The SFT Curates 7/29/2017

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The SFT is back with three wonderful stories—one paranormal short that will leave you breathless, a creepy vampire story, and a literary flash piece that will really make you think. We hope you enjoy!


We chose these selections because they are tightly written, well-edited, and show creative innovation. They’re not the same stories we’ve read hundreds of times, changed “just enough” to avoid being carbon copies of something else. All three of these authors were open to extensive editorial suggestion and made their early drafts available to the Fiction Workshop at MSP. This is not a requirement for curation by the Steemhouse Fiction Trail, but the Workshop may be a good resource for people interested in being picked by our team. Remember, we are only interested in curating polished, marketable work. A story may show promise, but if it is poorly edited, it will not qualify for our project. The blockchain is permanent. Once a post is locked down after seven days, any editing gaffes and lazy writing is there for the world to see—forever. And that’s not what we want, nor should it be what writers want.

These three curated stories will appear today in the SFT Library at


CURATION: 7/29/17

Our selections this week are listed alphabetically by username: “Damn Yankees” by @Cristof, “The Last Days of Sunlight” by @Jhagi.Bhai, and “Restoration” by @jrhughes.

Marcus knows what it’s like to live. He’s done plenty of it over half a century. But maybe it’s time for a change—he can barely twitch a finger these days, but by God he can still make his own decisions.

Nya was nightborn. She knows men. She also knows history, and what has been foretold. What now, when everything the world had feared since the beginning of time stands pressed against her in a crowded room, and no one understands what it means except her?

Just a relic, shoved in the crack of an old house with an old history. It means something, but what? Janice may wish she had never wondered, but at least restoring her new home to the glory of its past won’t be a problem.

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I will make it my mission to be included on here one day :)


You're on the right track! :-)

Thanks so much! It's awesome to have the help of the Workshop and to be curated alongside @christof and @jhagi.bhai!


Your names will become legendary at Steemit if you keep writing like this! :-)

Great selection. Well done SFT.

Three more good ones!

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