, thanks to whichever bird has decided to poke its beak in there and ate all the bees that were placed by their momma bees during the summer.



This fellow must have seen the beak marks and decided he's safer in this crocus flower. I thought he was just nipping in there so I just took a picture and just when I was about to go into the greenhouse and start sowing some seeds, I noticed he looks like he was making himself comfy so I decided to take a video.


I went on sowing seeds and a bit later I checked whether he was still there and that time, I saw he's finally settled to a probably more comfortable position for him. So, he's spent the night in this crocus. I think that's very smart! He gets to sleep in a soft, silky bed and hopefully warm, too cause it was one degree Celcius last night.


When I woke up today, it was gloomy and till noon it was still gloomy so I decided to check whether the crocuses are still closed since they only let those petals open when the sun is shining. I guess crocuses relies on solar power, too like solar panels do (hahahaha).

They are still closed so I took my phone with me to check out the early bee and yes, he was still asleep, too ( I hope so and not just frozen). I carefully, unfolded the petals just to reveal him for you and when I left, I made sure that flower is under a pot with bottom holes that are big enough for my garden guest to let himself out in case he feels like flying. I had to put the pot on top to make sure no bird gets to see him.


So, that's my first bee for this year and am not sure whether it's a moss bee or a mazon bee or a sand bee anyhow, it's nice to know that they are also awake.

This content's 100% mine. I took the pics with my D Eye and the vlogs with my Samsung Galaxy A3, 2016.

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Thank you for posting dear @englishtchrivy.

What lovely photographs you have taken.......appreciate the photographs of your first such coolish weather.

Crocuses are a most welcome sight this time of year......thank you for bringing such cheer.

Wishing you a lovely week mon ami.

A bientot. ^__^

NB Lovely video and format......for a second there....yes...he could of been mistaken for a spider....he was all legs.


hello there mon ami
thanks for dropping by
am so glad to see you

have been gone for days
very busy in the garden and with friends outside, too

and yes, it does make me happy
am glad it has the same effect to you!

have a great week ahead xx!

Really god creation unmatched by the beauty of this flower may @englishtchrivy always be successful 👍



that's a very sweet wish
thank you

That video was adorable; I enjoyed it very much. What beautiful colors! I don't know much about bees, so one question: Are they really sleeping in the flowers, or are they just drunk from the nectar and/or exhausted from the pollen gathering work? I would think they're drawn back to the hive, not take naps in flowers?

P.S.: The photos were good, too - not just the video :-)



I've put 4 short videos in there and it shows the ones I took from yesterday and this noon and I added captions in the video :P so if you watched till the end plus I also mentioned in my post that I went back to check him out ... but I suppose he was sleeping cause he didn't budge this afternoon and the flowers are still close till atm it's gloomy

am not sure this one's have hives but some bumblebees sleep on top of the sunflowers in summer I've seen a lot of those, too they just cling in the middle of the brown plate of the sunflower and fly away the next morning and the birds seem oblivious of them and this one's my first encounter of a bee sleeping in a flower


I suppose he was sleeping

Yes, I saw all that. Honestly, it kinda looks dead to me, but I take your word for it that it's only sleeping. I have also observed bumblebees like you said, but I always thought they're resting on account of their aerodynamics. I've heard of theories whereby they shouldn't even be able to fly (unlike bees). So I simply assumed their poor energy conversion efficiency requires them to rest. For bees this is new to me. Learn something every day.


me, too it's new
it's not dead :D
don't worry
i've worked with many bees in my garden they just look like that
they're slow unless you give them honey
don't worry I'd check out on him again later
and if he's not budging I'd give him Yellow's honeyed water


Board and lodging? Woman, you really are  running a hotel operation! :D


ahhahaha should I charge?
I love them so there !
I can't help it :D

Your land must be so beautiful. I enjoy seeing your pictures. Crocuses are another plant I've never seen but always read about in children's books.


it's not a huge backyard but very alive :D

beautiful flowers, really beautiful and interesting if you look at it,

hope you want gardening can be successful, continue to plant flowers because the flowers are very charming for us as a flower garden flower.
thank you for sharing a gorgeous and beautiful flower, along with his video.

Awwww amazing video with my favorite spring flowers!!! 😊😊😊😍😍😍
By the way, of those yellow stamens inside the flower, people make a very expensive spices - saffron. It is only necessary to tear heads of flowers, gently remove stamens and dry them 😉😉😉



oh yes, am harvesting those! ^ ^


I didn't try it yet but i bet it tastes good:) We have a lot of crokusses in the forest near my city so i'm waitting to get saffron :)


its very expensive and we could actually just have it for free ..
well not really, I bought the bulbs :D


Ohh yeahh it's very expensive. The cheapest saffron that i saw was 10$ for 1 g 😱😱😱. It can cost about 1000-1500 euro for 1 kg.

That looks so beautiful to explore its fun to checkout wonderful shots these are :)

Ik kan het niet zo goed zien, maar ik gok dat het een vosje is. De gewone honingbijen zijn ook al buiten aan het spelen.


ja dat wel
zag ik ook op zaterdag
maar vandaag is weer koud
hij blijf gewoon daar

dat kan ook een vosje zijn
ik krijg hem niet goed in beeld want ik wil niet aanraken

Beautiful pictures. I am so ready for all the Spring colors and activities and it will be music to my ears to hear the buzz of a bee while watching it go through its daily routine. Thanks for the beautiful video.


thank you !

bees if developed, will produce a lot of honey comrades. useful video I like to post friends.

Nice post

I love macro photography, thanks to share..

Nice video, the bees have beautiful hotels in your garden.
They can sleep warm !!!

wonderful post. your flower is very nice. thanks for sharing

Beautiful flowers! It's nice to see nature Wake up. This first bee is still too slow. Very well, that she chose for themselves such cozy house-Crocus. It is possible that in this way it will remain safe for as long as possible. You have already spring . It's so nice to see . Thank you for sharing :)


he's still there hahaha
it's been raining all day so I guess he's stuck in there ^ ^
he must be sipping food from the flower he's in
definitely a perfect bed and breakfast I must say


That's right! She was lucky that she found a place :), especially in rainy weather it's just a super hotel, ha ha

¡Congratulaitons Ivy, you've been renamed to @photographytchrivy!

:) :) :)

very beautiful flowers dear


they are indeed! :)

flower color is quite unique and beautiful times your flower posting today @englishtchrivy.

You have beautiful flowers rich in their colors, no wonder that the little bee decided to visit your violet one. After winter this is the time for them to slowly start up for their busy life. It is really cute to see that little one who found a nice place to get a sleep over. I was surprised that it did not bother when you open the petals. It might be quite busy in summer days, isn't it?


yes it is pretty busy here in summer
my garden becomes a natural reservoir that time
and I've been sowing seeds of flowering plants lately for them
all organic
well, I did it gently so I think he doesn't mind
bees only react in panic
but everyone who's been here for two years know
I'm a friend of bees I don't fear them
no sense of fear on humans no need for them to panic
applies on most animals and I wish I could react the same towards snakes


It is more difficult to tame snakes, I believe they are too wild and would like to be left alone :)


yes cause they're blind
so they're pretty aggressive and defensive :D

Well as it seems it sure has landed on a pretty nice place ;)

The flower does looks pretty beautiful ,liked the purple one ;)