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Hi Steemians.

This is a beta version of a new SteemIt Bot - the Re-Steem Bot.
Minnows nowadays have a very serious problem - their content is almost immediately borrowed down below dozens of other posts. It only stays on the first page of the newly created stories for around 1 minute.

1 minute!


That is obviously not enough for good content to be noticed. Sometimes it's not even enough to read just the titles of all the stories - let alone the content. (And that is if we generously assume that users are reading from the "new" posts feed, and not the "hot" or "trending" posts)

So far the solutions were three:

[ Method ][ Drawback ]
Create a big followingnot an easy task if nobody knows you
Use UpVoting botsrequires some amounts of SBD
Invest in Steem Powerrequires bigger amounts of money


This bot is intended as help for users who are starting just now, by giving them another chance to be on top of the new stories for a few more minutes.
The bot will automatically resteem the requested posts, and upvote them.

There are a few requirements to get your post resteemed.

  • You must be a minnow.
    • Your reputation must be 55 or lower
  • You must not be a spammer.
    • Your reputation must be 15 or more
  • You must be following the bot for at least 3 hours.
    • The bot refreshes it's list of followers only once per 3 hours
  • You must request the resteeming with a small transaction to @resteembot and the post URL as Memo (like with other bots)
    • The minimal payment is [ Reputation / 1'000 ]
      Any currency is accepted.
      (Example: User with reputation [42] must pay at least 0.042 SBD or STEEM)
      Payments that are smaller than the minimum will not result in resteeming, but will still bring you an upvote.

But even that payment might be too much for complete newbies!

It is too much for them.
That is why the minimal payment for users with less than 28 reputation is 0.001 SBD or 0.001 STEEM !!!

Do you have any questions?
Keep reading:


  • Q: Why is are transactions needed?
    A1: So that I can use the money to maintain the bot. I will hire a reliable host (instead of running on my PC) and I will add features.
    A2: So that the bot wouldn't be used to spam articles non-stop.

  • Q: Why do I need to follow the bot for 3 hours, before using it?
    A: The bot relies on it's network. Without followers, it's resteeming is worthless. By following for at least 3 hours, you become part of the Re-Steem Bot community. By following, you add value to that micro-community.

  • Q: Why are the payments different for different users?
    A: So that smaller minnows can receive more help than accounts that are better developed.

  • Q: Is it true that newbies can use the bot for only 0.001 ?
    A: Yes. As long as their Reputation is bellow 28, they can use the cheap option, in order to get started more quickly.

  • Q: Why is there a reputation limit for using the bot?
    A: Two reasons:
    1 - to give a bit of an advantage for minnows.
    2 - whales and dolphins don't really need this bot anyway.

  • Q: What happens if I make a mistake in the transaction memo ?
    A: If your transaction's memo does not contain an URL to a valid post, the transaction will be considered a donation.

  • Q: What happens if I send less money ?
    A: If you send less money than the minimum (reputation / 1000), your post will not be resteemed.
    It will still receive an upvote though...

  • Q: What happens if I send more money ?
    A: Your post gets resteemed and upvoted as usual.
    The excess is considered a donation.

  • Q: What happens if my reputation goes up right after I send the transaction ?
    A: To avoid problems it is advisable to always send 0.001 more than your reputation.

  • Q: When does it start ?
    A: It is already running, but it is in beta test now...
    Some bugs are expected.
    Feel free to experiment with it, once you've been following for more than 3 hours.


Hello there! Resteeming service sounds like an interesting idea. Following you!

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Hy @zifrizal .......
Follow me please...

Can I get a follow while you're at it good sir

Interesting project. :)

@galactic123 how much did you pay to the bot?

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can I get some juice too? thanks

I resteemed this post...

Great Post! For everyone... I send 0.001 to @resteembot please resteemit my post.

The price of 0.001 is only for newbies.
Please read the instructions above.

I myself believe that steemit is our home and with great creativity and ideas
we can upgrade it to the new level and make it better and better .thank you for sharing
This was a very helpful article. Thanks. you have my up vote @mannyfig1956

Can you please stop your spam marketing bot network? People think this has something to to with us.

Your spam bots:

We distance us from spam like this. Team

Don't worry.
If anybody confused you with me, that would only bring you benefits.
After all - isn't that why you chose the same name as me?

This post was very informative thank you for sharing
you have my upvote @mannyfig1956

3 hour is complete to follow you but yet nothing progress

Did you make a transaction?

hola como es el memo es la url de mi post

Great report, @resteembot Follow and resteemed

@greetbot=@resteembot, so how can he "pay" someting if he just send money to himself? All he want is make more money, like he always did, with a lot of spam. We will stop this new spam attack again and let him not destroy our good name in steemit.

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