Want Some Extra Time?

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Can you make your dreams come true with an extra hour a day? What would you do: Write that stellar novel growing cobwebs in your brain? Post photos of your cat wearing Grumpy Face while modeling the tiny sweaters you've learned to knit him? Manifest some monetary prosperity with Mindful Meditation?

Would you give up an hour a night for 238 free hours? Who doesn't want extra time?

Well, I'm feeling generous this week, so consider your wish granted!

I'll give you a few days to prepare, so... Sunday, March 10 will be the official beginning.

When you go to bed Saturday night you will lose one hour of sleep, but you'll gain an hour of daylight when you awake at your normal time Sunday morning!

AND you can continue utilizing the gift of extra daytime all spring and summer long! I'll even toss in a bit of fall, too. All the way until November 10.

That's 238 days of an extra hour of daylight each day to use for, well, whatever you want!

Ok, ok, this isn't my invention, but it is my idea to invite you to think about the upcoming bounty of daylight that Daylight Savings Time offers and consider some useful, productive, and just plain fun ways you can wield this gift to your advantage.

The Daylight Savings time change officially starts Sunday, March 10 at 2 a.m. your local time. Your computer, phone and tablet most likely automatically adjusts for the time change each spring and fall, but it's a good idea to consider setting your offline clocks (stove, car, bedside alarm, etc ) ahead 60 minutes before you go to bed Saturday night.

Happy Spring Ahead my fellow Steemians, and may each one of your days be filled with blessings and prosperity.

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I work in non-profit radio serving my community of loyal listeners. A few years ago we had asked our fans to do A LOT over a few months. Events, Contests, Concerts, Fundraisers, and Bolunteer efforts... it was exhausting for them, but imagine how the Station Staff felt. By the time New Years Eve tolled ariynd, we were spent! So we had an idea.... Do Nothing Night!! We promoted it for a month, put activity suggestions on our website and social media, and just encouraged our listeners to take the night off to ... do nothing. It was a huge hit with everyone!
Sometimes we just need someone else to grant us the permission to do the thing we’ve been longing to do. Thank you @arbitrarykitten

I love this! You're right, sometimes all it takes is someone on the outside giving us permission, because, you know, our own permissions just never seem "good enough" lol!

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Daylight saving time is not practiced here in the Philippines. I recall when I was very young they tried to implement it but it didn't last. Although that extra hour would be such a joy as I really do need more time to do more things.

They are actually trying to do away with it here.

But, you know, you don't really need "their" permission for an extra hour :) TAKE it! You deserve it!!!

I always have problem with my clients from the other side of the globe during the time The Daylight Savings time changes. We will always missed each other by thinking we were actually on time... Lesson learned.

Thats ok, I usually forget it's daylight savings myself, lol, and am early or late for something!

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