Submissions for Art & Music This Week @sndbox-alpha (02/05 - 02/09)

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Submissions for Art & Music This Week @sndbox-alpha

Steemians! We are looking for talented artists like yourselves who are wanting the community to see your work, process, and creative mind. We have been inspired and excited about the content that we've been able to find so far from the many talented Steemians on here! We look forward to helping curate many more to come!

Please read below for the general guidelines of our voting criteria.

Until the 14th of February, we are seeking posts in the art and music categories of Steemit. Any of the sub-categories related to this are okay as well.

Keep it Current!

Posts must be within the last 6.5 days (within 7 day rewards window).

Original Material

There's flexibility with this that the original content has to be reasonably original. If there is content from outside sources such as remixes, collages, using others' photos, etc. That is okay. Just make sure that the other content with this is well enough created to hold up as original material.

Talk About It

For text-driven posts, we're looking for 300+ words.

For art and music posts we're looking at minimum of 2 paragraphs of text describing something about the piece. It could be process, inspiration, story behind piece, struggles making it, step-by-step on how to make it, etc.

Under $3

We will be looking for posts that are under $3 or around that amount for maximum impact. We're seeking artists who create high-quality content to distribute votes to.

Wait 24-48 Hours After Submitting

Wait 24-48 hours to see if you've received an upvote. We will be commenting on all posts that we upvote.

Keep Trying!

We will allow one submission per day per profile.

How do I submit my post?

Make sure to read through the criteria above and adjust if needed!

We suggest you post a link to your post in the comments section below with a few sentences describing what your post is. Keep it simple, doing different formatting in the comments, or upvoting your comment to stand out won't raise your potential to be upvoted.

Example of submission comment:


INFO: This post is a story about my band recording a new jazz song last week. It includes some original photos and the recording of the song (unmastered but still cool) is at the end of the post."

Note that we will be upvoting 10 posts per day Monday-Friday at 100% upvote.



Today’s the day to start submitting. This thread is the submission thread for February 5th through February 9th, 2018.

Please follow steps to join the @sndbox-alpha curation trail today!

Steemians, we look forward to seeing your creations!


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INFO :Original song and performance about creating a change in the world from our hearts.

Link :
Info : My breakdown of new music and old music from the archives

Hello! Here is my post:

It´s about a drawing in oil pastels and a quote about the forbidden fruit.

The post is in spanish, I dont know if that's a problem. I should make another post in english?


INFO: My piano cover of Whisper of Autumn.


INFO: It's about two artworks I did in Exquisite Corpse style with someone from another country. :)


INFO: This is a post describing how I approach artistic portrait photography. I’ve included 6 portraits, which pepper a very short essay.

Thank you for this opportunity!

A really great tremendous breakthrough from @sndbox. Thanks for sharing @sndbox-alpha. Am very excited to join :)

Link to post:
Info: This is a post about photo montage ;D

Info : I am an amateur photographer. I love taking photos of things or scenes that fascinate me. I have shared some pictures with their stories that are close to my heart .I hope you'll like them and consider me for an upvote.
Thanking you in anticipation for the opportunity.

Link to Post:
This is the post describing how to create the original collage painting, using the paper. The photos from the workshop steps by steps, which I was attending and I'm showing my original works.

Sometimes I feel a bit stupid begging for attention. There's something that makes me feel not fully comfortable trying to impress ... If something is valued $0.01, but a group of people, why should we pretend that it's worth more @sndbox-alpha?

Here is an original piece I posted....This song means a lot to me which you will find out about in the post....I love that you guys are trying to help others...I always believe in unity...Hope you enjoy my post

Link to post:


This record was written while i was in Las Vegas late last year. As a touring artist its a challenge to keep a romantic relationship in order if communication is in any way hindered. These are my feeling in regards to a distent love. Sometime its best we love from far, ive grown much in my isolations!


As a touring artist its a challenge

INFO: This post introduces a piece of my herbal drawing series.
I summarize the ideas and the practical parts of drawing with pictures and short texts.


I made a ring from some old skateboard decks

INFO: This post is a story about a girl that arrives to an island after surviving a shipwreck. She finds out that the there's more people in it and that they might not be right in the head. It is linked to Greek mythology.

Such a cool initiative! I would like to submit my post for consideration. I am newer to Steemit and make art/music, and have a lot of friends who make awesome art too that aren't on Steemit. I've been doing this series on my blog that I'm using to help new artists on Steemit get more exposure, as well as sharing the rewards the posts make. Anyway, here is my post! We recorded everything in the highest quality possible, and I hope you guys like it!

Hi, this is my first time giving sndbox a try:

These are unique historical figures in my cartoon style which I made in response to a challenge by Cervantes. I'm not sure my work qualifies for their criteria, but I thought it would be fun.

Character Submission # 1-

Character Submission # 2-


which I made in response to a challenge

Hey there here is a link to a song I submitted in the smlc
This is an older song that I believe stands the test of time and is a banger.
here is a link to my post!
hope you enjoy
big ups to my man @djlethalskillz for sharing this post on discord!

Link to post:
Info: this publication has a song that I wrote in 2012 and that I wanted to share in steemit :D

A behind the scenes look at DJ Jafar's Album Cover and the Marketing Package created for his label Samaa Records. I have provided all of the final assets, a write up and a step by step process.

Thank you for doing this for the people @sndbox-alpha

Thank you @sndbox-alpha creating this opportunity for us musicans.


INFO: This is a boogie woogie style of playing. I put a demo in audio file so that people can hear how it sounds. I also created a practice tips for them so that they can also follow along to create their boogie woogie. There is explanation to help them see how boogie woogie came about and it is free expression of improvisation. No need to have music score. Learn my piano tricks and tips.


Info: This is a photographic series called White on White, about the color in objects of the day to day life, looking for textures and tonalities in it. Playing with the concept of the color.

Link :
Info : This is about me talking about my original production process and the story


awesome :)


This is the first Trap/ Hip- Hop Song I wrote for this Video Game Music Project I am currently working on. I wrote this about 3-4 months ago, around the same time I was exposed to Ski Mask and X. Since then I have been putting music out almost every day. This is the beginning of my passion, so I thought I would share this first.

Link To Post:

Link to post:!/v/grizzle/k33rjzsl
Info: Futuron is a track I made in the style of 1960's & 70's library music, but with a contemporary drum & bass twist. The video was created to give the music some context. It's an edit of a 1925 German sci-fi film (sourced from I hope you enjoy it!

Link to post :
info : A piece of graphical work, trying to find a balance between my two favourite media.

Im a 3D modeler and this post is a about a few models I created with various PC programs. Thanks for taking a look.


INFO: This is a poem about a young and beautiful girl who had had it rough with life and love but still finds a way to conceal are experiences.

I am interested to join!

great you deserve an upvote also read my post
Content curation role in thought leadership

This is our submission. Thanks for this oppurtunity to showcase our music! Looking forward to finding and hearing all the artists who participate in this challenge! Good luck to everyone!

I'll have something for you guys tomorrow, after 24 hours. ;)

My latest EP from the melancholy of Sweden recorded during 2017. It´s the first of two EP's which I wrote after listening to lectures of Alain Badiou for days...I recorded it with my favourite producer and my beloved musicians. Hope you find time to listen.

Link To Post :

Info : In this post I painted two object screaming mouth using coffee only.

"I keep dreaming"
I got inspired to paint this piece by the way dreams seem to work, transforming our memories in a sometimes congruent tale. I hope you like it!

Link to Post:

Description: This is my take on a writing challenge for a contest, but I strayed fairly far from the path in terms of what other participants wrote about. 'Unsinkable Sam' was a cat who survived several sunken boats and battles during WWII. This is the true story of his origins.

Link to post:

INFO: An instrumental inspired by the Autobahn system and trains from my last visit in Germany.

Some of my favorite paintings ...
The Art Of Yucca Rose.png


INFO: A slideshow showcasing some of my favorite paintings (2002-2012) - set to the demo track of the song "Ceritakan Tentang Cinta" from my album "Wir haben Spass".


Link post

in the post I write the materials needed to make a house or other building using ind & ing language.


Info: I haven't recorded or shared any of my music in a long time - this is an instrumental guitar jam I recorded back in September 2016. I had to stop playing for a long time because of pinched nerves, but I feel much better now. I hope by sharing this I'll feel motivated and inspired to start recording some jams again! I named this one "Uplifting" because that's how it makes me feel - uplifted and happy. I hope you enjoy the vibe too :)

NEW FOLLOWER, UPVOTED AND RESTEEMED, Hope to hear from you guys!


Also have older ones that didn’t get much attention here are the tattoos below: (edited - new post created at top of this post as the second link is due to payout tomorrow and isn’t my best work either.)



What you see here is a soft pastel creation of mine. It's on pastel toothed paper. I have done a bunch of these on canavas's and even one huge canvas. Its a new medium I started about 2 to 3 months ago and I really glad I did, it's a lot of fun and challenging. This is the first of my own initiative to learn and try other mediums of art. My main focus for a long time has been pencil to ink illustrations and cartoons. Thanks for checking this out! I think this is great what yiur doing and ill be keeping a closer eye on @sndbox-alpha

I always promote all kinds of stone ring from indonesia.
can i join here.


Hey guys submitting my post about my 3d holographic cube art installation, the video is also set to an original ambient music composition of mine :) hope you enjoy this mysterious piece
cheers :)


INFO: A little selection of drawings and painting that I use for relaxing and unwinding. I have a few different favourite motives for different occasions and here I'm talking about trees (I know it doesn't sound all that exciting but it's really chill) :)


INFO: This is a post that will take you through the process of one of my art pieces from the pencil sketch up until the finished creation.


Info: Hi! This is s post that introduces the CHARANGO, a traditional instrument in south america. It includes some facts and a video of an original song I've composed specially for it.

Thanks! And hope you like it!

INFO: This is a post describing the struggles being creatively blocked as well as what I do in order to pull myself out of the void.

In this post I show my latest sketches of faces on printed paper


INFO: Hey. This is one of my mixtapes in the genre of instrumental hip hop. I generally make them for myself and friends, but decided to share it with Steem as well!

INFO: This blog is all about my drawing moana, a step by stel procedure I made. Hope you appreciate my effort for I'am a wanna be artist. Hehehe Thank you!

Link To Post :
This original music piece titled as Hello- A song of Steemians. This is my first sound track composed using soundtrack application. It was great fun switching on this platform.
Idea of Music piece : Hello- this track represent the life of a Steemians author. He posts a blog and waits for upvoted or reply from wheals. Hello in the track is symbyse that author has posted a post and Yeah! is upvoted or reation from wheals. And music in between is uncertainty and long wait and some minor reaction from steemians who are not wheals. You will find music piece uplifting inbetween just after upvote (hello)from wheals.
I hope you will like this composition.
Thank you.

The Art Of Yucca Rose.png


Yucca Rose - Wall Murals - Sidewall.jpg

INFO: A slideshow showcasing a set of Wall Murals which I created for an Indonesian friend in Tanah Baru, Java - Indonesia (2012/2013) - set to the hauntingly beautiful Suling (flute) music by my Balinese friend Rahmink XXX and his Natural Bali Ensemble.


Info: a barbaric drawing with a barbaric story

Here my post about waiting for an idea:
Click here

INFO: This post is for the steemit nowplaying community. The concept is very simple. The goal is to create a music-sharing community where people share what they are listening to and discover new music from other steemians. The rewards from the post are split evenly among everybody who contributes. The community includes 45 unique accounts so far, but has great potential to grow.


INFO: This is my entry for the open mic week 71 contest. You can see me performing a song in Piano y Voz by "Almendra", a popular band from Argentine National Rock.

Thanks for this initiative!


INFO: This is an ambient track for a game we have been working on a few years ago.


INFO: A few years ago I was doing a course at a university in Cambridge and regularly travelled by bus between Cambridge and Bedford. I thought it would make for an interesting experiment to capture that journey. Over a couple of days I filmed the journey from both sides of the bus on my iPad. I then used Adobe Premiere to make a short film placing both recordings side by side, and squashed both recordings into a 5-minute time frame. The music was created later using Ableton Live...


INFO: This is my original piano composition entitled "My Frozen Tears" which reflects how it feels to be alone in cold winter.

INFO: This post presents a drawing on a fantasy plant and a wizard girl, and the drawing process.
The seed of the plant is a sedative for dragons; for any other living thing it's a deadly poison.

This is the story behind the inspiration to this piece of art, stemming from a magical childhood memory.

INFO : painting and drawing on wood planks ; weird mechanical construct built from random imagination spikes and diving deeper into its unreal world at each pencil stroke.


INFO: This post is my hand drawing . In my post I have step by step instruction on how I did it.

In a society today driven by the media and drenched with pop culture, fashion and music what is your Rabbit Hole so to speak?

Link to my post for submission:

Link to the Post -

Info- This picture tells about the the French street based in Pondicherry, India. One of the beautiful places to be visited in this city.
#mustVisit. #peace. #serenity.

Link to Post:
Info: I'm sharing my post about painting done with the palette knife. How to be inspired by the famous artist.

Sunflowers_ detail.jpg


INFO: A highly energetic brass fuelled poppy ska punk track, about the fact you're still going to hell because you (simply) can't buy redemption!

Hey there Alpha, great thing your doing helping out the fledgling accounts... This is an artpiece I made and a poem I wrote to accompany it. It's about the SHAMAN 🖖🏽


INFO: This is a sonnet, about the moon as I saw it from my window. It incorporates the feelings I had this past week, hearing about all the hardship from people I've been meeting through Steem/Discord.


INFO: One of the many abstract, colorful, digital dog paintings I've done! This one was a special one for me, check it out!


INFO: This is my entry for a contest that gives you 3 words to create a drawing (tangled, plastic and mermaid). I decided to draw a bounded mermaid who's laying in a bed of plastic bottles as a representation of what some animals in the sea are forced to live in our polluted oceans. I made it with colored pencils and I put some pictures of the process.


INFO : My full (inner and outer) cover illustration for MuseumCafe magazine. I show how I create step by step.
Check it for more details and information.

This is my 5th installment of "10 Unbelievable Artists You've Never Heard Of". In each part I showcase 10 Visionary Artist colleagues that are quite underrepresented. I have succeeded in bringing a couple of them over to Steemit to help up our game. Do enjoy:)

The image below is by A. Andrew Gonzales, one of this edition's featured artists.

Link to Post

This is a post of a collaboration between myself and team of artists, and an epic large scale installation builder who built a structure intended to be an effigy burn for a regional burning man event in South Florida called Love Burn -- The structure could not burn due to variables outside of our control, and thus became a long-standing installation for Miami Beach. More detailed included in well as photos of the process



INFO: this is a small piece of information regarding equalizers from my side which may help you understand mixing better in order to make your tracks sound good.


INFO: This post shows my process creating an illustration, based on one page from Philip Pullman's "The Amber Spyglass". The post includes my initial thumbnail sketches, mindmap, the page I selected to illustrate and lots of other info!

Thanks a lot! :)

Book3 modified crop.jpg


INFO: This is one of our favourite tracks from our debut album Revelation. A house track with a great vibe, I hope you like it. Many thanks.


INFO : this is my experience to sing in the show, I made it by making videos myself to sing


INFO: A slideshow showcasing some of my sketches with crayons, pencils and watercolor on colored artpaper (2011) for the Padamu Negeri (To My Country) art installation - featuring various cultural scenes (mostly dancers and musicians) from the major Indonesian islands Java, Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Papua and Sulawesi - set to the instrumental track "Bibi Rangda - Gamelan Bells" (traditional Balinese Folk song interpreted by Peter Heckmann).

Yucca Rose - Balinese Temple Offerings.jpg

Yucca Rose - Tea Picking in West Java.jpg

The Art Of Yucca Rose.png


INFO: This story is about a hipster who goes out on the ocean, on her own, to find herself. Things however, don't turn out as she had planned. Getting into the right yoga pose is maybe not always the most important thing in the world...

Oh wow! Thanks for this!


INFO: This post is about how I got the mural project for a liquor brand. First time I ever did a mural, ever. Lol. Did it with a team of course. Couldn't have done it without them. ♥


INFO: Hello @sndbox-alphathis is a post based on a drawing of a mouth and its step by step, I hope you enjoy it and can upvote my post! Thank you.


INFO : Result of spontaneous drawing while being a bit bad-humored can be surprising... and somewhat frightening when you realise the kind of weirdness living in your own head :D

Went rather mad making art yesterday. with acrylics and different mediums IMG_20180207_124035333.jpg


this post tells about the learning process of children in drawing fish. I am always eager to teach art to the next generation

Hey steemies!

I made a post explaining equalization over here:

Geared towards beginners, the post explains what the equalizer does.

This is a great initiative! Thank you for your support!

Link to post :

Info: My drawing moana with step by step procedure

@sndbox-alpha Interesting movement you creating. Here is info regarding post->


INFO: In this article I tell about how as an artist/performer I discovered a technique/idea that allows to have much more fun from, sometimes boring processes that are present in the artists' life. And how to use those moments to learn as much as possible.