Steemph.Iligan Poetry Compilation #1

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Welcome to the First Iligan featured Poems!

“Building Community, Uniting People, Nurturing Creativeness,
Taking Aptitude to the Next Level."

This is the first time @steemph.iligan feature poems from Iligan's amateur poets here in Steemit. This initiative is created to help the amateur poets to expose their poems to other fellow Steemians and encourage them to create more poems here in Steemit.

Poetry is the most beautiful form of written expression that exists, or will ever exist.

In Steemit believe it or not this platform brings out the poets within us. This is also one of the many reasons why most of us posts something that deals with poetry. And also, "In poetry everything is permitted". So we are free to express ourselves in poetic form. Hope you find some inspirations in these poems.

This compilation is also open for Cebuano, Filipino and English Poetry.

Here are the poems


Whatever the unfathomable future holds,
I'll find you and search you throughout the worlds,
And the thousand universe, wherever you are,
Even if you become among the star.

2.) Earthquake by @glenndale15000

What might these animals know that we do not?
Perhaps they can sense something or what?
What is happening?!
According to some people, a giant may be coming!!!

3.) MAGIC by @jeraterta

Could it be magic?
If we were meant to be
Destined to be you and me
No, it’s serendipity

4.) Just Pretending by @dianargenti

For these past few days, i've come to know these thoughts that i have pondered with.
Clouding my mind off until my heart was sealed.
Closing the gates for the possibility of making a mistake.

5.) Tula # 1: Walang Kasiguraduhan by @hepzyzy

Ngunit patuloy pa ring naglalakbay
sa daang walang kasiguraduhan
Sapagkat ayaw kong lumingon pabalik
at mapuno ng kadalamhatian.

We encourage you to consistently publish poems and be featured in our next daily compilation of Iligan's amateur poets! Please vote as witnesses @precise, @steemgigs, @cloh76.witness!

Poetry Compiler,



WOW @thvmps!! First man kaau. Go lang ng go Iligan!

All poems are beautiful! Keep on writing guys!

Congratulations @thvmps!