Win a 4.3$ Upvote by supporting fellow authors! SilentScreamer's 🔥//Weekly Steemian Spotlight//🔥 WEEK 2

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Week 2 time!!!.. I said i was doing this series and i cant quit at the first one. That would make me look bad. I need at least this one more before i can quit. 😎
Kidding, kidding... I like this series and i want to do a bunch of these posts. Last week my first post in the series was featured on Whaleshares, got to trending on a few pages and did relatively well. Hopefully i managed to help get those bloggers i featured a few more followers and likes on their posts.

Since my first one was relatively succesfull i thought to myself: "how could i make my series have a greater reach and introduce these lovely authors to an even larger audience"

Luckily, theres one sure thing when it comes to Steemit.

Steemians loveeeeeee giveways!🎇


Yes, a giveaway! 😀 But ill make this one a bit different.

Talking about bots

Lately there has been a lot of controversy regarding bid-bots and upvote selling services on Steemit. Some people hate them, some dont care and some completely abuse them which effectively killed off the trending page.
I consider myself to hold some kind of middle ground.
I see a great use for bots but realize that the way they are set up right now leads to an, imo, net negative effect for the Steem ecosystem.

Now... I cant fix any of this, but i can make suggestions, which i tried to do, to "players" much bigger then me on Steemit. I can also try and promote a responsible use of bots which i will attempt to do right now.

So here is how this will go down:

  1. I want to continue to have these weekly showcases of Steemians i found to be quality bloggers and promote their work.
  2. This i will try to achieve through my attempt to expand the reach of this series, by having a giveaway that will require "resteeming".
  3. I will try to promote a sensible use of bots while trying to show that through reviewing content, you can make at least a decent enough judgement on whether a post crosses the minimum quality threshold for the specific size upvote or not. I will be using @smartsteem services to upvote the winner of the giveaway since i find their 3 star rating system to be "better then what others have".


I said this was going to be different so read up... The easiest thing i could do is just send you a few SBD or STEEM, but i wont do that, nah. 😉 What i will do is BUY an upvote from @smartsteem and upvote one of your posts.
If this post gets any more traction then i expect it will, i will increase the upvote size, but ATM it will be around 4.3$. Which i think is a nice dolphin size vote. Heres what you need to do to win.

1. Comment on and resteem this post
2. Have at least 1 post with a pending payout on your blog.

Once the week is up ill check out the blog of a random winner picked by using

If that winner has resteemed, left a quality comment on this post, has a pending payout post on his blog he will get the upvote.

The post in question does not need to be exceptional Curie level of quality. It just needs to be "good enough".

Since its my giveaway and im a curator myself, youll just have to trust my judgement. 😘
This upvote wont take you to trending but it will give you a nice boost in visibility.

🔥Spamming, low quality content, plagiarized content, and low quality comments disqualify you from the giveaway🔥


My method of choosing my picks

Instead of highlighting a particular post, ill be looking at the weekly uploads and blog history, taking into account consistency and quality and offering an insight why i think this particular blogger deserves attention.
When making my picks i wont be looking at rating, age of the blog, post payouts, etc...

1. @tasauver

Followers: 386, Joined February 2018,
tags: #travel, #photofeed, #photography, #poetry

I decided to feature Tasauver first, since he is the latest blogger to amaze me with his content. I would say his photography is what stood out most to me. Many of them id hang on my wall. He shares a lot of photos of his beautiful state of Kashmir and shares some idea of what life is like there, parts of his culture, the cuisine etc. To every post he makes he likes to add his deeper personal insight, maybe share a motivational story with us, his thoughts and feelings. His posts are extremely personal and he puts "himself out there". All of that with quality of writing and a talent for photography. Definitely something to look at.

2. @bengy
Followers: 588, Joined December 2017
Tags: #classical-music, #music, #contest

Oh what can you say about Bengy. Clasical-music discord channel Admin, classical musician, violinist, moderator of the @musicapoetica and @classical-radio accounts, and an overall great guy. I have rarely seen anyone show so much dedication to this platform and to the goal he set for himself of raising awareness about classical music on this platform and helping our small community grow. Bengy, of course writes wonderfully about broad subjects as well as topics concerning classical music. He also runs a few competitions in discord and his channel on various topics. "Guess the music, Share a joke, etc". I cant even imagine how he manages it all while having a professional career. He would probably ask me to share this so i will: If you are a classical musician or simply just like classical music come join us in our discord channel

3. @spalatino
Followers: 282, Joined December 2017
Tags: #writing, #story, #fiction

Spalatino is one of my favorite writers on this platform. I have been a admirer of his work from day one. He has a talent of writing a compelling story from start to a satisfying end, establishing characters well, and wrapping the story up in less then a few thousand words. He mostly writes stand alone stories and covers a various topics and a few different themes. His short stories in #constrainedwriting and #fiftywords are enjoyable as well. Definitely check him out if you like reading, especially if you like to be surprised every week with the direction he might choose for his next work.

And thats about it for this week. Ill try and do more of these when i can. Hope you enjoy my picks and that you give them many likes and follows. 😇Haha. See you soon...
Forgot to say:
🌟And keep on Steeming!🌟 (3).png



Good to see you. I've missed a couple days....

Bots? I don't think bots are the problem at all. It is the MISUSE of Bots that causes the problem. Falls into two categories. 1: Lazy. and 2: Greed. In combination those two are ugly and smelly.

The truth of the whole matter is that bot votes represent less than 2% of the total votes any given week. However, the financial implications are much higher.

I am really happy to see that MarkyMark and Brandon Frye have instituted black lists to their bots and WILL NOT allow bad posts. Bravo.

I really appreciate that you have started a curation series. I love curators. I am a serial reader, and I really appreciate curators that filter the crap out for me. Thank You.

Yeah. The abuse is the main point im trying to raise awareness about. Laziness and greed indeed.
Haha. I run into many bloggers over time and some amazing content so i thought it would be great to shine a light on all those amazing creators, not only on a single post they make.

I like your style. And not just musically.

Have been here for a while now and have seen a lot of different bot, some do normally send 0.001 sbd/steem to people to announce to them they're active, but sometimes i don't seems to understand how does bot works because some are just here to rub you and since you don't have enough sp to flag them you would just let it go. While some bot are good and are always active 24/7. Am not really here to talk about bot but I want to speak my mind on what have seen in my past few months here, sometimes I get confused and I want to give up because I can't just imagine a gif getting over $300 upvote while some minnows are out there who writes quality and good content but hardly get $0.010 upvote. So I started wondering is steemit now a place of trash? Where you post shit and get value for it while does that have post with value gat nothing to show for their hard work. Well I guess this is not the right place to pour out my mind but am very glad and a very big thank you to @silentscreamer for having a big heart giving back to minnows and the community.

Yes a lot of good content passes by the interested reader. And all because a bunch of people sitting and rivet their posts twenty pieces a day. If only more to earn,not even caring about the quality of content.Thus, good content of talented authors sinks under tons of low-quality posts.

I am not a fan of bots for the most part, I don't have a problem with personal use bots by good folks who are using them to upVote folks that they know produce quality content on a regular basis.
Just this weekend I did use a re-steem bot to get my photo contest out to more folks, it wasn't to try and raise the post earnings just wanted more visibility so more folks could enter, use for that type of bot I see as a positive for the platform.
Other than that, I don't much care for the bots. People abuse and misuse for personal gain and that turns me off to those type folks, I haven't looked at the trending page in over 4 months because it is riddled with junk posts that are botted up to the max.
I will enter your contest by re-steeming this post as a show of support for you and what you are doing to help others.

This is an awesome initiative series! And great list of steemers!

This is great you are supporting minnows and yes @tasauver he is really gaining some attention on steem..

Again good peeks, Thank you for sharing and caring about quality staff:)

Thx Oleg. Since im in the business i thought id give a shot at this. Maybe it helps someone, who knows? :D

I really appreciate that you go through this effort. I was becoming frustrated by the extreme lack of effort by some people on this site. I don't really have an issue if someone's blog isn't good as long as they tried, I was just getting frustrated by people who hardly try and just want to get paid.
It's nice to have someone looking for quality work that I might enjoy reading.

I share that concern as well. I think we would need more blogs showcasing other worthy authors through similar initiatives. Witnesses and whales are frequently busy and rarely share their SP. (The only ones i see frequently spreading their voting power among the minnows is @pharesim, @kevingwong, @pfunk, @vortac ofc, and a few others)
I cant offer their level of upvote, but bots and upvote services allow me to lift this post to the trending page to create exposure for others at least once a week, and reward a steemian with a nice upvote that creates good content and wants to help create exposure for his fellow steemians by resteeming this post.

That is soo nice of you @silentscreamer. I saw your notice on discord at dtube and decided to check it up and here i am. I am expecting more from you

Well i will try and deliver. Hopefully i could get someone to sponsor this so my SBD pool doesnt run out. Haha

This is a great project and would love to see our fellow Steemians and me (if I get lucky) lol. ^^ Great initiative indeed.

Aww, thx Dawn. Ill try it for a couple weeks, see if anything comes out of this. :D
Who knows, who might get lucky. hehe

Yep yep. :) Goodluck;

What a great iniciative, I love this idea!
I agree with you on the bots thing, is the same problem with all (new and Old) technology, we need to stop and think before going head first and stomp on everyone without measuring the consecuences, the best option is always developt a work ethic before implementing the technology that can change the world! (Otherwise we'll have a buch of kids eating tide pods for likes)

Hahaha. Great point. Ill try and see where this goes. Might be a flop, might drain all my SBD, but im done complaining and i want to try and do something worthwhile.

I like this project a lot, let me know if I can help in any way =D

How did i miss this, i dont deserve this much of praise but to be honest and frank this is for the first time on steemit that i feel somewhat worthy off whatever you said. Thank you for this, this straight goes down to my heart and this might not to be that special to you or to anybody but for me, this is my moment. I am going to keep it for long and long. You are doing such amazing work. May God bless you with more n more success. Thank you again and i feel obliged. @silentscreamer you are amazing :)

Lol! You chose that picture to represent me!

But seriously, thanks for the mention! Now that I'm back at home, it is trickier to keep things going, but once I go on tour again, there is ample time to write! Yay, classical music!

Yes i did. :D
I really couldnt find something to grab attention right away and its silly to use a post picture since you cover many things. This photo represents you the best. haha :D

A tuba rocket launcher... Collateral damage across a variety of topics!

It’s nice when someone does the hard work for you of researching and discovering quality bloggers and you get to reap the benefit. Thank you for being that someone.

Week one was a blast and was honored to be featured in your post. I love what you are doing to get more exposure for content creators. Spreading the word my friend.

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Good to see this post, its my first time coming across this contest and thanks for hosting it mate. I am sure the usage of bots is a big question on the platform but it actually depends on the users. I rarely use bots like smartsteem or minnowbooster but I have used a few others on a regular basis to be honest. But I don't think bots are necessarily a bad thing.

Well i obviously share that position which is why im trying to showcase not only the authors but try and reward those that will help create more exposure for them by resteeming this post, with a sensible and positive way of bot use.
I wanted to start a sort of initiative where every party would have a chance to be rewarded.

Hey, I don't know when is the next giveaway, but I am just glad to discover your profile and get to know you. I am a musician also :-)
Not possible to resteem this post... Best to you !