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Hi Steemians,

In our giant strides towards creating confidence in all and specially treating each human as "celebrity", we visited a lot of posts round steemit and gave them our tinnie-winnie upvotes, to strengthen and encourage them. It is our 'utmostest' desire that all would see themselves as geniuses as we have been able to 'sift' sense out of nonsense.We curated posts which met the criteria of 'untalented'. They were all the awesomest versions of "untalented" humans, heartfeltly humans who had something to offer.#untalented abolishes the connected IQ tests eg smart, dull, bum and suddenly gives every human the chance to shine! Now, I am not saying standards or human standards are wrong. All I am saying is: You can do it, so do not let these standards prevent you from starting out-of-the-boxness altogether. Finding out, who you truly are or attaining the awesomemest version of yourself, is essential to greatness and is a gift to humanity, every time! Thus, #untalented is a home for all forms of levels of talent. With #untalented flaws are allowed.

There is sense in nonsense. All winners! No loosers!


Dirt is good, "ask the soapmaker


@travelpinay writes an enriched article on a museum founded by a team of Korean master painters in the heart of Quezon City, in the Philippines. 'Island art' which boasts of a 3-D interactive museum, prides itself as Asia's 3-D trick art and illusions of great artistic mastery.
Want to take a selfie? Be a part of 'Art', visit this blog for beautifully astonishing pictures in 3-D !

@talentedkid enunciates the causes of poverty and why it is a thriving 'environment' for crime and health related issues. He surmises that the best solution to poverty is education.

@praise-eu explains what a healthy breakfast should be about, nutrient giving foods to nourish our bodies and keep us healthy. Learn the numerous benefits of taking breakfast and why it is a must for everyone.

how-to-prepare-a-yummy-donut-i love food
Hmm..!.You would fall in love with donuts, with this great recipe for making them. Learn with @greatwarrior77 how to make them colourful and yummy.

@euronation writes on time being a determinant factor in the fulfilment of life's purpose, our life's journey. For there is an appointed time to everything underneath the earth. Learn why solutions to certain problems might be delayed in response.

Follow your passion to make a better daily experience! That is a line from @coderzairos' post in which he advises One to pursue their passion, their talents, those things that make for happiness. We don't need to go chasing a dream where we are not made of.

@mrtaleb sees life as filled with twists and turns. A story of a man struggling with homosexuality, with tears wetting his post, as to how he came this low. He pours out his heart and seeks the grace of the only one who can deliver him from this addiction, this fatal attraction -God. A touching story of depravation and the little little steps towards triumph. With a new identity, he finds his way slowly home.

The Igorots, a land of rich cultural heritage make music with all kinds of exquisite cultural instruments in @cassyjanine's blog.

@sandrazeal11 speaks of her excitement at being hosted for the very first time, at steemgigs discord talkshow and the insight gained by interacting with her motivator and steemit's super-hero, @surpassinggoogle.

Overstretching our muscles could happen in the process of hustling around to complete different tasks. @amelin expounds on the treatment and the need to engage in activities that would improve the functioning of muscles, against those that could increase the risk of muscle tear.

@jejes speaks on one of the ideologies of @surpassinggoogle. She stresses that everyone was a whale waiting to happen, and with his latest addition, 'ulogs', creating a post about you just got easier. You are whale inside, you only have to open your eyes and minds to the possibilities already in 'you'

@dyanna tutors us on the health benefits accruing to the use of cayenne flower. Reading this post will expose you to the many advantages of this wonder flower.



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@natz04's 13th cebu steemians basketball meet-up or corinthians subdivision lapu lapu city

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@kaiza's summer job 2018

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@karlerstyles' satisfying highest peak in cebu philippines

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@vic.abuan's teaser diploma hotel the ha

@goldenmeteor's unesco world heritage site puerto princesa underground river

@joancabz's self thoughts being myself or writer of my own book

@wilson4life'sulog 5 swimming

@fitinfun's 21 pieces of street sushi bangkok thailand

@knopka's in the thickets of the fern the process of creating a picture step by step

@cebuana's a treasure that I found

@iamqueenlevita's ulog 12 rainy season has come

@ashlyncurvey's my 10 entry for ulog pork sisig for dinner

@gade's colour challenge Friday sky-blue

@sweetcnw's colourchallenge sky-blue

@argencalvinph's my adventure in bohol philippines

@ikem's a trip to steemland introducing a new semian

@artbyadrian's tyrion the black pug

@georgie's friday and a speechless day of a tiring week

@shaskialeen's newest beautiful resort and crystal clear water in daanbantayan

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See this URL for more info : Just incase you find any level or form of gifts, talents, attempts at out-of-the-boxness, or any steem in confidence about their abilities, worth, etc; please do not let it slip emptily by.Kindly call on me! Simply reply to any such post and add @ steem-untalented or #untalented to your reply and i will be there to upvote, acknowledge, strengthen and encourage them.

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Congratulations to all featured! Thanks to @surpassinggoogle and yourteam for all the efforts!

Woah thanks for the feature!! Never really thought I'd be in here :D thanks alot!


Congrats @jysui! Really deserving of the feature!


Thank you po!! 😅😂

congratulations to all who got featured here 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Congrats all!!

Congratulations to all, specially @jysui.


Thank you po!

Congrats to all those who got upvote rewards for their posts. Awesome job @surpassinggoogle and team #untalented. We're lucky to have a visionary and creative leader in our untalented family. Keep rocking and changing your lives. The revolution is just happening. Let's all embrace it.

Steem On!

Congrats everyone. Have a blessed sunday

@steem-untalented that's really great work and the slogan is awesome "There is Sense in Nonsense, All Winners and no Looser here." great project by @surpassinggoogle. LOL.

Good morning @steem-untalented. Thanks for this great opportunity to rewarding an attempt at out-of-the-boxness

Congratulations to all those featured. Keep being amazing. Our undying support is with you always.

Everyone has something to Offer

Congratulations to all! Your now a talented ones..👍

Congratulations to all talented steemians featured here specially to @jysui, good job bro


Woah, thanks kuya!

Congrats @jysui for being featured here. Truly you deserved it.


Wowww thank you ate @jewel!!

Congratulations to all featured here :)

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