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RE: Win a 4.3$ Upvote by supporting fellow authors! SilentScreamer's 🔥//Weekly Steemian Spotlight//🔥 WEEK 2

in #curie3 years ago

I really appreciate that you go through this effort. I was becoming frustrated by the extreme lack of effort by some people on this site. I don't really have an issue if someone's blog isn't good as long as they tried, I was just getting frustrated by people who hardly try and just want to get paid.
It's nice to have someone looking for quality work that I might enjoy reading.


I share that concern as well. I think we would need more blogs showcasing other worthy authors through similar initiatives. Witnesses and whales are frequently busy and rarely share their SP. (The only ones i see frequently spreading their voting power among the minnows is @pharesim, @kevingwong, @pfunk, @vortac ofc, and a few others)
I cant offer their level of upvote, but bots and upvote services allow me to lift this post to the trending page to create exposure for others at least once a week, and reward a steemian with a nice upvote that creates good content and wants to help create exposure for his fellow steemians by resteeming this post.

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