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Good to see you. I've missed a couple days....

Bots? I don't think bots are the problem at all. It is the MISUSE of Bots that causes the problem. Falls into two categories. 1: Lazy. and 2: Greed. In combination those two are ugly and smelly.

The truth of the whole matter is that bot votes represent less than 2% of the total votes any given week. However, the financial implications are much higher.

I am really happy to see that MarkyMark and Brandon Frye have instituted black lists to their bots and WILL NOT allow bad posts. Bravo.

I really appreciate that you have started a curation series. I love curators. I am a serial reader, and I really appreciate curators that filter the crap out for me. Thank You.


Yeah. The abuse is the main point im trying to raise awareness about. Laziness and greed indeed.
Haha. I run into many bloggers over time and some amazing content so i thought it would be great to shine a light on all those amazing creators, not only on a single post they make.

I like your style. And not just musically.

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