The Journey Inward: Uncovering Universal Truth - Episode 13 @coruscate

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In this show, we discuss consciousness, spirituality, awareness, philosophy, and evolution of thought to reveal the truths that we can put into practice which will allow our journey on this earth to be a little more loving, joyous, peaceful, and fun.

My guest on this episode is the one and only @coruscate. Lea is one of the sweetest human beings you will ever be lucky enough to know. She is an amazing Steemian, who is raising the bar on what great content is every day. She is multi-talented. She inspires me almost daily to put myself out there more. I can honestly say without meeting her I would not be making this show. She has a unique point of view and is never afraid to share it with us all. Very grateful to be able to talk about these subjects with her.

Here are just a few of the topics we discuss on this episode:
-Trusting Your Instincts
-Exploring The Contrast
-Breaking Away From The Bubble
-Standing Your Ground
-Changing Beliefs
-Alignment Of Self
-Following Your Own Path
-Letting Go Of Our Fears
-Feeling Your Way Through The Darkness

If any of these topics interest you up then please have a listen and keep the conversation going in the comments below. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Much Appreciation and Love

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Good Journey My Friends

My video is at DLive


Awesome You 2 @larrymorrison @coruscate. Killer work. Hi from Russia. -resteemed-

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attending worldcup? @steemcafe

Yes. Having a blast. Hope all is well with you. @felix.herrmann

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hmm, not performing good at @steemitboard game :'( and lets see if Germany makes to the finals.

What s your favorite teem so far? When will the steemit universe send a selection? :D

Thanks for this wonderful video.

I would be really happy if you could give a review of the article I wrote. It is about the hardships faced by Indian farmers. I want to make people aware of the situation.

I love Russia. Love Russian dolls. Love Russian dancing and singing.

awesome , i am gonna attend world cup

Thanks brother, always appreciate your continued support

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Wow Lea @coruscate how insane it must have been to have your parents praise you for years for being the “perfect child”, only to turn around and attempt to manipulate you into a way of life that you obviously didn’t want and attempt to make you feel bad about it!! The fact that you’re not bitter about those situations with people who were so close to you speaks volumes of your character. The mental programs people create around their parents are the strongest because they are literally the most influential people during our most vulnerable growth. To go through so much adversity as a young person must have made you into the strong, amazing person you are today! 😘
@larrymorrison- you always ask the best questions! It’s a skill that is lost on a lot people, especially men these days!

Yeah, parents manipulate children, sometimes. Knowing that can help some people. More over, being aware of anthropology, sociology, some of the things that people do, we can better avoid or decline from manipulating people, ourselves, to inspire, influence, encourage, lead by example, instead.

Thank you luv, I have been cultivating the skill of active listening for some time. When I do these interviews I really put it into practice though maybe not so much in my daily life 😏

Your comment totally made my day @ogc. Thank you for making me feel seen! ♥️

I’m so glad that we have become friends!!

Finally got to watch this! I love it! It’s like a talk show! I could have kept going and not eaten breakfast if you hadn’t stopped it there haha.
Thanks for sharing your story @coruscate!!
I’m actually on the opposite side of Christianity that I “broke out of” into a more “normal” but happier non judgemental Christianity.
So more a traditional strict service and beliefs towards a more loving honest and expressive Christianity. But I wouldn’t go to the extremes of the faith, I know it’s not right to treat everything in the word as evil. God made everything good for us. We just haven’t treated it right.
I have a strict Aunty who is actually on the conservative side and would say a lot of tv is evil too
She would also cut out newspapers of evil before showing it to my uncle.
A lot of conservative and extreme Christians do not show the love that Christianity is supposed to have. It’s sad you got treated that way :(

Anyway I look forward to the next episode!

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What an interesting point of view. Happy you found something that resonated with you and that looked at life with more loving eyes.
Thank you for the positive feedback, I really appreciate it.

Great format @larrymorrison This was the first segment that I came across. I'm looking forward to listening to some others. Its a great opportunity to open dialogue on these topics in an open non-judgmental way. Important work.

Thank you for your beautiful post. You are one of the few people who inspire feelings of awe in this time of the tech age where we sometimes find ourselves lost. God bless! ♥ 👏

Grateful you liked the video and thank you for the kind words. I think this platform has great potential to get these kind of concepts to the people who are attracting them

You're most welcome! ♥

The Moose!!! Hahaha thanks for the special affects Joe!

Our flow and energy on camera together is so dynamic!! You do such an amazing job of guiding the conversation and staying in tune with where the flow is taking us.

Doing this interview with you was an absolute JOY!! ♥️

You make it easy Lea, thank you for your kind words and positive support as always. Grateful to count you as a friend.
Not to take away from anyone else at all, but this interview was one of my favorites, I had a blast and can't wait to do it again 😊

I would LOVE that!! You can interview me anytime. 😃

If only everybody was like her.

Amazing, love this theme

Thank you for the positive feedback

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These are definitely my topics. I am more interested in the alignment of self and trusting your instincts. It's hard to listen to our instincts sometimes, and it's always right. You know if we could just go with our instincts we would live a much better life, but the thing is it's not always easy to tell when your instincts warn you. Although the voice is always there and if you listen carefully you will hear it. Another topic of importance to me is meditation. I'd like to hear more of this topic. How to do it effectively and then cover the basics as well. Please look into this as well

Alignment of self, trusting our instincts, and following our hearts might be the most important work we ever do. It is the foundation to all other things. Always, alignment first then action. Alignment first then any thing else we have time for

IMG20180618095015.jpg thank you @larrymorryson

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