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RE: Interview With Student Loan Expert @larrymorrison on Higher Education and Student Debt // Part One

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I am happy I decided not to go to college. I would have been up to my eyes in debt if I had. Never been a school kind of guy. I prefer self study.
Thank you for sharing this very personal story @larrymorrison We do the same thing when our world crashes down, camp and retreat to nature. I try my best not to imagine that day I lose my mother. Anyways, great interview @coruscate. Btw you are part of a shoutout video I did on Dtube today ;)


Dude I'm with ya on that @zainenn except I did go to college but kinda sometimes wish I didn't. I've taught myself SO much since leaving college...I've learned just as much on my own as I did in school and honestly I've been offered jobs for skills I've learned soooo why?!?

I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview @zainnen!! Awesome that you were able to avoid debt. It is crippling to so many people and can really limit their options. Ironic, isn’t it? An education is supposed to expand your options. I know it’s not that black and white - but it’s still a funny thought.

I just watched your video and I’m heading back to leave a comment now ... but I just want to say THANK YOU for all the super thoughtful things you said in that video! ♥️

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