ReSteem Bot Update + A plea for help

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Hallo friends!

It has just been a few days, but the bot grew so much!
Thank you.


@resteembot has over 50 followers now!
That means that it is already worth it to actually use the bot to resteem your content.

Also - it passed the 40 reputation mark with just one post!
If enough people like this post maybe the reputation will go up to 45!

The bot has made over 100 comments (mostly advertising itself) in just 3 days.

Here's how you can use this bot:

  • follow @resteembot
  • wait at least 3 hours after following (new followers are discovered only once per 3 hours)
  • make a transaction to @resteembot
    • send at least (your reputation / 1000)
    • write the URL of your post in the memo
    • any currency is accepted.


  • users with 28 reputation or less (newbies basically) can use the bot for just 0.001 of any currency.


  • this bot is only for minnows. You can't use it if your reputation is over 55.
  • this bot is not for spammers. You can't use it if your reputation is lower than 15.


  • Due to bandwidth problems (not enough Steem Power) the bot is no longer upvoting the posts it resteemed. To check the bot's bandwidth, just go to
  • The creator of @resteembot (me - @investigation) is considering a bigger advertisment campaign. The help of a few volunteers will be needed.

A plea for help:

Click to see how you can help

  • I want you... To advertise for @resteembot!
  • I will write a simple program (script). I will publish it, together with some instructions about its usage.
  • What I want from you is to run the script (and leave it running)
  • The script will login with your accounts. Every hour it's gonna find a few new posts of users with low reputation, but with a lot of content (posts that are long in text)
    Then the script will use your account to upvote that post and write a comment of advertisement for @resteembot

The script will be public and anyone can verify that it is safe to run.
Please comment if you agree to advertise for @resteembot for a while.

  • This is going to be a voluntary type of work.
    I can't really compensate you for it in any way.
    At least not in a way that is worth it.
    Only join if you wish to help the project.

  • Keep calm and advertise with me.

The program is already created.
Feel free to show your support.


The program is already created.
Feel free to show your support.
Click to see how you can help

I will (of course) be running the script myself.

I can help you, friend.
I don't promise to run it all the time, but I'll do it at least for a few comments a day.

I guess I'll make the timer customizeable as well.
This way you can choose how many comments per day to write.
Sound good?

Can you please stop your spam marketing bot network? People think this has something to to with us.

Your spam bots:

We distance us from spam like this. Team

Don't you get tired?
Again - why should I do what you say?

If I tell you to stop posting your avatar in each comment, because it is too big and super distracting, and prevents everyone from seeing the actual comment, would you?
Probably not, because that's the whole reason you put your avatar there.
You simply want to get more noticed.
(Still - I do advice you to make the avatar smaller - it is really an eyesore.)

You tell me to stop the volunteers from 'spamming' but the people being 'spammed' are thankful for it.
Yesterday I read a response that was like:
"Why didn't my posts get visited from these bots? I am jealous."

Do you understand what it means?
It means that your rambling is untrue, and twisted towards personal gains.
It means that you are the spammer.

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Interesting concept. STEEMing on to the next level

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i don't understand where can i sent the url ??? what is memo??

Memo is the note that comes with every transaction.

hola como se hace la transacción

In short what am I supposed to do to unleash this opportunity??


  • download the package (find the program's post as a link in this post)
  • unzip the package with an archiving program (WinZip or others)
  • open README.txt
  • Install Node.JS from the installer
  • open "userData.json" with text editor (notepad)
  • in "userData.json" write your name and password at the appropriate places (if your name is thename, replace "" with "thename". Do the same for the password.)
  • save the file you just changed.
  • double click on "RUN.bat"
  • leave the program running

Very well have my support

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