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The line of his neck drew her. He’d carefully sculpted his beard, fading it past his strong mouth till it disappeared completely along the naked symmetry of his Adam's apple. A tiny pulse beat where his jugular met the angle of his jaw. He looked -


She threaded her way onto the dance floor. Primal music filled the air. Bass and drums and keyboard riffs slashed apart by electric guitars. It worked its way into her. She felt it thump where her heart used to be. She kept eyes on her prey. He was young, this one. Thick brown hair fluffed and teased with mousse, side parted the way the skidders did back in the early 20’s. A skinny blonde hung about his arms like melting cotton candy; overdone, underdressed and unremarkable.

Nya sighed. Women never learned.

She moved past the couple, slowly enough for him to catch sight of her ass. Two centuries of stalking ballrooms and bedrooms taught her what men wanted.

Leave something to their imagination.

Her dress clung like a sparkling second skin. Short enough to shorten the breath of every man in the room. It left one smooth white shoulder bare, and drew tight across her generous bosom. She moved past them, sculpted legs crossing easily over each other. Gold strapped roman sandals wound up her calves. Loosed, her hair cascaded in curly waves down her slim shoulders like a black mane. No man could resist. Not for two centuries anyhow.

“Excuse me?”

Never failed.
She spun around, a smile already on her lips. But the young man’s back was turned. She wrinkled her brows. Something went wrong. A short bald man stood in front of her instead. Blinking blacklight turned his shirt neon green at intervals. Disco lights held a private party on his shiny forehead.

“Want to dance?” He offered his hand.

Behind the unexpected suitor, the younger man ditched the cotton candy. He sucked face with another man dressed like a lumberjack. Red plaid shirt, thick beard and skinny blue jeans. Nya sighed.

Ooh! This generation!

She turned in a huff. What had happened to men?

The music continued to pump into the room, moving millennial feet, shaking booties and pairing unlikely partners.

“I’ll dance with you.” The old bald man’s hand was still outstretched.

Nya tossed her hair in annoyance.
“Thank you sir, but no thanks. You’re old enough to be my father.”

He threw his head back, laughed. Strobe-light turned his eyes ghostly white for a nanosecond. “That’s actually true. Then again, you too are older than everyone in here. Well, almost everyone.”

“How would you know that?” She looked carefully at him. Neat white shirt, unbuttoned at the neck. Jeans. Sensible shoes. High cheekbones and wide smiling lips.

“I can see.” His outstretched hand fell to his side. “You’re hungry.”

Her stomach lurched at the thought. The hunger was always present. Always at the periphery of her thoughts, defining her existence. It worked sharp, persistent fingers into her chest. If she didn’t eat soon, the fingers would become talons, shredding her from the inside. Perhaps she could get outside and find a hobo or a drunk to feed. Dawn would not come for another five hours. Enough time to find something. Someone. Hopefully not a dammed vegan. Their blood tasted like carrot juice.

“One dance. You won’t regret it.”

Persistent bugger. Nya stared. He seemed bigger. As if he’d grown a couple inches. The buttons on his neat white shirt strained to contain his chest.

“Thanks but no thanks.” She backed away.

Something strange about this one.

“I insist.” He said. She blinked and then he was behind her, faster than her eyes could follow. His arms wrapped around her intimately, mouth nuzzled at her ears.

She held her ground and pushed against him - but he didn’t move. The stone tiles beneath her sandals crackled ominously, like blocks of ice forming fractures in sunlight. They weren’t designed to endure that much pressure.

He tightened his grip on her. His voice slipped into her ears quietly. “Nya I’m so surprised to find you. It’s been too long.”

She struggled to break his embrace. No human could resist her strength. She was nightborn.

What’s happening?

Around them, hips gyrated. Sweat beaded, slipped, slid down young flesh. Laughter and music filled the air. In her ear the old man’s whispered a single word. His arms left her sides. The press of his body softened. In the moment she took to turn, he disappeared.

"Morningstar," he whispered.

The first fallen angel. The light of heaven. Father of the nightborn. Nya felt her limbs weaken. The eldest of them all. The source. The hole in God’s heart. On a dance floor in downtown Orlando dressed like an aging Vin Diesel.

Why was he out in public? Heaven herself forbade it. After the fall, he was banished to the deep places.

Music swirled around her. Too loud. Wild and confusing. The disco lights made her dizzy. She smelt the sharp sting of alcohol. The crush of sweating bodies shaped a moving prison around her.
Lucifer had been banished. But only until the end of days.

She looked around the dance floor. Friday night, the summer of ‘17. The world was about to end.

And she alone knew.

Hihi guys. This one is a teaser. If you want more..... grinning. Let me know. I'm game if you are. And to my family on Discord. If you want to pile in and shine the words up. I'm open to your edits. Smiling. We're in this together.
All my hugs.
Source image by Pixabay

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"The hole in God’s heart. On a dance floor in downtown Orlando ..." Of course he is. lol This intro is a movie scene playing in my brain. Must have more! hunger...


Smiling. I'm a little spooked by that line. I don't rightly know why it came out. And I'm not sure why I left it there. Them's serious words.
Thinking I might have bitten off more than I can chew.

Loved reading your article very nice! Resteemed and followed!


Thanks for your kind words friend. I do try to write engaging stories. Glad you liked it. But wait, there's more. Lol. We have an entire group of writers on Steemit that reliably put out good content. Check out our site @SFT.
Hugs. Will follow you too to see what you get up to.



Happy you like. Follow us @sft on steemit. Lots of great fiction coming your way. Smiling.

Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I loved your story. It's dark and well written and I want to read more!

I've only just joined steemit but I was convinced to sign up when I stumbled on this (because if the quality of this is anything to go by, this is a place I want to be), so thank you!!


Thanks for your kind words and wonderful reply. I have always written, just not out there and in public. Steemit gave me the courage to step up. I hope your creativity too is loosed in this place. Even if we get pennies per hour, it's so much more than a bookshelf of dusty words that never see daylight.
Hang around. Lots of creative people are on Steemit. If you like, we have a library and a steemit curation trail with the good stuff. Follow us @sft and at SFT

Oh fuck yes, I could read your work all day. Loved the subversion of her centuries-old seduction game hahaha


Laughing. I like your enthusiasm. I'll try to keep the story going. It was only a teaser that came out of the book cover. Now I have to write the damn thing. Grinning now.
It will be fun. Stick around.


Hehehehe I appreciate the upvote. Might I further impose by linking to some fiction snippets I have posted?


Impose away smiling.


Somewhen else in the same narrative ...

I hope you like them. I will post more after exams hopefully :-)

I love the atmosphere jhagi! That, and I've always been a sucker for stories about Not so Good vs. Really Frickin Evil. I'd love to hear more!


I will certainly write more, when I started, Nya was supposed to try and eat the young metrosexual. And perhaps, she would have encountered some comedic difficulties. Garlic pizza, maybe goth crucifixes tattooed on our lad. Then Vin Diesel shows up.
Throwing my hands in the air.
I don't know what's going to happen next either. I'll find out. Smiling.
Stay tuned.

Yes, I am interested in more. Is this the first part of a single story or more a part of a series of stories set in the same world?


Hey Candid. This is just a teaser. I don't have more than the initial idea and Nya was supposed to eat the young guy. Dammned Devil came out of nowhere. Now I'm stuck. I'll treat it as the first part in a single story. Smiling. Spin offs are welcome.

I liked your post. Submitting it to @curie, I hope they will accept it.


Uh... they accepted it!
Muah! Love love ❤️ it.
Thank you geekgirl..


Yay! Awesome!


Have you joined SFT yet?
Smiling. We're at fiction-workshop. Link below.


no, first time hearing about it. I will join later.


Thanks for your support. Smiling. I hope they accept it too.
I'll keep writing the chapters and I'll follow you to see what you get up to. Smiling. We all need some positivity right?
Let's see where this goes...

It is a very original and fresh story @jhago.bhai, the atmosphere and thoughts are unique, I like ur writing. Keep posting like this one. Greetings from Venezuela.


Thanks Venezuela for the greetings. How are things there now? Any improvement in the food situation?

Dude I really like your style!

And keep going! I am up for anything I can add in the discord


Thanks for taking the time to read. Smiling. Stick around, I'll make time to continue the story...

Is it a book? I like all the edges.


Hihi, not a book... yet. Smiling. Happy you enjoyed the cover. It's an edited picture I took from Pixabay.


I really enjoy it. Wow we have the same source ❤

Girl you need to DM me when you post! This is fantastic 😃

God the notifications on Steemit suck lol.


Smiling. I'll remember.
Thanks for being a friend.
Will have to add chapters to this teaser now. Lol. I'm in so much trouble. Not enough hours in the day.

good one and loved the unexpected ending. No time for more comment, but much good. very writing


Come back for more. Smiling.

I'd definitely like to see more. Will head over to @sft too and will certainly check out your other stuff as well!


Thanks for the interest. Just a bunch of us that like to write have started to chat among ourselves and help each other. That's what @sft is for. I'll make time to write some more of this story. I didn't think there would be much interest.

nice post


Why thank you.

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