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Today, it's safe to say conventional wars and conventional warfare no longer describe the reality of armed conflict in the 21st century. Wars are now fought and won on multiple battlefronts. Winning the hearts and minds of the citizens involved in a particular conflict plays a crucial component and, as such, it is necessary to conduct multifaceted campaigns in concert with military operations. The new landscape of war consists of an array of unconventional methods and sophisticated propaganda.

Throughout this post, comparisons will be made to the ongoing conflict in Syria though much of UW can be applied broadly to any number of conflicts in recent memory.

PSYOPS play a critical role in Unconventional Warfare (UW) campaigns alongside a wide range of symbiotic strategies.

The US Army Special Operations Forces Manual (2008) obtained and released by Wikileaks in 2013. Is a comprehensive 248-page guide on how to initiate, cultivate, negotiate and execute political and military objectives through UW.

It’s an updated revision of the of the US Army Field Manual providing an in-depth understanding of the application of UW by US power.,_FM3-05.130,_30_Sep_2008

Wikileaks describes the document as such:

Unconventional Warfare, as of this manual is being defined as Operations conducted by, with, or through irregular forces in support of a resistance movement, an insurgency, or conventional military operations., reflecting two important criteria: UW must be conducted by, with, or through surrogates; and such surrogates must be irregular forces.

Other Military field manuals released by Wikileaks include the US Special Forces Foreign Internal Defense Operations, FM 3-05.202, Feb 2007. This manual is employed in areas where the US provides undeclared support against internal revolt and insurgency.

The document, which is official US Special Forces policy, directly advocates training paramilitaries, pervasive surveillance, censorship, press control, restrictions on labor unions & political parties, suspending habeas corpus, warrantless searches, detainment without charge, bribery, employing terrorists, false flag operations, concealing human rights abuses from journalists, and extensive use of "psychological operations" (propaganda) to make these and other "population & resource control" measures palatable.,_FM_3-05.202,_Feb_2007

Military Terminology

This post focuses primarily on the use of PSYOPS in Unconventional Warfare campaigns. Because US Field Manuals contain a large amount of military jargon the following acronyms will be helpful. Here’s a short list of acronyms relevant to this post.

  • UW – Unconventional Warfare
  • PSYOP – Psychological Operation
  • CA – Civil Affairs
  • CMO – Civil-Military Operation
  • FOB – Forward Operational Base
  • JSOA – Joint Security Operation Area
  • SFOA – Special Forces Operation Area
  • SFOD – Special Forces Operation Detachment
  • SFOB – Special Forces Operational Base
  • USG – United States Government

Visualizing UW in Social Revolution

UW campaigns are complex and multifaceted. Necessary elements are often installed years in advance of any full-scale operation. The following diagram helps illustrate the complexity of UW campaigns.

UW indigenous social movements.jpg

Social Movement | Unconventional Warfare | Social Revolution

A: Reform-orientated social movements

B: Externally Sponsored Guerilla Forces to harass, disrupt, or coerce a regime

C: Indigenous Coups d’Etat

D: (A+B) Indigenous resistance movements seeking to disrupt a target regime

E: (A+C) Indigenous movements seeking to overthrow a regime

F: (B+C) Externally sponsored insurgency or coups d’etats for regime change

G: UW campaigns that mobilize indigenous social movements aiming for regime change

When we consider the conflict zones around the globe where the United States is officially, and unofficially, engaged these strategies are evidently at play on various levels. Countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, the Ukraine and Syria immediately come to mind.

It's particularly instructive in understanding the Syrian conflict presently as well as perhaps studying the march towards destabilizing and potentially overthrowing the Iranian regime where any combination of these strategies may be employed to realize US foreign policy objectives.

Foreign Fighters in Syrian Conflict

Particularly relevant to the crisis in Syria is:

B: Externally Sponsored Guerilla Forces to harass, disrupt, or coerce a regime

In the case of Syria much, if not all, of the various 'rebel freedom fighters' engaged in armed conflict are sponsored by foreign powers. The US freely admits that it provides weapons and support to 'moderate rebel groups' along with its allies.
In addition, the terrorist organizations ISIS and Al Qaeda play significant roles in destabilization efforts in Syria. Disclosures from Wikileaks prove that the Washington is keenly aware that these terror groups receive financial support from Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

WikiLeaks on Twitter   Saudi   Qatar governments funded and gave logistical support to ISIS  ISIL  confirms Hillary Clinton email https RmaFi9lQQP https KMjIfIhNwL .png

The Role of PsyOps in UW

Before engaging in UW a ‘thorough’ area study should be completed which encompasses a full spectrum analysis of political climate, religious elements, weather, standard of living, medical concerns, education system government services.

A thorough study is required in order to (develop) strong psyop and civil affairs plans that are crucial to the support of a strong UW plan.

Psychological operations are a key component of Unconventional Warfare and underpin the overall operations aimed at destabilizing and/or subverting an undesirable regime.

Psyop units prepare the resistance organization of civilians of a potential JSOA (Joint Security Operations Area) to accept US sponsorship and the subsequent assistance of SFODs.

PSYOP objectives in a UW operation include:

us fm3 05 201.pdf2.png

The White Helmets PSYOP


Let's explore the role of PSYOP objectives in UW as it applies to the ongoing Syrian conflict

  • Creating popular support for the insurgency movement
  • Developing support of the populace to allow the insurgents to avoid detection and move freely.
  • Promoting the recruitment of others into the resistance movement
  • Discrediting the existing government and its programs
  • Informing the international community of the goodwill and intent of the United States and insurgents.
  • Gaining support of the indigenous populace for US support and presence
  • Countering hostile propaganda
  • Training members of the indigenous population or force in PSYOP (target audience analysis, local product development, targeting, dissemination, and analysis of impact indicators).
  • Maintaining motivation among the insurgents.
  • Passing information or instructions to the resistance organization or its subordinate elements.
  • Providing a “link” between the resistance organizations and foreign populations
  • Promoting reforms the insurgent organization will establish after the hostile government’s overthrow.

    There are many parts to unpack here but lets have a closer look at a few of the most relevant points in regards to Syria.

Creating popular support

The White Helmets are also known as the Syrian Civil Defense. However, the White helmets have stolen the name of the 63 year old Syrian organization and created a fraudulent search and rescue organization. The White Helmets are funded by USAID, Chemonics, MayDay, and by US, UK and the Netherlands for a combined total of $150 million USD.

The amount of attention that the White Helmets have received from western media is striking. The Syrian conflict is on the world stage and therefore creating popular support for Western objectives is paramount. The 2016 Netflix documentary that won an Academy award depicting the White Helmets as heroic figures in the Syrian conflict is perhaps the preeminent example but certainly only a small part of the ongoing propaganda produced by 'humanitarian' organization.

Gaining support of the indigenous populace for US support and presence.

Informing the international community of the goodwill and intent of the United States and insurgents.

Although, this objective has only been partially achieved it continues to be a key strategic goal of the White Helmets and anti-Assad rebel forces in Syria. More importantly, the propaganda material created by the White Helmets is aimed at Western audiences to stir the emotions and create a sense of outrage towards the Syrian government. Conversely, it's used to associate altruism and humanitarianism with the White Helmets. The ultimate aim of the White Helmets is to win the support of Western populations for Western intervention and regime change.

The White Helmets were nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2017.

WH peace prize 2017.jpeg

Countering hostile propaganda

Alternative perspectives on what's actually happening in Syria are labeled - Pro-Assad apologists, conspiracy theorists and Pro-Russian propagandists.

The White Helmets counter hostile perspectives by producing more and more propaganda of their own. Western powers have relentlessly pursued false flag chemical attacks since 2013. Claims of these attacks have been accompanied by graphic videos (supplied by the White Helmets) of suffocating children apparently victims suffering from chemical inhalation. The latest claims of chemical attacks in Douma in April of 2018, resulted in military action by the United States.

Training members of the indigenous population or force in PSYOP


The White Helmets are very media savvy producing and disseminating their material widely using social media and they know exactly who their target audience is. In 2016, the White Helmets attempted to create a viral video by joining in the "Mannequin Challenge". In this instance, their determination to make a viral video of their members digging a man out of the rubble of a collapsed building backfired as it showed how well they were able to stage life-like events.

Mannequin C.jpg

The 'humanitarian' organization claims to have trained over 3,000 volunteers throughout Syria but their training facilities are outside Gaziantep located in Turkey. This is a place described by the Guardian in 2016 as being home to ISIS killers and sex trade...

Passing information or instructions to the resistance organization or its subordinate elements.

The White Helmets have been shown to be affiliated with known terrorist groups Al-Qaeda and Al Nustra Front. Members of the White Helmets have been photographed celebrating with armed terrorists and even brandishing weaponry. Reporter Vanessa Beeley revealed that the White Helmets even share field offices with Al Nustra insurgents.

Providing a “link” between the resistance organizations and foreign populations

Without a doubt, the main purpose of this fake organization is to conduct an extensive public relations campaign aimed at manipulating public perception. The White Helmets are the focal point for generating support for western interventionism and the establishment of a "No-Fly-Zone" over Syria (aka NATO bombing campaign - see Libya). The White Helmets are portrayed as the human face of the resistance while the Assad regime is portrayed as a blood thirsty tyrant who gasses his own people.

Washington's Merchant of War Peddles the No-Fly-Zone in Syria Calls for Another Libya

latuff cartoons


In this post we're only able to cover a tiny fraction of how UW and PSYOPS are employed in modern day warfare. We focused on the use of PSYOPS in the preparation stage of UW.

Screen Shot 20180925 at 12.49.27 AM.png

The employment of PSYOPs continues throughout many more phases of an UW campaign right up until Combat Employment and Demobilization.

In the case of Syria, the only piece that's missing is the deployment of conventional forces that would include full scale NATO bombing campaign and/or occupation.

I think it's important to reiterate part of the statement from Wikileaks at the top of the piece outlining the employment of :

...false flag operations, concealing human rights abuses from journalists, and extensive use of "psychological operations" (propaganda) to make these and other "population & resource control" measures palatable.

Those who refuse to drink the msm cool-aid can easily recognize the EXTENSIVE USE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS and FALSE FLAGS in Syria.

To be certain, these are not half-baked conspiracies dreamt up by tin foil hat wearing alt-right nutcases.

No, it's right there in black and white in the US Special Forces Field Manual.

In recent weeks, Russia has warned of an upcoming false flag in Idlib as the Syrian Army backed by Russian air power looks to vanquish the last vestiges of the rebel insurgency in the country. The false flag (possible another gas attack) has yet to materialize but oddly enough US and NATO allies have begun to predict that Assad forces are poised to launch another chemical attack on the civilian population.

There is “lots of evidence” chemical weapons are being prepared by Syrian government forces in Idlib, north-west Syria, the new US representative for Syria has said, warning any attack on the last big rebel enclave would be a “reckless escalation”.

“I am very sure that we have very, very good grounds to be making these warnings,” said Jim Jeffrey, who was named on 17 August as secretary of state Mike Pompeo’s special adviser on Syria overseeing talks on a political transition. “Any offensive is to us objectionable as a reckless escalation,” Jeffrey said. “There is lots of evidence that chemical weapons are being prepared.”

"Lots of Evidence"?
The PSYOPs continue...

In an upcoming piece, I hope to delve further into UW PSYOPs and Syria. However, I also encourage anyone interested in this topic to take the plunge into these Military Manuals as they shed light on much of what we've seen coming out of Syria and other conflict zones over the last several years.

Additional Sources




It's always great to point to actual facts, that can be found by anyone by digging a little into official documentation that literally shows the agenda's in plain sight. This is why the tag of 'conspiracy theorist' is such an effective PSYOP term in itself.

So many of these conflicts are also portrayed with another extremely effective PSYOP term in 'civil war'. It indicates an internal struggle where the overwhelming majority of the populace are 'anti-regime', which allows an outside force to garner support for overthrowing a sitting government through incessant propaganda, whilst also portraying themselves as a neutral and peaceful humanitarian force only interested in saving the country from an evil dictator.

If you have time to read the PSYOP chapter on the Special Forces manual, it's worth it. It's striking how many components of UW strategy are part of the current geopolitical conflicts, especially in the middle east.

The White Helmets template is starting to appear in other countries around the globe as well. Which is quite worrisome.

I totally agree with you on the use of the term 'civil war'. There may have been internal political strife due to food shortages in 2010-2011 but it's been completely hijacked by external powers to wage a proxy war and eliminate another secular government in the middle east (Iraq/Libya) and gain control of the countries natural resources.

Ironically it's not even really Assad whose the evil dictator when it comes to Syria. It's actually Putin. If Syria hadn't chose Putin's backing in building a natural gas line pipe he wouldn't have found himself in this position. With Putin's stake in the gas line he'd been able to control Europe's supply of natural gas from all angles.

Very important post @v4vapid. Resteeming and sharing at White Helmets Exposed on Twitter tonight. Link here:

Also noteworthy is the fact the UK government is officially repatriating White Helmets into the UK as of today.

Britain grants asylum to 100 White Helmet rescuers and relatives after Syria evacuation

Thank you as well for your fantastic work on the White Helmets! I meant to link to your work as well, as you've been covering this subject extensively for over a year! Will add a link to your work asap.

The fact, that they're repatriating terrorists in the UK, Canada and US while also giving the WH safe passage through Israel(!!!) is very instructive.

Cheers, you're very well informed as always!

The American people are the victims of these particular operations. They have been falling for false flags for at least a century. The opportunity to educate themselves about the truth is being slowly withdrawn by the likes of Google and other social media giants.

While Americans are clearly targeted for psyops, psyops have existed as long as there has been a profit motive.

Far longer than a century, and not just in America. The Boston Tea Party was a classic false flag op, as the perpetrators dressed so as to look like their enemies (at the time indigenes were being stripped of their resources by folks that wanted everything they had).

It's important to note the difference between rhetoric and action. Thos. Jefferson said 'It is the polity of the Indians I admire most, as there is the least of it.' , but he owned slaves, became the President of the United States, and effected a great deal of polity contrary to his anti-polity statement.

Not picking on Jefferson. Just using him to point out the difference between rhetoric and action.

Nero, the Roman Emperor, is said to have used false flag operations to become rich and powerful, as the owner of a private fire department. The source of the old adage 'Nero fiddled while Rome burned.' is the accusation that his firemen set fires and then he seized the properties after putting the fires out when the property owners wouldn't pay.

Sounds exactly like Monsanto's use of courts to seize the farms of those whose crops were wind pollinated by Monsanto's GMOs.


Thanks for the update!
I totally agree, it's very complex and always in flux. I did notice the latest escalations be the Israelis shooting down the Russian war plane. We're really on the precipice of open war between Russia/Iran/Syria/Turkey(? ) and the US/NATO/Israel/Saudis. Very scary.

Thanks for the update!

You are always welcome, @v4vapid.

Fantastic as usual, and bang on the money.
I would add a little to it though via the widely quoted in msm articles - Syrian Observatory of human rights, that I wrote about 8 months ago.

Yes! There are certainly other 'neutral' aid agencies and ngos playing supporting roles in the overarching psyop campaign. I wasn't aware of the Syrian Observatory, thanks for that ;)

My pleasure, glad to share the knowledge, I rewrote about them last night to include government funding with proof of.
Hope this helps people to be aware who their so called sources are.

Excellent work as all-ways. I recall seeing this document before, but I will put more time into looking at it asap. This brings to mind the US Mil Psyop whistlblower Scott Bennett who exposed how the CIA was funding ISIS directly via Swiss banks.

The scale of the evil and deception here is larger than the mental filters of many people will allow. I have read books explaining that this same psychological disconnect can be seen in the records of the Nuremberg trials for WW2 Nazi war criminal swhere tails of the esoteric, satanic ritual aspect of Nazism were revealed and the court rooms erupted into laughter and they were removed from the record. When people's entire mind is framing situations within tightly defined narrative that leaves no space for the 'weird' and even ridicules it, then they cannot look at reality when it is so warped without rejecting it and more denial.


Great information presented clearly and with supporting documentation. This is exactly the kind of news most people lack, and need most.


What a tangled web they weave, an illusion for the masses that they twist and deceive .. luckily its difficult for them to counter solid research like this and your previous white helmet post. It's all there for people to see .. well for anyone that bothers to look and not have their reality shaped and molded by the faux msm narrative.

One of the greatest travesties is how many charities have been brought out and politicised .. greasing the skids and picking up the pieces for wars they should be helping to stop. This has been going on for far too long and people really need to become educated and wise to these sick games .. from that perspective your stellar research is invaluable. Great post as always my friend!!

Great post and research. I like that you quoted it directly from the manuals; the proof is in the pudding. More people need to see these official government manuals to understand that these are clearly stated goals and well under way in so many parts of the world.
One reservation I had though on doing a deep dive after reading the cautionary statement: is reading material directly from the Wikileaks site the risky part? Or is doing external research by leaving Wikileaks and searching something on the internet the risk associated with it? I just don't want to run into trouble if I am exclusively using the Wikileaks website. I do this type of stuff for personal research, if it's too risky I will leave it to the folks who have been doing these already.

Any failure to conform to the desires of those intent on power will get you in trouble with them. Ultimately we have to either buckle under to fear of being bullied, or join those that will not.

Give that thought, and remember how bullies worked in Middle School. Bullies are bullies. When they can't make people afraid of them, they utterly fail.

I suspect the PSYOPS staging and scripts extend into the current brouhaha over Kavanaugh, as well. When you see Republican women downplaying accusations of rape (as Democrat women did during the Clinton admin) there's likely a bigger reason than saving Kavanaugh. I'm convinced these reactions are scripted in order to incense half of the population, who will then turn to government for redress. Lest we think the era of male chauvinism is over, the government will gently instruct us that it's not.

Weaknesses of the system of one state are used by another, there is no pity, alas.

Great Post 😆

I really need to look into the Nobel society and see what's going on there. It seems that they get things way too wrong, way too often in my mind.
It's funny how the White helmets came out of the woodwork and name themselves after a group that began when the Globalists started meddling in their countries too.

Highly rEsteemed!

spider webb.png

The war conflicts are always causing many deaths without apparent reason, the case of countries with armed conflicts but with war origins more than toso religious, are extremely delicate. Hopefully they can be overcome at some point!

Excellent work! I will follow for future articles. Thanks a million!

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I was just having this conversation yesterday. Super happy to have found your page and wishing you the best.

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Great piece, it goes to show you how much work and effort has gone into this plot. When we talk about how big and powerful the war machine is, its articles like this that shine a ray of light on just how far their reach goes. It also raises the question as to whether it can ever be stopped. I mean, even as more and more evidence comes forward, it doesn't seem like public perception changes much as the media is completely controlled by those who are pushing the agenda

I note that the media isn't completely controlled by those pushing the agenda, because this post isn't pushing the agenda.

Yay! for rebels and independent media =)

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