Tales of a cyclist - Part 8: All caught up

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My Bike

I have been commuting by bicycle for 349 days, traveled 7022 miles (the distance from my house to Hawaii), lost 21 lbs in weight, fallen off 3 times, had 6 stitches, snapped 3 chains, spent £200 on parts, saved £600 on train fares and have almost been knocked off by a handful of imbecile drivers. I may have shouted and cursed at those very same drivers.

I have been laughed at, embarrassed, mortified, angry, cold, wet, sweaty, sore and after all that I am still an evangelist. My resolve has never wavered. I have stayed true to the cause. I am a convert, no longer that lazy slob bound to the couch. I am free. I chose cycling.

So you are all caught up, I have taken you on a journey through the climbs and descents of my commuting career, to date. Mainly the descents, I think they are more amusing well at least in my opinion and my philosophy is to get some good out of the bad. I hope you enjoyed my tales and if you missed any of them here they all are in their full glory.

Part 1 - In the beginning

In the beginning

Part 2 - The Catherine Wheel

The Catherine Wheel

Part 3 - Death By Female Pleasure Giver

Death By Female Pleasure Giver

Part 4 - The Hysterical Doctor

The Hysterical Doctor

Part 5 -The Eternal Infernal Squeak

The Eternal Infernal Squeak

Part 6 - The Flintstone Race

The Flintstone Race

Part 7 - The Ned Encounter

The Ned Encounter

My cycling career is far from over, in fact it is still in its infancy and I will be sure to fill you all in when something eventful happens.

As for my steemit blog, I love writing but more importantly I love to make people laugh, so I am going to throw the same passion at it as I have done with cycling. Writing about anything and everything that takes my fancy, in a vain attempt to better myself as a writer and perhaps earn a few quid along the way.

Truthfully though, I have been inspired by the bloggers on here that have changed their lives through their continued hard work and persistence. I want that. I want that for my family, after all they are my world!



I loved the series and I see I missed a few, gonna read up on those! You usually have a fun way of writing so gonna be interesting to see your next new topics, :) PS. Beautiful family you got yourself there!

Thank you mate, I am so privileged to have such a loyal follower in you.

And thank you very much, they are the best.

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