Hue An Bang Tomb City or City of Ghost | Origin Vietnam

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"The City of Tombs" or the "City of Ghosts" An Bang has become a tourist attraction in the central city of Hue.

The cemetery, with its brilliantly colored structures built on white sand. It stretches along the side of the road for 3 kilometers length. Some of the mausoleums could be a mistaken for mansions.

If you have once been to the ancient capital of Hue, you will not be surprised by the vast tombs painted with gold cards, delicate carvings of the Nguyen kings. For many generations, Hue people always respect the grave when returning to eternity to send their body and soul.

Coming to An Bang fishing village, you not only feel the taste of a coastal countryside. When you come and visit the tomb area here, you will be lost in the matrix because of the vastness and the number of tombs here. The tomb row on row, close to each other, the tombs with colorful shapes stretching on the vast sand hill makes us like entering a deep, mysterious land. The uniqueness of the tomb village is not only about the size of the tombs but also about the architecture of building tombs with diverse styles from Buddhism, Christianity to Confucianism ...

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