May 27th -- Steemit Ramble #157 -- Curating Great Posts for You

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This weekend was a local festival. I volunteered at it all day yesterday. This is a small community and a small committee of local people who bring this together. My part was very small compared to the work that most of them do. I’ll be postign something about it soon.

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Onward to today’s rambling

12 Questions to get to know Hobotang!

A couple of days ago I came across a post by @ameliabartlett which pointed to this post of @hobotang and suggested that others use the questions to allow others to get to know them. I picked that up and made it a challenge to others.

Here is the original post where we can get to know @hobotang as he joins us on the platform. He was at the Tennessee meetup with @ameliabartlett, yes, they are a couple.

You Got Snekked! (Curation compilation #5)

@poeticsnake slips around the platform looking for posts to curate, she doesn’t just focus on the minnows but also gives the dolphins a chance to be curated and noticed in the maze of posts we all explore. This past Thursday she visited PYPT and supported some of those who presented with notice in her You Got Snekked curation post.

Guys , Unfortunately I Think I am about to Throw in the Towel here at Steemit... I just May Not be Cut Out For it ( Semi-Rant)

@robertandrew has been a presence on the platform since he arrived. At least in the circles I tend to travel in. A few days ago he was feeling pretty discouraged that his posts seemed to be getting less return than they were in February. I’m going to digress to remind @robertandrew that the price of STEEM was higher in February so he’s still on par with the current price.

He expresses his frustration here and what I loved, those around him responded as the platform often does, they expressed support and understanding. Great work Steemians. Hang in there @robertandrew, you’ll continue to evolve and grow, it just seems sooo slow at times.

The Steem Experience 05 with @shadowspub

The @steemexperience crew: @battleaxe, @seablue and @richardcrill do a regular show on Wednesdays on which they interview members of the platform. This past Wednesday they interviewed me. Listen in and join the audience next Wednesday when they interview their next guess. It’s 2pm EDT on Wednesday in the Steem Experience discord.

The Writers’ Workout Character Arc Exercises

If you’re serious about being the best writer you can be, @thewritersblock is the place to be. One of the activities they have going on over there is the Writers’ Workout Exercises. Here is a post on the results of their recent exercises. I”ve not been able to participate in them as I’d like to, but, I keep an eye on them as there is always something to learn.

Other Lives -- other lives I would live if I had more than one -- #1 Life on the Farm

@theweaselswife writes a lovely post about her grandparents and life on the farm. I live in a rural area and while farming can be a tough life, it has many benefits for quality of lifestyle and @theweaselswife has captured them beautifully.

Guns, Kids, and a Hard Look at our Culture

@katrina-ariel reflects on the news of yet another school shooting in the USA. She brings to the subject a mixture of an understanding of the culture of both Canada and the USA having been born in the latter and now lives in the former. Canada doesn’t experience the

The Writers' Block: Headed to Gatlinburg

I mentioned @thewritersblock earlier. TWB is not only about good writing but, it is also a community of great people. @rhondak, one of the creators of TWB, announces the first ever meetup of this community to take place in June. Those able to attend will learn about some great plans for the community and the future of the platform.

Shot of the Day - Hanging Out With Apollo.

Going to give you a nepotism alert here. @artemisnorth shares with us some photos she took of her grandson Apollo when he was eight. The nepotism is that Apollo is my grandnephew. I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like, so posts like this let me know him a bit better.

Saturday Night Sonnet - "Apollo 11"

Now, having seen the post from @artemisnorth about Apollo, you’re totally going to get this post by @rumplestiltskin.

About the Steemit Ramble

The Steemit Ramble is a manual curation project written by @shadowspub since August 2016. She scours the blockchain to locate and share the best posts so you don't have to. Every day many quality posts disappear on the blockchain leaving their authors frustrated they aren't seen and readers just as frustrated trying to find them. This curation project brings readers and authors together.

How You Can Participate?

As hard as she works, @shadowspub doesn't find all the best. You, as a reader, will find posts that have been missed and really should be seen. You can take a part in bringing these posts to light and earn a share of the post they are published in.

The Steemit Ramble has it's own discord called, Steemit Ramble. Here you can nominate posts you've found and think belong in the Ramble.

How to Nominate a Post

  1. Read How I Manually Curate to give you an idea of what I'm looking for in a post. This covers the formatting, the quality of the writing is just as important.
  2. When you find a post visit the Ramble discord and submit it to the #nominate-someones-post channel by writing a short nomination

It's that easy. I review each submission. Those I select will receive credit for the nomination, their nomination will be part of the entry in the Ramble and they will receive a portion of the SBD earned when the post pays out.

Supporting the Steemit Ramble Curation Project

In addition to reading and upvoting the Steemit Ramble, you can support the project and the authors featured in it by:

  1. Delegating even as much as 25 SP to @steemitramble -- this will increase the voting power of the account when it votes on those curated. Delegating is like loaning me some of your Steem Power so I can vote on others posts with a larger vote.

  2. Join the curation trail on SteemAuto and then join the curation trail. The trail is called Steemit Ramble

steemit ramble

Pimp Your Post Thursday

Don’t forget, Pimp Your Post Thursday takes place every Thursday at 11am and 7:00pm EDT on the Steemit Ramble Discord. Come and join the fun promoting your posts and getting to know others.

Pimp Your Post Thursday

Until Next Time — It's All About Community

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Great spotlighting - I especially loved "nepotism alert" haha... I shall have to keep that phrase in mind for @nabithecat :) You consistency is awesome, @shadowspub !

This is awesome! I love that this community is so supportive of eachother! Great work!

Thanks sis!! Wasn't that a great poem that @rumplestiltskin wrote?? Love it!

Was pretty cool. He does that every now and then. Take like a picture from someones post and do those #inspiredby poems. Hes done bunch of our members.

Thank you so much @steemitramble for the shout out as well as the encouragement and very kind words.

It means so much to be surrounded by good people like yourself :) Resteemed

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Im lucky enough to have a little birdie over my shoulder explaining the finer points of steemit as I grow. I realize the work that goes into a manual curation - I am truly honored to be part.

Coming up for air, I suddenly realized this one nearly got away from me!! I hadn't looked at this account in several days -- and arrived this evening while making my rounds to find your lovely message. Thank you so much for the honor. To be one of your favorite reads is always a genuine thrill! I'll see what other goodies I can find to drop in your pocket before it's too late. I have a couple of friends with bigger votes than mine!