Daily Dose of Sultnpapper 09/11/18> Today is Day 365 for me here … so take a look if you will.

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The last day of my first “year” here…

Today is my 365th day here and that means that this edition of the Daily Dose makes it one complete year for me since there wasn’t a Leap Year day this year at the end of February.

Looking back at my year here I have made a couple of mistakes and I am probably not the only one who has done that, and surely won’t be last one. The thing about my mistakes is; I know where and when I made them and two stand out pretty well.

As this day approached I had a few readers of the Daily Dose ask me if I had anything “big” planned and at the time I had been kicking around a couple of ideas but I never did say. Today I am saying; so here is what is in store.

A few mistakes...

You will find here that there is a link for each day of the Daily Dose in the order that they were published starting at Day 1 and going all the way up to Day 366. Yes, I know my year only had 365 days in it so that was one mistake I made. I published the Daily Dose twice on one day with different articles and when I was creating this list of numbered day links I didn’t catch it until the end, at 366. So finding that mistake will earn you nothing. Finding the ones I am looking for will get you ten shares of SBI.

One more mistake for the year…

It seems that the steemit block chain has a size limit and this post having all the links in it exceeded the guzbucking limit when I tried to publish to the block chain; so I will have to regroup and figure out how I can make this contest work.
It isn't as simple as sending you to my blog to look for the mistakes since I have a total of right at 400 posts I have published and so there are several without the date and years and that would be cluster guzbuck sorting that mess out. So hang tight and I'll come up with another contest in a day or so to celebrate one year here.

Until next time,

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Happy 1 year @sultnpapper! 400, that's a lot of posts...it will be fun to see what you have to say this year!


Thank you. Four hundred is a lot for me I can tell you that. What I have to say this year is yet to be determined since my daily doses are based normally what is on my mind at the end of the day. So we'll just take it one day at a time and see how it plays out, just like the first year.

Wow! Yes, that would be a lot of links. But huge congrats for perseverance and showing up each day with a blog post! And, yes, we do all make mistakes. Good to let them roll off your shoulders. I'm not always good at that, but getting better... I think. ;)


Thank you.

happy anniversary and congratulations @sultnpapper!!!! :)

looking forward to your contest - i LOVE contests!!! (and i'm giving away 50 SBI in a few days - there are a lot of ways for you to enter if you'd like to have some fun!!!)


Thanks dreemsteem for the heads up on your contest and the anniversary wishes.

Congratulations on the first steemit birthday of DAILY DOSE! 💚💚💚 You have brought so much to the platform!
You intrigued me with all that talk about mistakes so I did go over ALL your posts and I found out that 03/10/18>, 10/24/17 does not load the photo, nor does 1/1/18, and I did not found 2/2/18. Since there is time travel involved, I guess 11/29/2029> is not a mistake. Three posts for 10/17/17 were fun ;) That is all that I could find so if there were more mistakes, there were obviously tiny :D Again, congratulations and keep it up honey, you are doing GREAT! 💚


I don't now what to say, except I am blown away that you went and examined each one even though there was nothing on the line in way of a reward or bounty since I had cancelled the contest.
I also believe you caught them all.
The biggest mistake of all that I made was 2/2/18. I did make a post that day and it did not have the date nor did it have my signature photo for the daily dose, the salt & peppers packs. That day was a post that was part of the #steemusa "state wars" competition that was taking place and it was a food fight. Texas won that fight hands down with slow smoked BBQ.
Thanks for taking the time to review them all and verify that I actually did pretty well at holding down the mistakes, for 400 posts that isn't a bad record in my opinion.

Well Sir, I am impressed. Congratulations and thanks for the year's worth of good stuff. That is a huge accomplishment, every day for one year. Man.

I did it once, published every day for a year. It was a challenge, and I was the only one that made the year. Which is not to say all my posts were exactly pulitizer material. They weren't, and it was such an incredible slug at times.

So. If you need someone to aim at a guy named Seth Godin is up around 8000 in a row. I read his every day, and like yours, his makes me think every single day. Godin has also written about 15 books through that time.

So at the end, I'm really glad you are here, and really glad you are going on. You give 'value added' every single day, and for that you have my profound thanks.


Thank you Tom for being here everyday. I doubt I will see 8,000 consecutive coming from me, that is over 20 years based on my quick math in my head. I don't know that I have twenty years of life in me.
I can tell you, but you all ready know by having done it, committing to doing a post a day is work and following through is a challenge. I really struggled some nights just to stay awake while writing and actually write something that I felt was giving value to the platform.
Even after I got it written some nights I did fall asleep before I could get it posted, but I had the work done of writing and that was my aim, to write my thoughts at the end of the day.
Thanks for being a loyal supporter of the Daily Dose.

HAPPY 1st Year on Steemit!!!!!!!!!!!!! WooooooooT!


Thanks Snook. Very much appreciated.

Happy anniversary @sultnpapper, gosh that's a heck of a lot of links, a ton of writing you've already done!
I'm sure a Papper grandchild or great grandchild will one day enjoy getting to know grandpa Papper by reading the Daily Dose!


I sure hope those future grand kids do, if not the whole intention of being here will have been wasted effort. The result of being here has led to a lot more though, I have met some great friends from all over the world like you.
I have seen places I would never have seen too through other peoples work. This place has been amazing to say the least.
Thank you for your loyal support of the Daily Dose.


My sentiments exactly!

Congratulations on your year here on Steemit! 🎉👏🙋🎈 It is annoying when you want to post something longer and it won't let you. I also want to dig back in my old posts. I am finding when I do a search on the blog I can only go back about three months. Is there a better method? I am wondering if WeKu will fix a few of the shortcomings. I did post my first article over there last night as a test run.


One of the people at #thesteemengine has a tool that can dig up your old posts, his name is @eonwarped , I heard about after I went and copied and pasted each link into a word document file and then created the "day numbered" links, which took hours. So you can imagine the guzbucks that were flying out of my mouth when the block chain rejected my post for being to large.
I will find you over there on WeKu and give it look.
Thanks for the congrats and the loyal support of the Daily Dose.


What are you posting under in WeKu? I haven't figured out how to find folks over there yet...old timers kicking in.


same name, @sultnpapper , as far as tags go it looks like everything just goes in community right now, now matter what tags you place on your posts. I just posted 4 minutes ago. If you look at steemitbloggers there is a WeKu section at the bottom of where the # post tags are, you can find me through that but I haven't put my latest post in there yet. I haven't really started looking for people there but I have seen a bunch from steemitbloggers migrating over there to look around.


That's a hell of an accomplishment!! Congrats on posting every day and living to tell about it. LOL!!! Happy Steemiversary and here's to many more. It's been fun getting to know you and I think your future generations will be even more impressed.


Thank you Mam, I have survived and the wife and kids are amazed that it has been a year already. They said I wouldn't last a month.

A year with the Papper. it has been a solid run...and that you broke steemit when you tried to link all your posts...says a lot! looking forward to many more years!!


I'll be here until I am not here, that is about is about all I can guarantee. I think it has been a solid run like you say. I have made some interesting posts and I have gotten a few good followers who seem to enjoy reading the Daily Dose and most of all I have put some stuff hopefully where the future grand kids can find it and read it for themselves.
My aim is to get people to think, and there is a lot less of that taking place then say 40 years ago. I have seen a steady decline in that area from people in general so I try and bring things that are relevant but with a different angle on it so that people might just stop and think.
Thanks for all loyal support, you and I go back to damn near day one here for me and that means a lot to me.
I won't promise more years, but I am sure if I am able there will be many more days.
Thanks again.


who needs to think...thats why they invented Google.

I wish you a very, very



Thanks very much.

Happy Anniversary, my friend. Steemit is a better place because you’re here!


Thanks Eric, I really appreciate that, I am a work in progress for sure at blogging.


You're welcome! Oh man, we're all a work in progress.

sir sultnpapper! congratulations on your one year anniversary! I wonder how many joined the same day you did and what percentage has dropped out? I've heard that the average retention rate is just 6% so we are beating the odds by far!
great job sir!


I wouldn't have a clue on that but there are a couple that joined right in that couple week period that I met up with right off the bat and they are still on here and doing real well those are @thekittygirl and @buttcoins , both real nice folks.
Thanks @janton .


oh I know both of them yes sir, buttcoins is very funny, his video about hitting rep 60 had me rolling! lol.


Very funny guy he is for sure.