Interview With Student Loan Expert @larrymorrison on Higher Education and Student Debt // Part One

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Hi Friends!

I am so incredibly excited to bring you this interview with @larrymorrison. Most of you may know him as the host of The Journey Inward video series here on @dlive, or as one of the founding members of the Steem Creators Conferences.

What you may not know though – is that Larry is actually one of the leading experts in the nation on student debt and is the CEO of College Loan Freedom – A company that helps people lower their student loan payments and find freedom from debt.

I have done a few posts here on my own channel talking about student debt and how I was able to go through college debt free. My sister @maryjaney and I actually just did an entire series on Higher Education on the Steem Sister Show recently as well. There always seems to be a lot of interest in the topic, and so to continue the conversation – I have @larrymorrison with me today to chat more about this subject.

Our interview ended up being over an hour – and so I have broken it up into two parts. In part one, we end spending quite a bit of time discussing the Federal Student Loan Forgiveness program. I personally learned quite a bit from this interview, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Topics Discussed In Part One

  • Tell us about your journey – what made you interested in learning more about this subject and what has led you to become the expert you are today?
  • We discuss the lack of transparency and information available from the government when it comes to student loans.
  • What happens when someone calls College Loan Freedom? Walk us through the process.
  • Student loan forgiveness program – give us an overview. There is a lot of confusion for people – will their loans just be gone one day, or how does it work?
  • Is there a certain dollar threshold where you help people look at tackling the debt vs. getting into a forgiveness program?
  • Is there any possibility of the forgiveness program being repealed? Will people be banking on that and then find out they have a ton of debt as they are nearing retirement?
  • How do people know if they qualify for the forgiveness program? Does it really include everyone – do you have to fill out paperwork? How does it actually work when you hit the 20 or 25 year mark?
  • We spent some time discussing the income driven repayment plan.
  • Have you seen a shift in students going into college assuming they will just get their debts forgiven?
  • What, in an ideal world, could higher education in the United States look like to help fix this problem moving forward? Is it free college? Private vs. public schools, lower tuition rates?

We covered all of that in only the first half of this interview! Stay tuned for Part Two coming later this week.

Thank You for Watching!

I hope you all enjoyed this interview with @larrymorrison. It was such a treat to talk with him and I loved getting to nerd out and learn more about this!

If you are interested in having Larry and his team look under the hood on your student loans to see how they can help you – just get in contact with College Loan Freedom at [email protected]. You can also ask the lovely @saramiller about her experience with CLF. She worked with Larry's team and was able to save significantly on her student loan payments.

Ps… we can’t wrap this up without a shameless plug for the Steem Creators and SMT Summit in Toronto where Larry and I will both be speaking in September. Check out the link for all the details.

Thanks again Larry for doing this fun interview with me! Stay tuned for Part Two – which will be aired here on @dlive later this week.

With Love,



Here is a YouTube link for anyone who needs it.

My video is at DLive


This was so much fun to film, the time went buy so fast. You asked such good questions that showed you really prepared for the interview and that you wanted to thoroughly understand it. Truly appreciate you helping get the word out about these amazing programs. Much love as always Lea 💘👍

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aww thanks my friend! Chatting with you was so easy and seamless. I almost forgot I was "interviewing" someone because it felt like such a natural conversation.

Thanks for being willing to share your expertise. I learned a lot in this interview!

Anytime my friend, anytime. Looking forward to part two 👍

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I am happy I decided not to go to college. I would have been up to my eyes in debt if I had. Never been a school kind of guy. I prefer self study.
Thank you for sharing this very personal story @larrymorrison We do the same thing when our world crashes down, camp and retreat to nature. I try my best not to imagine that day I lose my mother. Anyways, great interview @coruscate. Btw you are part of a shoutout video I did on Dtube today ;)

Dude I'm with ya on that @zainenn except I did go to college but kinda sometimes wish I didn't. I've taught myself SO much since leaving college...I've learned just as much on my own as I did in school and honestly I've been offered jobs for skills I've learned soooo why?!?

I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview @zainnen!! Awesome that you were able to avoid debt. It is crippling to so many people and can really limit their options. Ironic, isn’t it? An education is supposed to expand your options. I know it’s not that black and white - but it’s still a funny thought.

I just watched your video and I’m heading back to leave a comment now ... but I just want to say THANK YOU for all the super thoughtful things you said in that video! ♥️

@coruscate, such great questions! Thank you for featuring Team CLF and the student debt guru himself, @larrymorrison!

aww thanks Carly! It was really fun to nerd out and chat more about student loans! I learned so much in this interview!

IT is time for the steemit University funded by upvotes and delegatIon

If your Child Has an Account with 70 rep when He turns 18 - admission free. :D

Hahah wouldn’t that be funny. Like you are proving your ability to work hard, be creative etc.

The climate was great. Fresh and windy with a smidgen of warmth from the sun that attempted to look through the mists.

Good interview.

Great interview- good topic!!! I wish I had this like 9 years ago lol luckily I paid off my loans but only because I got the interest rate lowered! Thanks @larrymorrison for dropping knowledge bombs on us!

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