Taxes are going digital

in #digital2 years ago

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) annonced a big revolution by setting up digital tax service to bring all individuals and business tax information in one place may like one stop shop making it easier to register, file, pay and update your tax information online, anytime.

HMRC had a vision to complete this digital project by 2020 along with head count reduction, extra pile of work from brexit and loosing skill as part of redundancy. All Accountants and Tax experts said this is a very ambitious target to roll out digital reporting and all communication from HMRC to taxpayers online.

HMRC could not cope with the current situation in the country when everyone is eager to know about Brexit result and its impact on individuals and business and announced a hold on this project with delay to release.

Lets us hope for the HMRC could get this project completed sometime in a decade or two?


Haha, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Government IT projects are notorious for going badly.

Not to forget the increased powers HMRC want to look into people's accounts and take tax directly. This is likely to get challenged by tax payers

Nice post on the digitalisation of taxes in UK

Hope this good project comes to life soon.

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