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Everyone in the...

Everyone in the mainstream media right now is focused on President tRump and his Humpty Dumpty wall on the southern border, meanwhile he is moving forward with a plan he announced last summer about expanding the military and creating a sixth branch of the armed military services.

For those of you...

For those of you who may have missed that announcement or just dismissed it as crazy talk; it is happening. According to tRump and the military Chiefs of Staff over at the Pentagon it seems like our next big military foe will be coming from outer space and we just aren’t prepared to do battle with the little green men in their flying saucers.

I happened to read a Presidential memorandum last night on the .gov website that was signed by tRump on February 18,2019 to start getting the ball rolling on budgeting for inclusion in the 2020 budget to finance this new branch of the military that will be known as the Space Command branch or some name like that.

If you think...

If you think laser guided bombs and jet fighters are expense (and those are) can you even begin to imagine how much a hyper-sonic interplanetary combat ready space vehicle will cost? I sure as hell can’t but I’m guessing it will be at least $1 billion if not more. Then we also are going to need some Space Command military bases, in outer space of course, and those should at least be $1 trillion a piece for just a cheap one where we can park a few of those hyper-sonic combat vehicles.

But being the...

But being the shrewd guy that tRump is he said in his memorandum that he was going to do this and hold costs down and their wouldn’t be a bunch of redundancy in this program or some bullshit like that. Something to the affect that where if one branch of the government / military had something that fit into this branch it would be incorporated into it, but NASA wouldn’t be a part of it. Like that makes any sense at all, NASA is supposed to be all about space and space exploration.

Of course tRump...

Of course tRump might just know a thing or two more about NASA than the average guy on the street; like we can’t even get to the moon and never have.

Oh damn, I have to correct myself here, the average guy on the street does know that we can’t get to the moon. There is a belt of radioactive atmosphere known as the Van Allen belt that NASA can’t seem to figure out how to get through safely, keep in mind though that they supposedly knew how in the late 1960’s and early 70’s… but someone in NASA evidently threw away the engineering drawings from those rockets.

Here is a ...

Here is a NASA engineer explaining three years ago in a video that the Van Allen belt is a serious issue, listen carefully around the 3:30 mark of the video when he starts explaining that “ we must solve these challenges before we can send people through this region of space” and he is only talking about an altitude of 3,600 miles. Watch now.

This whole thing...

This whole thing with a new military branch smells to high heaven as far as I am concerned and I see companies like SpaceX and Lockheed / Martin and others getting some really big paydays coming in the near future. Space X especially, with their re-usable rockets or so they claim. I do know this much; tRump likes spending money; especially other people’s money like our tax money.

Like I said, I can’t wait to see what this is going to cost us…

Until next time,

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Uggggghhh. Just what the doctor ordered. Another arm for the military industrial complex. Our Navy has a 430 ship fleet with out a real enemy in sight. We continue building big, expensive carriers (Google the Jerry Ford) even though our probable nearest competitor (China) has figured out how to neutralize them AND we are landing drones on carriers now. With out need for crew protection the next gen planes will be much smaller, faster, and better... And they are small enough to land on Jeep Carriers.

I really think the wall is just a huge distraction to keep attention away from other stuff like this.

You and I will disagree on the Moon Landings, but the Van Allen belt is real and nasty. Note that nobody in our astronaut corps went above near earth orbit more than once. Those guys were volunteers and stayed suited up the whole trip. They knew the dangers and went on. Anyway, the Van Allen belt is just a teeny part of the problems with the Space Service...

So. A question. Does this mean when the Space Service gets it's service academy to train officers and gentlemen (don't yell at me, that's the mission statement, not mine) will they be known as Space Cadets? I'm just askin'

Hadn't even thought about the cadets, but the name would surely be correct. I think they might also resurrect the old Jetson's cartoons and use George and Mr. Spacely for target practice.
I will have to go back and watch some interviews of those astronauts, I distinctly remember at least one who didn't even know about the Van Allen belt when questioned about it. So if they did actually go that far, I think he would have remembered being warned about the potential dangers. I'll see if I can find that video and put it in the the guzbucked stuff.

Usually, I like to write huge big responses to matters like this, but I will keep it short and simple with this one.

The circle continues over and over. Building weapons and starting wars to use them somewhere. This seems to be a theme for the entire world. All of this while saying there is not enough for everybody while you are spending billions or trillions or who knows how much money on building weapons of mass destruction. We can't solve world hunger but hey let's build another weapon which costs as much as solving the world hunger problem, pollution, education... You know things which actually matter...

Ok, I am stopping myself here. I said short... lol

Well said my friend, and short is very good in some cases, not much room for confusion. Thanks for your support.

You are more than welcome, brother. :)

Howdy sir sultnpapper! yes sir, our tax dollars at work. They may have to ramp up the drug trade to come up with those billions. It's amazing how fiscally responsible every single presidential candidate is going to be until they get into office and each one outspends the last one!

Yes, they all seem to have that down pat when it comes to campaigning. Well the drug trade is a place they can expand and they may want to take a page out of O'Bama's play book and sell some more guns to the drug cartels to get some additional funds. I think that program was called "Fast N Furious" if memory serves me correctly.

Yes sir, very true, FastNFurious it was, good memory. How are you liking the new job and set up?

Things are going well, thanks for asking.

I started on the US vs. USA article but I am not going to be able to finish it tonight. I have to head out early in the morning for Austin and I have to get some sleep, but I am working on it.

oh thanks for the update sir sultnpapper! I heard the traffic in Austin is rough but it can't be worse than Houston I wouldn't think but I've never driven in Houston.

Don't bet on that, Austin is at least 25 years behind in where they should be in road planning. There are only two major routes going north and south in that town and it is bumper to bumper traffic pretty much all day long on them. And not bumper to bumper at 60 or 50 or even 40, most of the time it is below 30 if not stop and go a hundred or two hundred feet at a time.
In Houston there is a lot of traffic but it is usually moving at a decent clip and there are plenty of alternate routes if there is a wreck. Normal rush traffic is bad but it isn't bad all day long in Houston where Austin is bad ALL DAY long.

Howdy today sir sultnpapper! Well that just sounds crazy, who designed that place anyway? The growth overtook them before they could build the proper road system? I haven't spent time there but I heard it's a whole brand new city because of the explosion in growth.

They have had a bunch of tree huggers on city council for years and their idea to relief the traffic congestion around the city was to narrow the lanes on the surface streets and add bicycle lanes. That was just one issue, when I-35 was built they didn't take enough property to ever widen the road through the main portion of the town so everything bottlenecks down right around the UT Campus area and downtown. It is a guzbucking mess for sure and has been that way for quite some time, the recent explosion in growth has just multiplied it by a factor of 5X or more if I had to make an honest guess at it.
Just an update, I had five drawings come in today so I am going to be tied up for a few nights on getting back to your request, sorry about that.

This actually made me laugh out loud, though I knew I should really be crying. We've had Reds-under-the-bed, we've had the terrorist bogeyman - the next thing to keep us in a state of panic and obedience will no doubt be "They're coming from outer space!" Or maybe Alien terrorists under the bed.
Moon landing, schmoon landing in my opinion. I used to wonder if the whole thing might have been faked, but I just wasn't sure. The analysis that the late Jack White did of official NASA photos pretty much convinced me that it was a fake. These can be seen on the website There's even a NASA photo that shows photos of the Apollo 11 space mission trapped underneath the lunar module when it was supposedly on the moon.

Yes, it is funny in a sad way. Thanks for the support and the links, I'll take a look.

Oh, I have to admit, that comment on the Reds under the Bed had me snickering big time.

I agree with Duro @awakentolife in that we spend so much money fighting each other, why not use that same money to bridge our friendships. Why is there so much greed in the world? If we cripple another country, is this supposed to make us proud?

We just need to toss away all our world leaders and let the people be free.


The majority of the people of the world I would have to guess are non-violent but with that said, the majority of the world leaders live for being violent and controlling.
The control part has a lot to do with establishing a sense of fear among their own people to justify spending trillions of dollars on the military. We are a prime example of that here in the USA, they constantly are telling us of all the threats.
I sure agree with your last sentence without question.
Thanks for tip and your continued support, very much appreciated.

You are always a guilty pleasure! :)

I could not agree with you more. Can you imagine what the world would look like if governments stopped funding production of weapons and military? We are talking hundreds of trillions of dollars.... Imagine that invested in solving "REAL" world problems?

Greed is the number 1 world problem and some people will never have enough...

The tRump is but a beautiful distraction.
A future space devision from some one else could feel inspiring, some how with the Rumpy it feels a pathetic ploy.
Honestly I just appreciate my distance from all this. While I pay attention... I feel a bit separated of the Daily Drumph

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You is on the Moon already...just don't want so say how to get there..:)

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He is a good distraction and the people who placed in that position knew he would be so they could continue on with business as usual. Politics and sports is all the American public needs in order to be distracted from reality.
You are lucky to be away from it for sure. Maybe not as lucky as you were smart, but you know what I mean.

Methinks perhaps rumpTay has an alternate agenda for the Space Command ship.

He's kinda hated by a lot of people. A lot. And I'd wager that those numbers of haters are only going to grow. Now, I don't care who you are- that's a whole lot of enemies.

By the time he's leaving office I'm confident he's going to need to escape to somewhere safe...

But where in this world will the famous Cheeto Tanned man not be instantly recognised?

'Where can he run to, where can he hide?'

Just a thought.

Or perhaps my famously imaginative brainz took a little sci-fi trip out of orbit just now.

... You never know... MuAhaHaaa

Thanks for the shout-out my friend! Great to see you 😊

Stay alive and witness 2020..this country has more dumb then estimated....

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This is just a thinly veiled plan to allow the military-industrial complex to expand the territory of their endless wars to include space. People are slowly beginning to catch on to the real goal of their mission to "spread freedom" (which "coincidentally" always involves countries with close proximity to oil and other natural resources) on this planet so this will allow them further their reach and larger budgets. Looks like space needs some freedom. This is guaranteed to be a real mess.

Yes Eric, this pretty much is guaranteed to be a real mess as you stated. What hasn't the US government gotten into or been in control of that hasn't been?
The thing about a war in space is that they can tell us they are fighting battles out there and how the hell would anyone be able to know? It isn't like we will be able to see those battles, even with the most powerful telescopes that normal people would have access to.
They have just found a way to siphon off more money from the people without ever having to show anything for it.
If the US would really like to spread some freedom they could start right here in Texas and let us go back to being a free nation, under one God, as we like to say here in the Republic of Texas.

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